Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 3


** Authoress’ pov **

They too faded out and the seer disappeared leaving everyone gobsmacked.the

Damon and Diamond appeared in a forest. Tall and short trees everything. The place was thick and looks scary.

While Raul and Alaric appeared in an abandoned hut far away.

Damon’s pov

Only the birds were singing in the forest. We don’t even know where we are.

Are we on earth or what?

I sat on the grass tirelessly while Diamond looked around vigilantly.

“Do you remember the wish we said before appearing here?” I asked.

“No. I wasn’t even in control of my self. Only just the pain I went through.” Diamond replied and sat on the grass too.

“How are we going to start this adventure now? We don’t even know anywhere. Dammit!” I growled.

“Let just keep moving.”

“Am exhausted. I wanna drink water.” I touched my belle.

“Forget about water for now. Let’s find a way to get out of here now. This pla……” She didn’t finish her word when an old man appeared with a long white beard and a long stick to support himself.

“Who are you?” Diamond inquired, clenching her fist.

“Am just your guardian okay? I mean no harm. Just come with me. Your friends are also here but far from the forest.

You all will meet one day. Come with me. I will tell you all you need to know. You have two missions to accomplish as a Rainbow Vampire.” He began.

“Rainbow Vampire?” We said in chorus.

“Yeah, my children.”
“The moon goddess choosed you for the mission. You’re to save Elsa, you know her right? Cassuis’ daughter.” The man explained.

“Why Elsa? Her father is my dad’s enemy. Why do we have to save her? And also the earth too. Why?” I Frained.

“Because she’s possessed with demons in her. Strong demons. She’s sent away cause no one in her world can drive those demons out.

She had to stay here. Meanwhile, she’s bringing danger to this earth. A day is coming when physical demons will appear here to destroy.

You have the powers to destroy those demons in her and the one to come. Those demons hate anything Rainbow. I will have to stop here. I will keep telling you all you need to hear bit by bit, but for now, Am stopping here.”

“So? Where are we going? Are we gonna stay here forever? Won’t we go back to our world?
We really need to communicate with my family?
This is unfair! All in the name of saving.” Diamond spoke, feeling frustrated.

“That? You don’t have to worry dear. You can communicate with your family anytime, any day. And, you’re going back to your world after two years and it may not complete two years. It depends on the demons.” He responded.

“So where’s the daughter of the devil?” I asked, impatiently.

“In the city. Attending Western High School.
She lives alone. She does part time jobs to provide for her needs. All you need to do is, get close to her, attend the same school with her, even part time jobs with her.

Do your best to make her trust you, while doing this, the demons in her will be alert. The more you get close, the more they believe in you, trust you and all that.

The demons will beginning to get weak, sometimes she might try to seduce you especially, Damon. Don’t fall into temptation. She isn’t the one who’s gonna do that but the demons..” He warned and I nodded.

“You hear that Damon, f**k-f**k boy.” Diamond stuck out her tongue at me.

“Screw you!” I mumbled.

“Am gonna change the color of your eyes and your hair too. You’re gonna look weird to them. Avoid not to be angry to avoid changing to its normal color.” He said again.

I sighed. Am getting fed up of this silly mission.

He stretched his stick towards us and rays of light surrounded us. Few seconds, I opened my eyes and turned to my sister.

Her hair has changed into blue color which am sure mine will be that too.
And it was true.

“You have blue eyes.” She chuckled.

“Your crushing on me?” I teased.

“You’re not serious.”

“So, let’s get to work. Your other friends are waiting. They are part of the mission too. Guess they are quite lucky.”

“Raul and Alaric right?” Diamond asked.


“Argh! Raul again.” She groaned.

I don’t know why she hate this guy. Raul.

We started walking through the bushy paths of the forest. Suddenly the man stopped which made us stopped too.

“Your head down now!” He ordered.
I arched my brow. What’s going on? I looked around and saw nothing then decided to use my vision power.

I narrowed my eyes and watched everywhere carefully. I saw something in black. It ears are long and has a hunch.

“Are you seeing anything? Should I join you?” Diamond whispered to me.

“Yeah, you need to see this creature.” I nodded.

“Some of the demons. The physical ones. Is here. At the count of 3. Run!” The man shouted.

“1,2,3 Run!”

We ran as arrows flew everywhere. One nearly hit my head. I had to dodge it. I held Diamond’s hand tightly and I felt sparks coming out of hands.

Mom once told us this. The day we were born. How we electrified Grandma and Grandpa when they tried to remove our hands from each other.

How about we try that?

