Devil’s Bride Episode 23


Hazel’s p.o.v

I wondered why he was calling me that late but I picked the call all the same.

“Hello, Sir.”

“I’m outside your house right now, can you come out for a while?” He asked.

I couldn’t believe it until I looked out the window to check.

“Oh okay.”

After he hung up, I hurried to the kitchen to drop the things I bought before heading out.

He wasn’t inside his car anymore but was now outside with his head bent and his back resting on the side of the car.

He looked up the moment I opened the door and didn’t look away until I reached him.

“Good Evening, Sir.” I greeted once I reached him.

He didn’t say anything but instead had his eyes fixed on my hair.

That was expected because even though I had on a head warmer the bangs were showing.

“Sir?” I called.

“Uh… How are you doing?”

“I’m good.”

“The doctor told me the cut mark might last for some time, is that why you have on a new hairstyle?”

“Yes.” I nodded and my legs wouldn’t stay still anymore.

They were fidgeting a little by now.

“I’m so sorry about that.”

“No, it’s okay.”

“So see you at work on Monday?”


“I will get going then. Take care.” He said as he got back into his car.

“Thanks for stopping by to check on me.” I said.

I watched as he drove off before making my way back into my house but not until I had looked towards the direction of the pathway again, but this time, there was no one.

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Hungry, I prepared ramen after putting all the things that I bought at the grocery store inside the fridge.

I went ahead to get my sketchpad out of the drawer beside my bed where it had been, untouched since the time Andrew broke up with me and some sharpened pencils before going back to the living room.

I flipped through the pages of the designs I sketched before and there on the last used page was the wedding dress Andrew designed the last time he came over to my place when I was down with a fever.

I was the one who asked him to imagine and draw what he wanted my wedding gown to be like on our wedding day.

He restricted me from looking as he sketched with all seriousness and when he finished sketching and allowed me to look, I had burst into laughter.

I couldn’t stop laughing despite the fact that I was very sick.

The curve of the cups were uneven as one was bigger than the other, the bow on the waist resembled a crawling creature, the flare were sloppy lines and then the fishtail looked like a flowing river and nothing else.

I was still staring at the design when my phone buzzed.

When I unlocked my phone, it was a text from Benedicta.

It said; About your question at the salon, that was the hairstyle my Mum made me on my seventh birthday.

She didn’t have to explain further.

Her Mum died of a heart attack on her seventh birthday.

We became friends for that very reason when she joined my school as a new student in third grade then but before we became friends, she was always by herself and would always avoid talking to anyone in class. Then there was that particular day that I had walked up to her after the last class for that day and we became friends.

I dialed her number which she picked immediately.

“Benedicta, I’m so so sorry about that, you didn’t cry or did you?”

“Just a little.” She replied.

“Oh my God! Do you need me to remove the bangs? If you want me to I can just…”

“Why would you do that? It’s okay. Really. I came up with the idea anyway.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am. How did your day go?”

“Not too bad, only, lately, I feel like someone is watching me. Today, while I was coming back from the grocery store this evening, I was sure I heard footsteps behind me but when I looked back, there was no one. Before this evening, I happened to spot a hooded guy down the pathway this morning when you dropped me off at my place.”

“Did you just say a hooded guy?”


“Did you know that last week Friday, when I got off work and was at the parking lot, I caught sight of a hooded guy too but I didn’t get to see his face. I think you should stop taking the pathway for now, especially in the evening.” She advised.