Devil’s Bride Episode 15


Madrigal p.o.v

Lame excuse.

I know that.

I didn’t want to give half day to Hazel and I had to go home for Dawson, so why not take her home.


Hazel is sitting in the drawing room with a glass of water.

I had gone to talk to Dawson.

“Dawson, you called me” I announced my presence.

“Oh yes, madrigal… Your Mom and Dad are going on a world tour, but they said they can’t leave us alone” Dawson says laughing.

“so they have called felix to stay with us. He is joining as a doctor nearby so it won’t be a burden for him too”.

“Ohh…dawsom we are not kids” I said crossing my arms.

“Don’t act now madrigal.. I know you don’t get along with him” Dawson says laughing.

“Arghh ..yes! Felix keeps asking me to smile all the time… To come home on time… To not get angry… How is this possible dude !!!” I said now full on whining mode.

And Dawson only chuckles.

“Stop being a baby and behave when he come. He will be here within two hours or so.” dawson says and I just rolled my eyes.

“Okay I’m going to work in the study. Ms.Haz is with me….”

“What Hazel, the new employee ??” Dawson asks surprised.

“Yes her.” I replied.

“Really??” Dawson asks too much excited.

“Calm down Dawson! it’s not a big deal.”

“It is a big deal.. get aside”.

“Oh my god, madrigal…” Dawson’s voice is heard from upstairs.

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Hazel’s p.o.v

I turned to look at him and stands up to greet.

“Hello Mr. Dawson”.

Dawson comes down with madrigal behind him.

“Call me Dawson from now on.” Dawson says patting his back.

Madrigal looks at him brows furrowed.

“Why would she call you Dawson?” He asks Dawson, glaring at me.

“Because she is here.. ”

I looked up confused at Dawson.

“So?” Madrigal asks shortly.

Dawson shakes his head towards madrigal and then looks at me.

“You know Hazel, you are the first ever person he has ever brought home from office. He doesn’t even let Mrs. Sonia visit him here.”

I looked at Dawson not knowing how to reply to that.

It was quite awkward.

I just smiled and replied.

“That is an honor Dawson”. Dawson smiled at me, his dimples showing.


Madrigal’s p.o.v

I was jealous of the fact that my cousin was being shared.

Or I was using jealousy to hide the conflict that raised again in my mind that why did i bring hazel home.

“Okay buddy.. will you let us Work now?”.

“Yes sure…. Take her to the study”.

We sat side by side. I had total of fifteen files to go through and reply to them.

Hazel can’t help but peek through until she gets the command to write emails from me.

I was too much engrossed in the files to notice hazel is just above my right shoulder.

“Email them about….” I moved my face to the right to give instructions but stopped right away because of the closeness.

Our eyes met for a few seconds and we both stop still.

Hazel moved back with a flustered expression.

I took a long breath and stand up from my seat.

“Email them about our next schedule and fix the appointment” I said and hazel types it in her laptop without looking up.

But the glow on her face because of Laptop screen was showing how she was blushing because of our previous encounter.

And that blush was cute.

But as always I won’t admit.

“Madrigallllll…..” A long rhyme is heard from the door and there stands felix with his arms extended.

I went there to receive the hug.

“How have you been Felix?”

“A little busy but fine”.

Hazel saw our interactions and stood at her seat awkwardly.

Felix looks at her.

“Oh my goodness…Madrigal…. Are you finally making friends?” He speed walk towards Hazel and takes her hand.

“Ahh No.. I’m just–”

“She is just an employee Felix” hazel starts but I cut her off and replied coldly.

“Oh I’m sorry Ms…. ?”


He nods and turn on his way back.

“We will have dinner together. Don’t be late”he informed madrigal.

We resumed our work.

After three to four hours, we completed our job and it was 9 PM.