Devil’s Bride Episode 13


Hazel’s p.o.v

I was standing with a sleeping cat in my hands for almost an hour.

My legs were already feeling numb.

The staff lady from before came to me and started patting the cat roughly.

“This Cat has attitude problems.. just like her owner.” She said before leaving the studio.

The cat woke up and started being fussy.

I tried to keep her calm but she was just meowing like crying. I held her in the air to look at her face but the cat scratched my neck. I hissed in pain but still hugged the cat to make it feel safe. After a little struggle, the cat stopped its actions.

I patted its head softly and sat down finally.

The cat was uncomfortable at first but then it settled in my lap peacefully.

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Madrigal p.o.v

Meanwhile Anna makeup artist informed Anna during touch-up break that Tyler was crying.

Anna stormed out of the green room.

I heard them too and I sure was going to make hazel responsible for this mistake. But when I came out, everything was Okay except a fuming Anna still moving towards Hazel who was sitting there with the cat.

The cat was purring against her chest and hazel was smiling beautifully.

I stopped at my tracks, just staring at Hazel’s face again.

Her smile…….

It was affecting me, but I was not going to admit.

“What the hell !” Anna snatched the Cat from hazel and hazel frowned.

I stood up instantly and my worried eyes met hazel who still was staring at me without even blinking.

The cat was moving in her mom’s arms .. ready to go back to hazel’s comforting embrace.

“Why was my baby crying? You can’t even do such a simple job!” Anna yelled ignoring Hazel’s attempt.

Hazel bowed her head saying sorry.

The Cat meowed at Anna and anna loosened its grip a little when Tyler jumped in hazel’s arms.

Hazel smiled and patted the cat sweetly when it purred against her neck.

Anna felt humiliated.

“Madrigal !!! The shoot is off for today. I’m going !” She took Tyler and rushed out of the company.

I didn’t bother to stop her.

Hazel was looking at me worried of the consequences.

“Mr. Madrigal, shoot was only halfway done. We’ll have to go up on the budget because of this”.

My facial expressions changed, anger evident in my eyes and I moved towards hazel.

I grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards my cabin.

I pinned hazel against the wall after closing the door.

“Why do you always have to ruin things hazel?”

Hazel diverted her gaze to look down.

“Everything was going so fine, but You…..!!” My anger only increased when hazel didn’t meet my eyes.

She was annoyingly silent today.

I want her to react.

I want to see her reaction.

Say something hazel.


Do anything. Anything!!!!!

I took her chin and hazel hissed.

That was when I noticed the scratch on her neck.

I felt something.