Devil’s Bride Episode 34


Hazel’s p.o.v

It’s going to a year since Andrew’s death and I still miss him and think about him every single day.

I still work with Madrigal as the CEO’s secretary.

It was a new week in the month of February.

And I was at my desk typing away on my laptop when I heard approaching footsteps.

I looked up in time to see a gorgeous woman walk in and the moment our eyes met, a beautiful contagious smile broke out on her face.

She walked over to my desk and I stood up as she got closer.

I was still wondering who the beautiful woman in the swish outfit was until the comparison in height, eye color and hair color with that of madrigal started giving me a strange feeling of her being someone related.

“You must be Hazel.” She said on reaching me, the smile not leaving her face.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Nice to meet you honey. I have heard a lot about you from my son.”

I knew it!

“Nice to meet you too ma’am.”

“My pleasure. Umm, is madrigal in his office?”

“Yes ma’am.” I answered.

“I will just go in to see him then.” She said before starting off towards his office.

“Wow, such striking resemblance.” I mouthed as she left before getting back to what I was doing.

A few minutes later, madrigal came out of his office with his Mother following behind him.

“But why does your hair look so disheveled in the back?” She reached out her hand to smoothen it for him.

“Goodness Mum, you are embarrassing me, I’m not a kid,” He complained in a low voice making sure to get a little ahead of her.

“Who told you that? A child will always remain a baby to its mother no matter how much they have grown up. Right Hazel?” She asked.

“You are right Ma’am.” I agreed.

“See, even she agrees.”

Madrigal shook his head instead and rolled his eyes.

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“I will be out for a while.” He informed, stopping briefly at my desk before leaving.

“Alright Sir.”

“Take care dear.” His mum said as they exit the office.

I got home at six that day.

It was as if I informed Benedicta about the time I would arrive from work because just as I entered my apartment, I heard the sound of her car.

To make sure it was her, I peered out the window to check.

She waved at me from inside her car on sighting me.

I waved back before withdrawing from the window to take my shoes off.

“Hey girl.” She pulled me into a hug as she entered.

“Didn’t know you were behind me.”

“Yeah, I saw your car ahead. How was work?”

“Fine. How was work too?” I asked back.

“Not bad. Just thought I should pay you a visit but right now I seem to have a little problem.”

She batted her lashes at me.

“Stop acting cute.”

“You didn’t just say that.” She was going to whack me but I was quick to dodge her hand.

“What is the little problem?” I asked.

“I’m so hungry, is there anything to eat?”

“Of course. Noodles?”

“I’m in. Now be quick in making it.” She bends down a little to take her shoes off.

“You are making it.”

“No I’m not. You are.” She was quick to say.

“I had a long day at work.”

“I had a long day at work too.” She retorted.

She made the noodles at the end of the day.

“Benedicta, this week is my company’s 30th Anniversary.”