Devil’s Bride Episode 24


Hazel’s p.o.v

Monday came again in a blur and by 6:30 am I was already at work.

“Oh! I have missed you guys so much.”

I couldn’t help but to squeal happily while standing before the aquarium in my boss’s office, throwing in more food which was immediately swallowed up by the fishes before they could make it to the bottom.

After feeding the fishes, I was going to water the little plant which was now in a new vase since the former one got broken, when my boss came in.

“Good morning, Sir,” I greeted, stopping what I was doing for a moment, hoping this time for a response but just like every other day, none.

He was looking just as handsome as always, except for the bruises on his face today.

There was also a cut on the side of his lips and a little blood in his left eye.

Ignoring my presence, he walked over to his desk without as much as casting me a glance.

“What happened to your face, Sir?” I asked with concern from where I was.

“None of your business.” He snapped.

I was quite taken aback by his harsh reply.

Nonetheless, he was right.

I should have known how he could be.

I didn’t say anything but went ahead to sprinkle some water on the ‘peace lily’.

With that done, as I turned away from it to leave his office, I found myself staggering back a little, suddenly feeling dizzy.

I tried blinking in an attempt to ward off the dizziness, but it only got worse.

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“Are you alright?”mr. Madrigal was beginning to make his way over to where I was now.

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

I wasn’t okay, not when everything was beginning to double before my eyes.

“No you are not.”

“I’m okay. Just… feeling a little d-izzy.”

“Come.” He grabbed my hand and dragged me after him over to his chair.

Getting me to sit in it, he remained standing before me, with his eyes not leaving me.

“I think I’m okay now.” I wanted to get up but he gently pushed me back.

“Just sit back for a little more while.”

“But this is your cha…” I jerked up while saying so but the last word had gotten caught on my lips because I currently had my lips pressed against his.

He was going to push me back into his chair and me jerking up had somehow gotten us in this present awkward situation.

I was in a daze for a while but not for long before quickly pulling away, hot from embarrassment and fear.

The look in his dark grey eyes when I pulled away was unreadable but his body had grown tense.

His phone started ringing that very moment, that which he picked before leaving the office.

What have you done hazel, was all I kept muttering over and over to myself after he was gone.

Whoever it was that called him was surely a life saver.

I was back at my desk busy with something on my laptop when he returned back, his face bearing a casual look as if nothing happened just some minutes ago between us.

As he walked past my desk, I could feel all the courage I had been mustering to walk up to him once he returns to apologise vanish as I only remained seated instead.

At a point, I almost thought I had become dumb.

A few minutes after he was gone, when I took out my phone from my bag to check my emails, there was a new message from an unknown number.