Devil’s Bride Episode 101


Hazel’s p.o.v

It only made the atmosphere between us became even more awkward than it was before.

Knowing I wasn’t ready to discuss further, he rose up to leave. I decided to see him to the door and when we reached the door, he stopped walking and taking me by surprise, pulled me into a gentle hug.

At first I was stunned.

At the same time, I wanted to pull away but couldn’t bring myself to do that, it was something I had been longing for.

There was the familiar scent of his cologne. Even though other cologne made me feel nauseous, his didn’t and there was the soothing warmth of his firm chest I had missed.

He pulled away after some time.

“I will be going now.” He said to me before leaving.

I told Phoebe about our wedding, the contract involved, the contract annulment and our divorce later in the evening but couldn’t bring myself to tell her my real reason for the divorce.

It turned out she knew about our wedding but decided to wait until I was ready to tell her myself and since I finally did, she couldn’t describe how very happy she was.

“But you didn’t seem to know who he was when he was here this afternoon?” I had asked her.

“Who wouldn’t know Mr.Madrigal and besides there were pictures of your wedding all over the internet,” she nudged me playfully.

“I can’t believe he looks so much handsome in person.”

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Annabel helped me with registering for a yoga class for pregnant women which I always attend every weekend.

I would be submitting my resignation letter at the company very soon since I already gave a month notice beforehand.

My baby bump continued to grow as time went on but there was still the feeling of insecurity with Damien still out there.

I eventually tendered my resignation letter at the company.

After resigning, I traveled to Italy on a vacation, where I stayed for a month but before leaving, I begged Annabel to not disclose where I would be to madrigal or anyone.

Just a week after I got back from Italy, Damien was arrested.

The charge laid on him was for destroying Madrigal’s image and thereby causing it to suffer a great loss.

The news brought so much happiness, knowing both Damien and Sandra were now out of the way but what gave me so much joy was that I could meet with madrigal freely now or even get back with him, if he still wants me back.

The night of that day, madrigal’s car was there, at the usual spot again, he must have heard I was now back in New York city.

Aware there was nothing stopping me from seeing him anymore, I hurried downstairs.

He seemed surprised to see me but more by the way I was smiling at him.

“Will you like to come up to my room for a while?” I asked after we had exchanged greetings.

“Sure.” He said after a while once he was sure he wasn’t hallucinating.

“How is it doing?” He asked just as we reached my door.

“What…” It was then I realized he must have taken a notice of my baby bump, when in my haste to see him, I hadn’t given how I was going to go about seeing him with a huge bump a thought but what surprised me was, seeing he didn’t at all look surprised to see it.


Two week after that, realizing I was ready to get back with him, he proposed to me again with another, even more beautiful diamond ring on his private yacht when he had only told me we would be going on it to have fun.

We had another wedding and also had our marriage reregistered.

For the wedding, no one was invited, it was just the two of us but Annabel, Annabel husband, his best friend, Phoebe, His mother, my sister and my parents, were invited for a dinner with us.

After that day, everything continued to go on well and we would go to the hospital together for my checkups.