Devil’s Bride Episode 99


Hazel’s p.o.v

But I wanted more than anything to see him.

Once he didn’t show up, making me scared he was done waiting.

He showed up two days later which brought me such great relief.

One of my neighbors, Ms Lina who was on the first floor came to my room one evening to ask me if I also always notice the very expensive car that was always parked close to our apartment every night and asked if it would be advisable to inform the police about it but I told her not to, telling her, it was a friend of mine I had a fight with.

After our divorce, I had met with Sandra to tell her to back off from hurting any more of my friends since I already got the divorce done.

Annabel’s wedding preparation was going on fine and they had their wedding four weeks after our divorce.

I couldn’t describe how very happy I was that their wedding went well.

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A week after Annabel’s wedding

I endured the nasty glares I get from everyone at the company and it seemed to be a good decision after all when just after I got home from work that certain day, I got a call from Juliana.

I didn’t pick the call of course.

Just some minutes later, I heard my doorbell rang.

It was Juliana at the door when I checked.

Her eyes were red and there was a vivid palm print on her left cheek like she was slapped by someone.

“What happened to you?” I asked with concern.

I could see how dazzled she was at my sincere concern. She got down on her knees.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

She hugged my legs.

“Hazel please forgive me, I know I have wronged you.” She was crying now.


“Bad things started happening to me ever since I started doing bad things to you. Madrigal also wants to get me arrested for drugging you and for putting what you are allergic to into the pizza you ate then, also for trying to run you over with a car.”

“Wait… You were behind the car incident?”

She nodded frantically.

“But please forgive me. I can’t bear to spend the rest of my life in jail, I’m being punished already for what I did. I can’t conceive anymore.” She wailed.

“Why is that?”

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She explained to me how her boyfriend who she was pregnant for has been giving her certain drugs saying they were supposed to be good for the fetus, it was later she found out it was to damage the pregnancy with more damage done to her womb.

With Juliana as a witness, and the voice recordings I always do whenever I meet with Sandra, Sandra was arrested by the police.

Her competent lawyer tried hard to save her from being sentenced to any jail term but the murder case her rich parents covered up for her some years ago resurfaced which means she might not avoid the jail term.

With her out of the way, the only person left was Damien but there was no evidence I had against him.