Devil’s Bride Episode 20


Hazel’s p.o.v

Busy typing away on my laptop later that day, I heard the sound of approaching footsteps.

Just then, a pretty lady who was just about my height stepped in.

The face looked so much familiar and after thinking for a while, it registered in my mind.

It was the popular model Oliver Sandra, also an Actress.

She modeled for a lot of cosmetics, some of which I use.

The short white dress she had on hugged her body tightly, revealing her great curves. She had on a beautiful makeup and in her hand was a small purple designer bag. She walked towards my desk, and I was already on my feet quite confused since the CEO didn’t inform me that he would be having any guest over.

“Are you Madrigal’s new secretary?” She straightly asked without bothering to make known her reason for showing up.

“Yes, I am. How may I…”

“I can’t believe this.” She hissed before sashaying to the door of his office.

Once she reached it, she swung the door open without as much as knocking and went in, closing the door behind her with a bang.

Now I am going to lose my job.

After thinking for a while about what to do I rushed after her into his office.

“Sir, I…” I was saying but wasn’t quick enough to dodge the object flying at a really fast pace towards my direction before it made a contact with my forehead.

I felt myself losing balance from the impact and then, my back hit the floor.

Lying on my back, I watched as everything in the room began to spin before my eyes and before I knew it, darkness took over.

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I winced at the sharp pain that I felt in my head when I opened my eyes. With the white walls, white ceiling, and the needle in my right hand I could tell I was in a hospital room.

I was going to massage my aching temple when I felt something with a slightly rough surface but with a soft silky texture. It was the bandage wrapped round my forehead.

“Sweetheart, you are awake. Thank goodness.” My sister, tamara entered that moment while bearing in her hand a white tote bag.

“You passed out after being hit with a vase at work. I was worried to death when they called to inform me about it. I just told mom and dad that I went to check on something. I didn’t want them to get worried. How are you feeling?”

“No need to be worried, I’m okay now.”

“I’m happy you’re okay now. Benedicta was here yesterday and this morning too but had to leave very early for work. Hope you aren’t feeling too much pain in your head?”

“Just a little.”

“Don’t worry, it’s only going to take a little more while before it relieves you.” She assured.

“Here, I bought you something to eat.”

“Oh okay but I need to use the toilet first, I’ll be right back.” I told her.

I rolled the drip stand along with me on the journey to the bathroom.

As I stepped out of the toilet, the familiar peppermint scent of my boss’ cologne hit my nose and I looked up just in time to see him standing in the middle of the room with his head bent, staring at something on his phone.

“Sir?” I called from where I was.

He looked up and walked over to me with a worried look on his face.

“Are you feeling okay now?”

“Yes. I’m okay now.” I nodded.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

“I’m sorry about what happened. She throws things whenever she is angry but it wasn’t her intention for it to hit you, you just happened to walk in that moment.” He explained.