Devil’s Bride Episode 14


Madrigal’s p.o.v

I felt something close to feeling bad for hazel.

I didn’t say anything.

I was just looking at her neck.

My thumb on its own moved to graze over her soft skin where the scratch was…but I stopped at hazel who was now speaking.

“I didn’t mean to cause you any loss.” Hazel started in a low voice, not looking up.

“I’m really sorry that I’m not good enough. This won’t happen again.. just.. just don’t fire me.. Please” hazel says at the verge of crying.

I moved back giving hazel some space to breath.

I wanted to say something good but the words just won’t come out.

“Go to the infirmary… (Pause).. and (looks at hazel) .. check for any infection. And you don’t need to pay anything.” I completed the sentence like a fast moving train.

“Now Go” I said turning towards my table.

Hazel leaves the cabin.

I take a long breath.

I felt so conflicted.

Why am I feeling bad for Hazel?

I have never even cared about anyone apart from my family.

And suddenly a stranger is making me feel conflicted?

I don’t even know what to call these nonsense.

I can’t even deny having a soft side for hazel.

She is manipulating me. She knows I can’t stand seeing her this way… She is a manipulator.

I concluded to distract myself from thinking about a certain blonde haired female.

I didn’t even trust my words.

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Hazel’s p.o.v

After getting treated, with a bandage on my neck, I came back to madrigal.

On my way back from the third floor to the seventh, I kept thinking why was Madrigal’s eyes was quite different today.

And why is He not threatening me to resign this time?

And why did J feel good when madrigal sent me to infirmary?

Isn’t that normal for a person to do this much?

Then again madrigal is not a normal person.

He is rude and so so cold !

I entered the room.

Madrigal looked at me.


I walk towards him.

“If you are done with your cat play, take these files and come with me”. Madrigal says standing up.

I took the files in his hand.

They were so heavy that my face almost turns red.

The files covered my upper body that I even had to put my chin on the top of the bundle.

Madrigal looked at me struggling with the weight and smiles unknowingly moving forward.

He opens the gate and let me pass through it.

Its funny how he looks so big from behind.

My back arched back trying to balance the files and moving carefully without even looking.

Madrigal moves fast to catch up to him and then slows down when he was beside me.

“If you walk like that Ms.hazel, we will reach there before tomorrow.” He says and I pouts like a child.

“Where are you going?” I asks once in the lift.

“WE are going…. to my home” madrigal says pressing the parking floor.

We reached madrigal’s car and I was finally able to breathe after putting the files in the car.

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Madrigal’s p.o.v

I sensed that she wanted to ask something so I explained without any delay.

“My assistant will be coming tomorrow.. and after teaching you for ten to fifteen days ,she will take a long break from the company”. I told her as I drove the car.

“Then why…?” Hazel starts and I cut her off.

“I need to reply to these stakeholders before nine PM today, but my friend just called me home. So you are working with me before my assistant takes charge”. I informed her.