Devil’s Bride Episode 22


Hazel’s p.o.v

On Friday of that week, I went back to the hospital and the stitches were removed.

Only then, did I realise the damage done to my face, my forehead to be precise.

There was a glaring cut mark.

The doctor had informed me about it beforehand but I didn’t know it would be so glaring.

“Aww! You are killing it with these bangs, told you they would look good on you.” Benedicta cheered.

They really did look good on me, seeing how the stylist also did a great job.

It was her who came up with the idea when I told her about the scar on my forehead and since it was a Saturday, we decided to visit a salon together.

For the past few days, I had been going to my friend place wearing a head warmer, if I stayed at home it would be boring as hell and tamara had been busy too.

She had to go back to work.

I slept over at Benedicta’s place once during that week.

“If you like it you can get it too.”

“No, I can’t.” Her voice was unusually low this time.

Even the expression on her face had changed.


“You don’t know how much I would love to get this hairstyle but I can’t.”

“But why?” I was persistent.

“I just can’t.”

“But you must have a reason for it?”

“No real reason.” She shrugged.

“Here is your money, Ma’am,” She handed the stylist some dollars and she in turn gave her back her change.

She drove me back to my place afterwards.

“I will call you later okay?” She pulled over once we had arrived at my place.

“Alright.” I said before getting out of the car.

She waved at me before driving off.

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As I turned to head towards my house, I felt a presence, as if someone was watching me and when I followed my instinct to look towards the direction of the pathway, I saw the retreating figure of a hooded guy.

Convincing myself it could just be someone who was here to see someone in the neighborhood, I slipped out my apartment keys out of my jacket pocket to open the door.

Later in the evening that same day, while returning back from the grocery store where I had gone to get some groceries, I started feeling the presence of someone behind me again.

The grocery store was down the street not too far from my place and after I had gotten all that I needed, I took the pathway as I made my way back home.

I was quite weighed down by the bags I was holding so that I couldn’t walk fast enough.

As I walked, I continued to hear faint footsteps behind me and when I was sure I wasn’t imagining things, I looked back but didn’t see anyone.

Everywhere was quiet and there was no sign of anyone following me.

I continued walking but this time, at a fast pace.

It was only until I got home and locked the door behind me that I could finally breathe properly again.

As my hand reached for the light switch, I almost dropped the grocery bag in my left hand at the sudden ringing of my phone.

Realizing it was just my phone ringing, I quickly reached for the light switch again and flickered it on, that which immediately brightened my living room.

Afterwards, I reached into my pocket for my phone, the caller ID showing ‘My boss’ which was what I saved his number as.

I wondered why he was calling me.