Devil’s Bride Episode 19


Hazel’s p.o.v

After feeding the fishes, I went ahead to spray water on the little plant in his office- a ‘peace lily’.

I was back at my desk when I heard the familiar footsteps that had become imprinted on my mind.

My eyes darted towards the doorway just as he gracefully stepped in, today, in a very stylish navy blue suit while effortlessly exuding an overwhelming aura, which I doubt he was aware of himself, looking strikingly handsome as always with his peppermint scented cologne filling the air.

I instantly rose to my feet to greet him.

“Good morning Sir,” I greeted, my signature smile on.

As usual, he didn’t respond to my greeting or cast me a single glance but simply continued the walk towards his office door. I was just about to sit back down when he suddenly stopped walking and turned around to face me, though not without a little hesitation.

“Hazel?” He called. My eyes widened and that was because he was addressing me by my name after a long time.

He hardly call my name this days.

He seemed surprised himself.

There was silence from him again before he finally took a few short strides over to my desk.

“Is there something you need me to do?” I politely asked, rising immediately to my feet.

I noticed him studying my face instead. I must have scared him with the way I looked last week.

“Never mind.” He said and left for his office.

By 12pm, after I was done with all that he assigned me, I went to his office to report to him.

“Is there anything else that I need to do?” I inquired.

“No, it’s supposed to be the lunch break anyway.” He brushed me off.


“I mean you are free for now.” His eyes were icy cold and completely unreadable as always.

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The company’s cafeteria was on the fourth floor.

As I entered, there were a lot of workers inside, sitting in groups while some were sitting alone.

As my presence became known, I could feel their stares.

Regretting why I came in the first place, I noticed Avery whispering to those she was seated with.

She looked towards my direction and when our eyes met, she flashed me a fake smile.

I went ahead to order at the counter, and by now they were all whispering among themselves but not for long.

“You can join me, if you don’t mind.” A young lady who was sitting by herself came to my rescue while I was still trying to find somewhere to sit.

She had such a pretty and angelic face, with her gold curly hair and amber eyes.

“I’m Cynthia and… you must be hazel the CEO’s new secretary?”

“Yeah, you’re right. Just seeing you for the first time though.”

“I’m actually new.”

“And you know about me already?” I was baffled.

“You are quite famous. Heard some people talking about you and so when I saw the way they were staring at you when you entered I could tell it was you.”

“Oh!” I tried to take in the new information.

“What department are you though?”

“Creative department.”

“Oh okay.” I nodded.

We discussed some more as we ate our food before leaving the cafeteria once we were done.