Devil’s Bride Episode 31


Hazel’s p.o.v

“How did you get the bruises on your face?” I asked, looking up at him while he continued to play with my hair.

I didn’t want to bring up anything concerning his illness yet, since I didn’t know how he would react.

We were seated on his couch with my head on his chest.

His lips curved into a soft smile.

“Just fell.”

“Oh sorry.” I knew he was lying but I was ready to let him off because what mattered was that I got to see him again.

Time skipped

It was as if my world ended on the day Andrew died but my only joy was the fact that I was by his side until the day of his death and before he died I made known to him how much I loved him and he made known to me how much he loved me too.

Before his death, we spent each day together. At work, things were going on fine but not all the time and sometimes I wonder why my boss didn’t fire me during those two months before Andrew’s death.

On certain days whenever he had any of his attacks and I got to work late, my boss would only tell me to prevent a next time but no matter how much I tried to avoid it, there were other times, I will admit, but he never fired me.

During those period, Benedicta served as a comfort and she comes over to spend some fun time with andrew and me.

Andrew’s parents on the other hand were carefree and would only show up once in a while to check up on their son and while around, his Mum would act as if I was invisible.

All they cared about was their career not about their son.

Tamara comes to visit sometimes whenever she was free.

His parents came for his burial with flowers but didn’t stay for long before leaving.

Tamara, Benedicta and others who were Andrew’s friends from the studio also came.

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Lizzy, my former boss came as well and apologized for not giving me a second chance.

It turned out the new secretary I was replaced with wasn’t capable enough and had caused a lot of damage before she was eventually fired.

I sat on the grass with Benedicta, a little distance from his graveside after everyone had left.

I didn’t cry when Andrew died and even when he was buried and no matter how many times Andrew and my sister told me to let it all out, I wouldn’t listen to them.

Right from the moment andrew passed away, I haven’t uttered a word to anyone and while not with anyone, I would simply space out.

I had my head on benedicta’s shoulder and was staring at nothing in particular, lost in the past memories when she told me she needed to go and get something from her car.

I was lost in thought again after she was gone when the familiar scent of madrigal’s cologne hit my nostrils all of a sudden and I had looked up to see him making his way over to where I was.

He walked over to Andrew’s grave and placed the flowers in his hand before it before walking over to me.

Hesitating a little when he reached me, he knelt on one knee before me and while on his knee, he had his dark grey eyes which were today soft, staring unwaveringly into mine with so much concern.

The situation seemed so unreal and when he had asked if I was okay, that was when I knew for certain I was beginning to daydream too.

Not wanting to have anymore of it, I had called out for Benedicta who appeared beside me in no time, pleading with her to take me away from there immediately.

Andrew died on Friday night and was buried on Saturday morning on the First of July that year.