Deception Episode 5


I had just gotten off the phone with the president and now more than ever I wanted to tell Felicia what it is I was really involved in. I have been scared of this day and I know it is against policy to tell her anything but how could I continue living with myself knowing that the state wanted me to push my wife into resigning.

She had no idea that I worked for the office of the president because I have always been an undercover agent but now more than ever the state wants me to be into full operation and that can only be achieved if Felicia is out.

I sighed as I thought about it.

My door opened and I didn’t bother to look up because I knew it was Mercy my secretary.

‘Good afternoon Mr. Kunda.’ She greeted politely

‘Good afternoon.’ I responded without even looking up

There was silence in the room and I was now wondering if she was still there.

‘Uhm, Sir.’ She began

I put the files that I was looking at down and lifted my head to face her.

‘Yes?’ I responded formally

‘I think your wife is cheating on you.’ She said whilst fidgeting

I wasn’t one for allowing people into my private life and now I was wondering what gave her the guts to talk to me about my marriage.

I looked at her as if signalling her to go on when in actual sense I was just getting irritated

‘Well you know our offices work hand in hand, and I wouldn’t get into your personal business if I didn’t believe it. I hear the PS has been asking her out and she has finally given in, well everyone is talking about it.’ She said her eyes beaming

Nothing went under my nose without me knowing about it, I knew the PS had been eying Felicia but I was just waiting for the day she would tell me about it. What I didn’t like now is that everyone was talking about it making it look like she was indeed cheating on me. And it is actually funny how people will come up with conclusions without getting the first hand information, I for one know my wife like the back of my palm and I know she would never cheat on me.

‘Make sure to lock up before leaving the office.’ I said and stood up to leave

‘But Sir…’ she protested

‘Mercy never forget your place, do not become too comfortable. I can easily replace you.’ I said with a smile

‘Justin are you threatening me?’ she asked her hands on her waist

‘Take it as you have received it.’ I responded and walked to the door.

‘And it’s Mr. Kunda.’ I said before banging the door behind me causing her to startle

The drive home was slow, it was a Monday and there was a traffic jam. I kept thinking of ways of telling my wife to resign, I don’t know if I had to push her into doing it or maybe tell her the truth.

I was awakened from my thoughts with the sound of my phone; it was a private call from state house.

‘Your excellency.’ I responded

‘We do not have time Justin.’

‘Sir, she does not know anything. So how do I tell her in a short pace of time?’ I asked almost sounding frustrated

‘I do not care about that.’ He answered firmly

‘She is my wife and I care about how she feels, I just can’t wake up and offload such news.’ I responded

‘You have a month to do that.’

‘Your excellence a month is not enough time, our anniversary is….’

‘Unless you want me to tell her that she is not the one with the problem.’ He threatened

‘That won’t be necessary Sir, thirty days it is.’ I responded feeling defeated

The line went dead and I cursed under my breath, I was young and naïve and I didn’t ever think that having a child was such a major thing until now. I saw how Felicia looked at her best friend’s kids, she wanted a baby of her own but how was I ever going to tell her what I did.

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I drove into the yard and the first thing that welcomed me was the scent of her cooking, my stomach made a sound and I smiled to myself. I walked into the house and she was in the kitchen wearing a wrapper and one of my t-shirts with her house warmers.
I walked up to her and wrapped my hands around her waist slightly kissing her neck. She sighed, put her wooden spoon down and turned to face me, our lips meeting. She wrapped her hands around my neck and we kissed for a few seconds.

What I loved the most about our marriage is that we always tried to live as if we just got married yesterday, we kept the fire burning and that is mostly because we never allowed a third party.

‘My food.’ She said, her lips still on mine

I smiled a little and allowed her to turn but my hands were still on her waist.

‘What’s cooking?’ I asked

‘It’s a surprise my baby.’ She responded

I moved a little away from her and gave her my back, whilst I took a photo.

‘I wonder why you never even use those photos that you continuously take.’ She told me

‘Well I keep them for the kids.’ I said without thinking through my words

There was an awkward silence between us.

‘You take your bath and meet me in the dining room in five minutes.’ She said breaking the ice

I felt a rigidness in my legs, I really wish I could be open with her.

‘Felicia?’ I called out before walking out

‘Yes, my love.’ She turned with a smile but I could see the sadness in her eyes
‘I love you.’ I told her with everything in me

‘I know Justin, you are all and more that I could ask for.’ She told me

I walked to the bedroom knowing that she meant every word she said, even if the world came crushing, I knew I would be safe with her by my side. What we had was so strong not even the state would break us apart.