Devil’s Bride Episode 32


Madrigal’s p.o.v

My parents divorced each other when I was three, and exactly six months after the divorce, my dad had brought home a lady who introduced herself to me as Blaire and as his girlfriend.

She continued to show up more and more at the house after that day and then, they had later gotten married.

Concerning my childhood, I never had a great one like every other kid.

My evil stepmum treated me like I wasn’t a human being like herself and when she had her first child, a son, the ill-treatment increased even more.

My dad was not always around, being busy at work was understandable but during his free time he would be out drinking with friends and would return back later in the night, sometimes drunk.

He was also animâlistic in nature, which was the very reason why my Mum left him in the first place.

My Mum wanted more than anything to take me with her after their divorce but my dad never allowed it.

He wouldn’t say anything about my stepmum’s cruelty even on days when I would be covered in numerous bruises. Caring for me was out of his dictionary.

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There were days when my stepmum would restrain the chefs from giving me food to eat and sometimes would go to the extent of locking me up in my room till the following day.

Being very young, I couldn’t do anything, absolutely nothing.

There was a day, she burnt my back with a flaming hot iron just because I wouldn’t touch a food she knew very well I was allergic to. The hot iron landing on my back was the only thing I ever remembered, I remained unconscious for two days.

When I woke up, I wasn’t in a hospital room but was lying on the bed in my room, being attended to by our family doctor.

This happened when I was just six.

The only friend I had then was Oliver Sandra, but she relocated to Ireland with her parents while we were in fourth grade.

The day I got admission into college was the best day of my life, finally I would be leaving the house where I never knew any happiness but before I got admitted into college, I already became more like a monster- unfeeling.

I had to change school several times because of the way I misbehave at school.

My nickname then was ‘Danger’ and no one could ever dare to walk side by side with me in the school hallway.

I bully other kids and was arrested several times by the parents of the students I bullied.

When I got to college, it was the same thing but during my second year when I met Cassandra, my life took a great turn.

She tamed the monster in me, but left me for another guy.

I knew I was to blame for our breakup.

She came over to my place that day and since I just had another issue with my dad before she arrived at my place, I took out my anger on her because she on the other hand too was disturbing with too much talks not questioning why I was down.