Devil’s Bride Episode 18


Hazel’s p.o.v

It wasn’t hard to notice how somber he was after I told him that but what could I do when I wasn’t ready for another relationship since I was not over my previous relationship yet and also yet to find out the reason why he broke up with me.

On Sunday afternoon, I and Benedicta went shopping and after leaving the shopping mall, we decided to stop by at an ice cream parlor before leaving for home.

When we got there, being a chocolate person, Benedicta ordered chocolate candy while I ordered mint chocolate chips.

I was going to scoop up some of the ice cream before me to eat but the thought of going to work the next day immediately dampened my mood and made me lose appetite for it.

“What’s wrong?” Benedicta asked while lifting the third spoonful of her chocolate ice cream to her mouth.

“Tomorrow is Monday.” I stated and burst into fake tears which attracted the attention of the others in no time.

“Sorry,” I muttered with a nervous laugh.

I couldn’t believe I completely forgot I was in a public place.

“If he doesn’t change with the way he is treating you, you should resign.”

“I can’t resig…”

“Eww! Madrigal’s cooperation, my worst nightmare! I’m happy I resigned.” I overheard the conversation of the two ladies sitting close to us.

The lady that just spoke was a lady with strawberry blonde hair while the other was a speckled lady with red hair.

Both of us became quiet, keen on listening in on their conversation but eating our ice cream to prevent them from noticing.

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“I warned you then but you went ahead to apply for a job there.” The lady with the red hair told her.

“I needed a job so badly, I had no choice. How could someone that handsome be born to be heartless. A friend of mine while I was there, Avery, told me he has a new secretary now and a goddess at that. She told me she was a shadow of herself before the end of the third week she started working…” The lady with strawberry blonde hair suddenly stopped talking and before we knew it, her eyes were solely focused on us, pointedly casting daggers at us.

She must have noticed us staring at them.

Caught, we both quickly shifted our gaze, suddenly realizing we had been staring and not eating our ice cream all the while.

“What are they looking at?” We heard the red-haired lady say to her friend just as we resumed eating our ice cream.

“I didn’t know Avery was such a gossip…” I hissed.

We were heading back towards Benedict’s car now.

“Do you know anyone by that name?”

“Yeah. She was the one who showed me around on my first day at work.”

“You shouldn’t be too surprised though.”

On the drive back to my place, she turned on the radio and luckily there was a nice hip-hop song playing in the background, ‘Club Paradise’ by Drake.

She turned it on to the highest volume and we yelled out the lyrics, as we sang along on the drive back home.

Tell me who did I leave behind?/ You think it got to me, I can’t just read your mind/ You think I’m so caught up in where I am right now/ Uh, but believe I never… lyrics