Deception Episode 3


I sighed as I looked at the boardroom door, the meeting was scheduled for 5minutes and even though I wasn’t doing any presentations I knew that one of the permanent secretaries Mr. Mtonga; would do his best to make sure that my presence was noticed. Rumor had been going around in our offices that I was his new girlfriend and I knew trying to justify myself would be like trying to clean off wet mud – it only makes it dirtier.

I slide the glass door and everyone was in their positions. I walked slowly and found myself a spot with the other executive officers.

‘Felicia over here.’ I heard a familiar voice; it was the vice president Mrs. Wane Musoni herself and there was no way I was going to refuse.

I dragged my feet to where she was and I could see how Mr. Mtonga was now smiling because we were now facing each other.

‘Good morning, without wasting much time let’s get to the issue at hand.’ The other PS said

We all opened our files and there were photos of the Inspector General of Police in a compromising situation with a lady I didn’t recognize.

‘What you have in your hands are pictures of the IG and as you can see, they are not pleasing.’ He said as he connected his projector, the images now on the screen.

‘Who has any idea who the girl is?’ he spoke after a slide show of the images

There was silence in the room.

‘Just as I thought.’ He said

‘She is the daughter to the commissioner of police – Kenya.’ The vice president spoke out

We all turned to look at her.

‘The girl’s full name is Abasi Obiero, a student here at the University of Zambia. Her father trusted us with her and am sure all of us in here know the relationship that he has with the President, if this leaks, we are doomed.’ She continued

‘But ma’am, who is the other man on the picture?’ someone asked

‘Apparently that is her boyfriend and he is threatening to expose him if he doesn’t give him some money.’ The PS responded

‘Why not pay him off?’ my colleague and closest friend Lindile asked

‘If we pay him off, he will come back for more.’ I responded

‘That is true.’ The vice president responded

‘But why not get him arrested?’ Lindile asked

I noticed how Mr. Mtonga looked at her with irritation

‘We cannot have him arrested because he has not done anything wrong.’ The PS said

‘He is threatening the Commissioner of Police, isn’t it enough reason to have him arrested?’ Lindile asked again

‘No, it isn’t, if we arrest him on that account the media will want to know why he is being threatened.’ The PS responded

‘We take him down,’ the vice president said.

This is the part of my job that I hated, such decisions had to be made and it was a centralization kind of decision so none of us could do anything about it.

‘Or we can just have him deported, there should be something we can use against him before this matter gets out of hand.’ I told them

The vice president looked at me intently.

‘You look into him; I am giving you an hour to do so. If you find nothing, we are taking him down.’ She said before standing up

I could feel all eyes on me, the Vice President had a soft spot for me, if anyone else had wanted to go against her they would have been signing their termination letter right now.

We walked out of the boardroom after her, I was running out of time. I needed to get to my office so I could come up with something that would cause a loop hole on the boy, I didn’t want him being assassinated. Who knows the kind of future he had ahead of him, who were we to just shorten his life without such considerations?

I logged into my account and searched for him, it was true he was dating Abasi and it seems they had come a long way. Everything on the net showed he was genuinely in love with her, I searched through his birth files and got his home address.

Our office had officers everywhere in Africa so I called the ones in Kenya and asked them to talk to his family and friends. In a few minutes I got all the information I wanted and it was sad because he was the perfect child and the bread winner in his family.

I was defeated, I had wanted to help him but I couldn’t do anything about it. I walked to the Vice President’s office with my head held high, I was really hoping there was something we could do about it.

I signed in using my ID and the door unlocked, she was on the phone when I got in.

‘Felicia.’ She spoke out after dropping the landline

‘Please take a seat.’ She told me

‘Thank you, ma’am.’ I told her as I made myself comfortable

‘Coffee?’ she asked

Who would honestly want to drink coffee knowing that another person’s life was going to be taken?

‘No ma’am I am fine.’ I responded with sweaty palms

She stood up and pulled herself a cup, she was still a very beautiful woman, and at 45 she had no sign of aging on her skin.

She had been for the opposition party and stood up for presidency in the previous elections but had lost by 10points. We all thought she would stand again but was shocked when the president announced her as Vice President during his inauguration, it’s true what they say about politics being a game for the strong only.

‘You have been starring at me.’ She said awakening me from my thoughts

‘I keep wondering how you have been able to stay this beautiful.’ I told her honestly

‘A good personality is better than good looks, I would give up anything to have your character Felicia.’ She told me