Devil’s Bride Episode 102 Final


Hazel’s p.o.v


My eyelids slowly fluttered open as I heard faintly madrigal calling.

“Oh, I so much want to see this every morning.”

“What?” I asked sleepily.

“Have I ever told you that you’ve got the most beautiful eyes?” He started playing with my hair.

I smiled and could feel the sleep leave my eyes.

I held unto his hand with which he was playing with my hair and then he went ahead to hold my hand in his instead.

“For the millionth time I think.”

“Really?” He faked a look of surprise.

I laughed.

“I’ve got something to show you.” He told me.

He wouldn’t stop looking at me in a loving way.

“What is it?”

“It’s not in here.”

“I should brush my teeth first then.”

I could hear the sound of a door opening.

“We are there.” He slowly withdrew his hands with which he had blindfolded me. I opened my eyes, only to be met with such a colorful and extremely beautiful sight.

He had decided to set up a room for our baby and the fact that I didn’t know about it until now was just so surprising.

The room was a wonderful mixture of sky blue and white.

It looked more like a heaven on earth as the ceiling resembled nothing but a sea of pretty moving clouds, most of the furniture in the room all also looking crytal like.

“Madrigal, this is so beautiful.” I had tears in my eyes.

“I’m happy you like it.” He wiped a stray tear from my cheek with the pad of his right thumb.

“Wow?” I mouthed when I found out the crib could be made to sing lullabies.

“Do you have any name for him in mind yet?”


“It’s a beautiful name.” His lips curled up in a gentle smile.

“It’s my dad’s name.” I told him.

After we got back together, he had bought a new house, a very big and beautiful one.

Annabel’s marriage was doing just great too.


Manuel was born four months later.

He was such a cute bouncing baby boy.

“He looks just like me.” Madrigal pointed out excitedly with his eyes fixed on a sleeping Manuel who was carefully tucked in his crib.

“He’s got my nose though.” I pointed out too, happy to see that our baby possessed one of my features though it was evident he took so much after madrigal.

Madrigal’s plan was to be with me in the delivery room on the day I give birth to him but Manuel’s birth came before the date our doctor told us it was going to be and he happened to be at work that day.

He was in a meeting with his employees and had rushed over immediately he got the news.

While he was yet to get to the hospital,manuel wouldn’t come out no matter how much effort I put into screaming my lungs out but came out immediately madrigal was beside me, it was as though the baby knew his voice.

Manuel’s birth was a real blessing, it mended the relationship between madrigal and his dad before his dad eventually died fifteen years later.

My parents were so happy to finally meet their grandson.

Manuel grew up to take over his dad’s company while Harriet whose dream was to become a lawyer since she was a little girl grew up to become a very competent and smart lawyer.
Manuel took so much after his dad in terms of being caring, being charming and in competency. Harriet on the other hand took after me as well, in almost everything.

My children and Annabel’s children enjoyed each other’s company as they grew up until they became grown ups.

I later became the owner of a big fashion shopping mall which madrigal opened for me.

I got to meet Damien later in the future.

That was when I was in my 50s.

We got to meet through his daughter, Jessica who was my admirer and who shopped a lot at my mall.

At first she appeared to be one of those spoilt and ill-mannered girls from a rich home and had created a scene at the restaurant I had gone to eat that day.

Not long after I got there, an argument sparked up between her and one of the waiters. She was also there at the restaurant to eat that day.

It was after she finished eating and was going to pay she noticed her purse was missing.

The waiter had only told her to do something about it and she had flared up accusing the waiter of raising his voice at her and embarrassing her before everyone. I interfered and settled the bill for her and that was how we got to know each other.

It wasn’t hard to not notice how surprised Damien was to see me but even at that, he acted like we never had any issue years back and I did the same.

One thing I know for sure is, all that happened back then were to be forgotten and to remain just history.

The end