Devil’s Bride Episode 25


Hazel’s p.o.v

There was a new message from an unknown number in my inbox which I immediately opened.

It was a message from Sandra asking if we could meet during the lunch break.

Throughout, before the break period, madrigal maintained his usual casual look while I received instructions and followed him about to meet clients with the guilt ever present with me.

During the lunch break, now at the parking lot after getting off the lift, I followed Sandra’s description and had spotted her car among the others after a while.

I walked over to the side of her red car and knocked softly on the window before pushing the door open to get in.

Once inside, I closed the door after settling down in the passenger’s seat.

She had on a red off-shoulder dress today and her ears were adorned with pretty gold earrings.

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“Hmm! New hairstyle!” She slipped off her shades and flipped a stray hair from her face.

“Sorry?” I asked more in an angry tone.

That was so rude of her, after the accident she caused, even if it wasn’t intentional.

“Look, I’m here to apologize about what happened last week.” She said, her face devoid of any emotion.

“Also, I’m here to warn you, but before that, if I may ask is there anything going on between you and Madrigal?”

As I opened my mouth to speak, she cut me off.

“Please don’t open that mouth of yours to tell me nothing because Madrigal doesn’t like seeing blood as to have his clothes stained with your blood and Ms,”

Her voice was raised as she called the Ms. so that I had to look out the window thinking she was referring to someone else aside me who was in the car with her.

“Don’t you think you are being such a weakling, like how could someone pass out from such a light object?” She waited keenly after that for an answer as if she had just asked a reasonable question.

Could this girl probably be s*ck in the head?

“Is that a question for me?” I asked sarcastically while imagining the part of her face the vase would have hit if we were to switch roles and how she would have remained in a coma for a while considering the life of affluence and pampering she had been living.

“Whatever. Now I will warn you. Don’t ever get too close to Madrigal. We grew up together and I can’t lose him to anyone, at least not to you, a mere secretary.” She said, laying emphasis on the last two words.


I couldnt’t believe I was called out for a trash talk.

“Is that all?” I asked calmly and not waiting for her reply, got out of her car.

“What do you mean by is that all? I’m being serious.” She called after me.

I made straight for the CEO’s office, not intending to go to the cafeteria, where there would be too much staring since they probably must have heard about what happened the week before.

I dropped my head on my desk in conniption when I got back to the office and stayed in that position for some time.

At the loud grumbling of my stomach, I rose up and decided to make for the cafeteria to get something to eat.

When I got there, I noticed Avery and Juliet were no where in sight.

I held the tray containing what I had ordered at the counter and while I was trying to find somewhere to sit, a man who had suddenly rose from his seat in a kind of hurry and not aware that I was behind him crashed into me, thereby causing the things on the tray in my hand to trip over, the glass of orange juice spilling all over my yellow blouse in the process.

This earned a whoop from everyone.

“I’m so sorry Miss, I was in a hurry,” He apologized profusely.

Closing my eyes, I tried to suppress the anger boiling within me.

I simply returned to the counter to drop everything and left.

“Geez! All in a day.” I yelled in between gritted teeth while inside the lift.

I got off of the lift once it stopped and the person I saw upon stepping out made me want to bless the ground if it would open its mouth that moment and swallow me.

The bruises on his face were still there and I couldn’t help but wonder still who he fought with.

He didn’t spare me a glance, completely acting as if he didn’t see me, walked past me and got into the lift.

I was able to get the stain off and to dry my blouse with the hand dryer in the rest room, only I couldn’t get it back to it’s original state.

When I returned back to my desk, there was surprisingly a white paper bag on the floor and inside it, was a new yellow blouse and a note which said.

Change into this.

That was all it said and I don’t have to be told who it was from, I knew my boss’s handwriting.