Devil’s Bride Episode 100


Hazel’s p.o.v

It was going to three months after the divorce and my baby bump was now beginning to manifest.

I’ve still got nothing to lay a charge on Damien for and was well aware I had limited time left because very soon, it won’t be hard for anyone to not notice the bump but before the bump would start to become unnoticeable, I wanted more than anything for everything to have been resolved.

Concerning my pregnancy, there was the morning sickness and my distaste for certain food.

I vomit a lot too and it got to a point I had to quit using cologne and even on certain days, I would skip creaming my body because they make me feel nauseous.

It was a Sunday and I had dressed up to go grocery shopping that afternoon and just as I stepped out of my apartment, I could feel my heart lurch within me. It was due to who I was seeing.

It was madrigal and seeing him after such a long time, I couldn’t describe how I feel that moment.

There were his grey mesmerizing eyes which I had so much missed.

We stood staring at each other for as long as I can’t remember until I heard my name being called by someone.

It was Phoebe, Andrew’s cousin.

Our friendship had continued even after Andrew’s death but I haven’t been able to bring myself to tell her about madrigal or about our wedding since then.

She had informed me a week before that she would be coming to New York and would be staying over at my place for three days.

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“Hazel.” She screamed happily before running over to hug me.

It was after the hug she noticed madrigal.

She had the admiring and dreamy look in her eyes on noticing his good looks until I nudged her to snap her out of it.

“Who is he?” She whispered close to my ear, her eyes not leaving him.

“He is a friend.”

I didn’t fail to notice the disappointed look on madrigal’s face.

“Are you not going to introduce me to him.” She whispered again to me.

“Oh that’s right madrigal, this is Phoebe my friend and Phoebe, this is madrigal, also a friend.” I gave out a small awkward laugh after that.

“Nice meeting you.” She held out her hand towards him for a shake.

He took her hand.

“Same here.” He gave out a little smile.

Phoebe swooned and there was the he-even-has-a-nice-voice admiration in her eyes.

“But why are you not inviting him in?” She turned to face me.

“Invite him in?” I asked with surprise.


“Oh yeah, I was going to. Please come in.” I said to him.

The three of us entered.

Phoebe excused us saying she would be in the bathroom to take a shower.

It was just then I remembered my baby bump. I heaved a sigh of relief when I realized it was nothing to worry about since it was hard to notice over the jacket I had on.

“How have you been?” He asked after we were both seated.

“Fine. What about you?”

“Can’t say.” He replied.

I avoided eye contact with him.

He must have noticed the chain he told annabel to deliver to me that I had on my neck as I could see his face brighten up a little on seeing it after a while.

I had decided to wear it after Annabel gave it to me. With the necklace, I always feel like he was ever present with me.

It was late to hide it now.