Devil’s Bride Episode 26


Hazel’s p.o.v

“Thanks for this… Sir.” I said, pulling a little nervously at the hem of the blouse he got me.

We both got off work at the same time and had headed to the lift at the same time too but trust me, I wouldn’t want to be alone with him in the lift after what happened when I was in his office that morning but I had no choice since I was yet to apologize and to thank him for the blouse.

He didn’t say anything.

“About this morning, I’m so sorry about what happened. ” l apologized.

“How are you feeling now?” He asked instead.

“Huh? Oh… I’m okay now.”

“It could be as a result of the head injury. You should probably see the doctor again.”

“I will do that. Am I driving you home today?”

“No. Go on ahead.” He said as I stepped out of the lift after him, on the ground floor and in a split second, he was ahead of me.


I suddenly heard my name being called.

Turning around swiftly to the direction the voice came from, I saw Alex, who was standing by the receptionist’s desk.

“Alex!” I was surprised.

“What are you doing here?” I walked over to meet him.

“My cousin works here, I’m here to pick her up.”

“Alex! You are late.” Juliet came out of the lift just then and was beginning to make her way towards us.

“Juliet is your cousin?” I asked in surprise.

“Hazel! You haven’t gone home yet. Wait… you guys know each other before?”

“Yes” Alex answered but his eyes were on me like I was the one who asked the question.

“And yes, Juliet is my cousin.” He said in answer to my own question.

“Oh really? That’s nice. How about we drop you off hazel, you didn’t bring your car, did you?”

“No I didn’t, but I can just take a cab home.”

“Let’s drop you off.” Alex came in.

“Really, I can just…”

“Come on.” Juliet linked arms with me and dragged me along with her towards the exit.

We were just about to reach his car, while at the parking lot, when my phone started ringing.

It was my boss calling, and when I picked the call, he told me his left eye was beginning to hurt and suddenly needed me to drive him home.

Apologizing to Alex and Juliet, I made for the underground parking lot.

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I pulled over and turned off the engine once we arrived at his place.

“Will you like to have some coffee before leaving?” He asked as I made to open the door on my side to get out.

“No need and it’s getting late already,” I said with a smile.

“It won’t take long.”

“Really no nee…” Just then my stomach made a loud grumbling sound in which I quickly pressed my hand onto my stomach in a futile effort to muffle the sound which happened to be too late, oops! Well, not as if I could muffle out the sound with my hands in the first place.

I was quite embarrassed and when I looked up to look at him, he was smiling.


he has got a beautiful smile and within a second, it was gone.

Almost as if it wasn’t ever there.

“It won’t take long.” He repeated before getting out of the car.

The inside of his house was way more beautiful than how I imagined it to be.

He led me to his large living room where he told me to wait for him while he made the coffee.