Deception Episode 6


I had just finished bathing and walked into the dining room, dinner had already been served and I was now waiting for Felicia to come and sit with me.

‘Babe!’ I called out

‘Yes, my love.’ She responded from the kitchen

‘We are waiting for you.’ I screamed back

‘We?’ she asked surprised

‘Yes, I and my hunger.’ I responded

She couldn’t help but laugh, that beautiful laugh that I still couldn’t get used to.

‘You know I could never get used to your beautiful laugh.’ I told her as she settled in her chair

She smiled shyly and helped me wash my hands, we said grace and I quickly opened the serving pots anxious to see what she had prepared.

‘Oh my God aren’t you just the best?’ I asked starring at the beef trotters in beans, okra and well-shaped lumps of nshima

‘The second way to get a man is through his stomach.’ She responded proudly knowing she had impressed me

‘And the first way?’ I asked her now feasting on my food

‘His heart.’ She said making a heart sign with her hands

‘Are you sure?’ I asked her with a raised eyebrow

‘Mr. Kunda you are one naughty man.’ She said that and we both laughed

We continued eating and talking, trust me the food tasted like a piece of heaven. When we finished, I dished out and we did the dishes together.

‘How about a movie.’ I asked her after drying and packing the dishes

‘I get to pick right.’ She asked excited

‘Babe your movie choice is awful.’ I told her sipping on some wine

‘Babe.’ She said making an angry face

‘Stop doing that, you look like a clown.’ I said whilst laughing

‘How about fifty shades darker?’ she asked as we headed to the living room

‘Nop, so that I listen to your fantasies about Christian Grey.’ I told her

‘But babe, you honestly can’t be jealous of him.’ She said putting her legs on my laps

‘How about Salt?’ I asked

‘Babe that movie is outdated, besides I do not like Angelina Jolie.’ She told me handing me the Sing cartoon

‘Why don’t you like her again?’ I asked her

‘Well I liked her better with Brad Pitt, now I don’t like them both. They killed the respect I had towards forever.’ She told me her words cutting deeper than they should have

I kissed her forehead before standing to put the disk in the DVD player.

‘babe you know you are so old fashioned; we are supposed to be watching movies on hard drives or flash discs but you insist on CDs.’ I told her before pressing play

‘Old is gold, its vintage and it moves my soul.’ She said sounding like a poet

I couldn’t help but laugh, we sat cozy and watched the cartoon whilst bursting into laughter here and there. Our happy moment was disturbed when I heard a knock at the door. Felicia looked at the wall clock which read 08:30pm.

‘Who could it be this time?’ she asked

‘I will get it.’ I told her

I walked to the door and was surprised to meet my mother with another girl standing there, their bags on the door step.

‘Mum?’ I asked surprised

‘Will you just stand there or will you invite us in?’ she asked

I noticed from the tone of her voice that she came prepared for whatever war she came with.

I opened the door widely signalling them to come in as I helped with their bags. My wife was also surprised to see them.

‘Mum why didn’t you call us to pick you up from the station?’ Felicia asked

My mother looked at her and gave her an evil stare

‘Justin, since you and this man you live with can’t give me children. I brought you a woman who will help you out.’ She said pointing at the girl she came with

‘Help me? I do not get you.’ I responded

‘She is going to be your house help – for now. But take time to look at her, I know she can make a good wife.’ She told me with a smile on her face making sure to emphasis on the word wife as if trying to get to Felicia.

‘I will show you to your room mother, tomorrow we can talk about this.’ I told her not wanting to hear more.

‘I know my way around this house, unless maybe you are expecting and have turned the guest room into a nursery.’ She said with mockery

We both kept quiet.

‘I thought so.’ She said

‘My dear, this way. Feel at home.’ She said as they carried their bags


I felt numb in my legs, my throat was dry and it felt like something had stuck and it was hard to swallow. Never in my life had I been insulted, I was taught to respect my elders and treat my mother in law as my own mother but now I was beginning to question those teachings. Maybe if my mother was alive today, she would know what to do but death was no one’s companion. I loved Justin and I knew he did me too but she is his mother and sooner or later he would have to come to terms with her.

I walked to the bedroom after they had disappeared into the guest room. I removed my house warmers, wrapper and put on a legging leaving Justin’s shirt on. I tucked in under the sheets and blinked back the tears that were threatening to fall.
Minutes later I heard the door open and close and I knew he had come in. he didn’t switch on the light but got in the beddings using his phone touch for light.

‘Felicia.’ he began.

I couldn’t hold it back, I poured my heart out. I cried because my mother wasn’t here to protect me from a cruel world, I cried because I had failed my mother in law, I cried because I denied her the joy of being a grandmother, I cried because I turned her into a bitter person that she wasn’t, I cried because I had failed my husband, I cried because I had denied him the joy of being a father. I cried because I was a failure as a woman and wife.