Devil’s Bride Episode 21


Hazel’s p.o.v

“Is she someone you know?” I realised too late that I had asked a dumb question.

Everyone knows Oliver Sandra, only I couldn’t ask directly who she was to him.

“She happens to be a friend of mine.”

But why does he seem embarrassed to say that?

This Sarah must be quite the troublemaker.

“She wanted to come too but was ashamed to.” He told me.

“It’s actually okay.”

“The doctor said you would be discharged tomorrow, I already took care of the bills and you don’t have to worry about coming to work until you are fully well.”

“All right, thank you.”

“Then I will take my leave now.” He said and turned to leave.

My butt was about to hit the bed when the door was pushed open.

A nurse entered with a tray containing a bottled water, a plastic cup and two small drug containers.

“Ms,” She had on a sweet smile as she made her way towards me.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay, just feeling a slight headache.”

“It’s going to dissipate soon. Here, it’s time for you to take your medicine.” She set the tray on the table, leaving only after I had taken them.

The doctor also came to check me in the afternoon.

I was trying to get some sleep when benedicta arrived towards the evening of that day.

“Hazel,” She shrieked upon seeing me.

Before I knew it, she was hugging me so tightly.

“Planning to break my bones, aren’t you? Let me go!” I tried struggling out of her grip.

I could tell she was bubbling with so much energy that evening seeing how she didn’t budge the slightest bit.

Whenever she was like this, one could only plead with her.

I heaved a sigh of relief when she finally let me go.

“You little thing, you scared us all yesterday. Tamara told me there was a lot of blood. I had to believe it when I saw your boss, he had his suit and shirt covered with blood.”

“Wait what?”

“He brought you here in his car, he couldn’t wait for an ambulance. He was forced to go home to change before he left yesterday. Tamara also told me the lady responsible for it left before you were even attended to. I heard it was the popular model, oliver sandra. Who is she to him anyway?”

“I don’t know, she just walked into the office yesterday. She asked if I was his new secretary and I told her yes. She became furious and before I knew it, she barged into his office. I was going to go after her into his office to explain the situation when it happened. She was scattering and throwing the objects on his table in a fit of rage.”

“Could she be his girlfriend?”

“Not so sure but that might be the case.”

“What if she is seeing you as a rival?”

“Why would she see me as a rival?” I gave out a small laugh.

“You are pretty, why won’t she see you as one? You are not feeling any pain in your head anymore or are you?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Where is Tamara, I thought you told me she was here when I called?”

“She left a while ago.”

That evening, Tamara brought me clothes I could change into after my discharge.

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The next day, very early in the morning, the doctor came to check me again.

He left after instructing me to come to the hospital again before the end of the week so the stitches could be removed and also explained to me how to change the bandage and apply ointment if I needed to.

I had just finished changing out of the hospital clothes into my own clothes when the nurse who had been attending to me came in.

“Ms. Hazel, Mr madrigal said he would be waiting for you in his car.” She relayed.

My head jerked up in surprise.

“Waiting in his car?” I asked.


“Oh okay. Thank you,” I had to call Benedicta in order to tell her not to bother coming to pick me up anymore before carrying my things and leaving the hospital room.

During the drive to my place, we didn’t say a word to each other which didn’t do me any good as I couldn’t stop thinking about what benedicta told me about him taking me to the hospital himself.

Before I knew it, he already drove past my house.

“We are there.” I hurriedly said before he could go any further.

He stopped the car and I got down after gathering my things.

He opened the door on his side and got down too.

As he followed behind me, casting a subtle glance at him, I could see the confusion written on his face as he saw me walking back up to the houses he just drove past.

“Make sure to get enough rest,” He said when we eventually reached the front of my door.

“I will. Thanks for bringing me home.”