I stopped running, diamond too stopped running and stared at me in confusion. The old man stopped too.

“Why are we stopping?” She questioned as she moved my head to the left and she turned left. An arrow flew past us.

“Our hands. Remember what mom told us? How about we do the practical”

“Let’s test how far we can go using out powers on these so called demons.” I said and held an arrow with my hand which was trying to hit the man.

“Shield!!” The man shouted and something like an iron surrounded us. Preventing us from the arrows.

Oh damn these demons!
f**k them!

“Fine! Let’s do it and get out of here.”

I tightened the grip and the iron surrounding broke into pieces and all arrows coming, stopped half way in the air.

“Scream children! Scream!” The old man said.

We almost screamed our lungs out. Another screams different from ours was heard. The arrows in the air turned to ashes.

We stopped and saw about twenty demon-creatures crawling on the ground. Towards us.
They looked like a zombie. Their teeth were scattered.

I and Diamond were still holding hands. I didn’t know when a demon got to me and touched me but it got electrified and died.


We release hands and walked to the other demons. I smirked at one and touched its cloak.

I tightened my grip on the cloak and I feel my eyes itching. I frowned at the demon shaking vigorously.

My eyes had turned multicolored. Right in front of me, the demon melt away.

Wow! Seriously, this sounds fun.

Diamond hair was glowing in its rainbow color and was slapping the demons one by one as they melt away.

Gosh! She’s agitated.

“We need to leave here now. It won’t be good if more come now. You still have more to learn about your powers. Let’s go” The old man spoke.

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We got to an abandoned hut and saw Raul and Alaric. So surprised we found them. Also surprised that Diamond’s hair and my eyes had changed color.

The man told them the mission which looked kinda scary to them. But I wasn’t. That fight we had earlier made me more brave and strong.

We saw *cars* as the man said. We haven’t been to earth except mom. So we are new here.

We entered one of it and it drove us down the road. We got to a house, big but not as big as our palace.

I sat on the couch and removed my shoes. I disappeared to earth on my birthday. That’s weird.

“Feel your self at home guys. You’re starting school tomorrow. The girl’s school. Understood?”

“We are starting school so fast? Can’t we even rest for like a week?” Raul demanded.

“Stupid boy! We need to do this mission fast so we can go back home early. Or you wanna really spend the whole two years here?” Diamond chipped in.

These two are always fighting.

“C’mon, Am not trying to say that. But are least we should rest. We just found ourselves here unexpected. Unprepared.” Raul replied back to her.

“That’s okay guy, you all will be going tomorrow and that’s…final.” The old man concluded and went upstairs.

Alaric was just staring at some books in the library which was at the corner of the room.

Am just waiting for his wedding. Am sure he will distribute books as gifts. Bookworm! All work and no play makes Alaric a naive guy. ?

At night, everyone gathered to eat dinner and we all went into our separate rooms.

I was actually waiting for tomorrow. To see the so called possessed girl. And, I might f**k some girls too.

I pray mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and the vampire’s world are doing well.

I closed my eyes and I slept off.

The next day,

I jumped out of the bed and ran to the bathroom to take my bath.

f**k! No clothes!
I quickly opened the wardrobe in the room amd saw male clothes. Thank God.

I wore a blue shirt and a jeans trouser, wore white shoes and combed my hair before rushing downstairs.

I met others, obviously waiting for me. We had breakfast. I really need blood and feeling really weak.

“Everyone come right here now. You all take this phones.” The man gave us *phones* and taught us some important things we need to know.

He must have been on earth for a very long time. Cause he almost knows everything. He behaves like someone in his thirties.

Diamond noticed my pale face and understood what I needed.
“Come with me” She said, lowly.

I followed her to a quiet place. Her fangs came and bit her fleshy arm. Blood gushed out and I couldn’t restrict my self from drinking.

I grabbed her arm and drank to my satisfaction. Just a little. Don’t wanna suck her dry.

“Thanks.” I appreciated.

That’s how we help each others. Whenever we are weak or wounded, we give each other our blood.

We walked to meet others and we were set to go. The car drove us past some tall buildings and soon we got there. The school.


My eyes caught a girl with long hair, she turned and I saw her face properly. She’s verrrrryy beautiful.

f****ng beautiful. Won’t it be good if I f**k her?

“That’s the girl, the one in red gown” The man pointed to the girl I was drooling at.

“Oh no! f**k it!” I gritted.
I just hope I won’t fall for this girl. Never. Not my enemy. The daughter of my dad’s enemy. Just gonna save her ass and go our way.