Devil’s Bride Episode 33


Madrigal’s p.o.v

After I was finally back to my senses and pleaded for forgiveness, all she could say after I had apologized was, ‘Let’s end things.’

I did everything I could to make her change her mind not until I found out she already had a new boyfriend who she had been dating even before she broke up with me.

There was no relapse but my life was not the same after she broke up with me.

I graduated from college at the age of twenty-two.

As the heir, I started working in my father’s company after graduating and when my dad’s health started failing and one of his sons was to take over as the new CEO, another war started, effected by my stepmum.

My stepmum tried all she could to make her son take over instead of me but her hope was dashed to pieces when her son Max committed suicide.

She was to blame for it, Max was never allowed to live a life for himself but was made to live his life for his Mum, explained the reason why he resorted to committing suicide. Upon the news of his death, my stepmum had to be taken to an asylum, she called any young man she saw maxwell.

After maxwell’s death and as the only heir, I was made the new CEO, at the age of twenty-two.

Under my leadership, the company was going on well. I still had the monster in me, just can’t be compared to the past when I was a complete monster.

I treat my workers the way I want and was never lenient with my secretaries.

It continued this way until I had my nineteenth secretary, her name was hazel. She was intelligent and very competent, also very pretty.

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As time went on, I didn’t know what was happening to me, she was always in my thought, I seem to constantly think of her. There were times when I would take out my anger on her which I always seem to regret afterwards, but she didn’t resign because of that.

She had a caring boyfriend too who I got to meet before he died.

He had showed up to attack me at the company’s parking lot a week after the day she passed out at work after being hit by a vase.

It was until we had exchanged a few punches, he made known who he was and warned that he wouldn’t take it lightly on me if she ever gets hurt again.

Through my source when hazel started acting strange at work, I learnt that her boyfriend was dying and wanting to be understanding, didn’t fire her even when she comes late to work on certain days and on the day her boyfriend died, I was there at his funeral.

I wanted to be there to console her, but all I could utter though was; ‘Are you okay?’ before she quickly called for her friend to take her home, saying something about her beginning to daydream.

The story continues…