Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 2


Amber’s pov

“Mom, help me beg dad. Am not gonna f*ck again.”

“Serves you right.” Diamond stick out her tongue as Damien took him away.

“Where’s Amdis mom?” Diamond asked as she walked to me and placed a kiss on my forehead.

“She will soon be back I guess.”

“Okay mom. I gotta go now.” She ran out.

Damien’s pov

I dragged Damon to the torture room and made him kneel.

“Dad, don’t you want me to have children? I can’t give you grandchildren if you cut this thing” He whined.

“Do you really have to f*ck girls? Huh?”

“No dad. Actually, the b***h was the one who seduced me and I couldn’t take it any more. My whole body was doing me tish-tish. Dad, you need to see that hole that girl has, as wide as well.” He grinned amd i smacked him.

“You’re so naughty. Who’s teaching you all this?” I gritted.

I just hope he’s not trying to be like me. F*ck and dump. Well, yes. He’s doing that now.

“No one. Can I invite my schoolmates to my party tomorrow?” I knew he was trying to change the subject.

“Don’t try to change that topic. Now kneel, your hands up and close your eyes. If I see those eyes of yours opened, you will carry 20 bags of grains to the store” I threatened.

“Yes sir. Dad, I want to drink water.”

“No water for 10 minutes. Serve your punishment then I will release you.”

He whimpered like a baby. Fake whimpering.

“It’s not fair.” He groaned.

Damon’s pov

I slumped to the floor when my father said ‘Time up’ My back was aching me.

“Go to your room now. Tomorrow is your birthday, get enough rest and don’t snore while sleeping.” Father said and walked out of the damn torture room.

I hate this place. I looked around the room in disgust.

“Damyon!!” I recognized that voice immediately and I turned to see my sister.

“Amdis, you’re back from school. And, it Damon not Damyon okay?” I corrected and she nodded.

“Dam…yon” She repeated.

“No baby. Damon. Go and meet mom in her room. She’s waiting for her small baby.”

“Am yot a small baby. Am a big girl.” She showed her small muscle.

I laughed and ordered the guard to take her to mother.

“Tomorrow is your birthday right? Will you allow me to pway with my fwends that day?”

“If you won’t destroy anything. You’re free.” I shrugged.

“Thank you. You’re one in a blillion”

“It billion not blillion. Take her to the queen’s room.”

“Yes my prince.” The guard bowed.

“Pwince indeed.” Amdis muttered.

“You better pray to the moon to restore your lost teeth.” I chuckled and left.

Diamond’s pov

I combed my long rainbow hair. I still wonder why I have this beautiful colored hair. Why me?
I guess am lucky.

I wore a red gown and black heels and marched out. I got to my father’s throne room and bowed to my dad then, I greeted my dad’s subjects.

I can say am daddy’s girl and Damon is Mummy’s boy. And sometimes it becomes vice versa.

“I hope you’re preparing for your birthday tomorrow, princess?” One of the subjects asked.

“Yes I am.” I replied, respectfully.

“Hmm…go to the kitchen, Call the head of maids to come here now.” My father commanded me and I obeyed.

I went ahead and called the Head of maids. Dad dismissed me.

I ran to my grandparents’ room and saw grandma trying to pull up the zipper.

“Thanks my child.” She said gratefully.

“It okay. I can’t wait for your birthday tomorrow.
Can I know your wish for tomorrow?” She smiled.

“Nope, tomorrow, you will get to know it.” I patted her hair.

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Next day,

I rolled from the bed and landed on the floor. sh*t!

Today’s my birthday.

I took my bath and ran out of the bathroom with my towel.

I wore my rainbow ball gown matching with my green heels. I put on a light makeup.

I was set to go.

The royal maids came in and told me it was time. I stood up and followed them. Walking in the hallway majestically.

Damon too was escorted by some maids and we both stood in the entrance of the hall. Damon was wearing a rainbow shirt and blue shoe.


The door opened, slow music was playing as we entered, walking in a slow pace.

We got to where our parents and grandparents were. Rounding the large cake which has many candles.

“As you all know we are here to celebrate our twin’s birthday. Let us say a prayer to them.
Let wish them a happy birthday. Now!” A short man with grey hair said in his loud voice.

Everyone obeyed. “Happy birthday my children. May you live long.” Father and mother said.

They blessed us. And now it time to say our wish before cutting the cake.

“Say your wish my children.” Grandma clasped her hands together.

“Our wish is…..” I stopped when I noticed that, I and Damon are speaking the same time.

He did noticed that too.
“Our wish is to……” I felt a spark in my head.
I couldn’t explain what’s going on now.

✍️Authoress’ pov✍️

The twins felt a spark in their head. Damon’ eyes glowed, same as Diamond’s hair.

They held their head in pain, closing their eyes in anguish.

“Our wish is to go to earth and save Cassius’ daughter and the earth itself.” The two said in unison.

Yeah, Cassius’ daughter isn’t safe and the earth too isn’t.

They slumped to the ground as the pain left them. They were back to normal.

Everyone stared at them in shock. What kind of a wish is that?

The two are going on a mission to earth? To save an enemy’s daughter? And to save the earth itself.

What the hell is this mission all about? What’s Cassius’ daughter doing there anyway? Damien and Amber rushed to their children and raised them up.

They were about to be taken into their room when they started fading out. Fear shook everyone in there.

They disappeared and Amber fainted. Before that, she said. ” I want my twins back, please.” Begging to no one in particular.

They took her to the room immediately. Damien being a strong man began thinking. “Will his children come back to him?’

The seer appeared In the scattered party.
“Fear not everyone. For they are safe and sound.Their mission is going to last for Two years. You, and you. You’re going with them too.” He pointed to Raul and Alaric.

They too faded out and the seer disappeared leaving everyone gobsmacked.

What a mission.


Hmm….see mission. Am smelling love in this mission oo???