Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 4


Damon’s pov

I just hope I won’t fall for this girl. Never. Not my enemy. The daughter of my dad’s enemy.
Just gonna save her ass and go our way.

“Is thag her real face or the demons’ face?” I asked, astonished.

“That’s her real face dummy. Just concentrate on the mission and not her beauty.” The old man said and entered the car then left.

I sighed and turned to Diamond, Raul and Alaric.

“Should we start the mission now? If yes, I will go first.” I spoke and stepped forward.

“Damon, you seems to be attracted to her. I can see it in your eyes.” Raul began.

“Me? Hell no! I can’t fall for her. It just a mere beauty. All I need is to save her damn ass from the demons in her and go. Isn’t it? Let’s go please.” I answered.

The girl turned to us but looked back and walked away.

Before she walked away, I noticed her hands became pale.

“Guys, we need to get inside. Am sure, class will soon start.” Alaric whined.

“Book worm, you have to be patient. We are not here to read but to carry out mission.” Diamond chipped in and folded her hands.

“At least, you need knowledge for this. We need to know more about humans.”

“Hey! Are we not humans too? We are. Just that we are half human half vampire. We are the same okay? We need to go inside and not stand here and talk nonsense.” Diamond said, sarcastically and moved towards the gate.

We followed her and got mixed with the other students.

“Do we even know the way to our grade?” Raul muttered.

“Hmm…hi” I smiled at a girl and she nearly fainted.

What’s wrong with her? Did I look scary or she forgot to eat breakfast this morning?

“He’s so cute” She screamed to attract others.

“What’s it again? Natasha.” A girl stopped with books in her hands.

“Oh my! Did you guys fall from heaven?” Another girl squeal when she saw us.

“Didn’t they see us before? Why now?” Diamond scoffed.

“I guess we are invisible.” Raul shrugged.

“What’s the title of that book in your hand?” Alaric said to the girl carrying books in her hands.

Arrghh! I just pray book won’t kill him.

“History of the supernatural beings.” She responded.

“I’d like to read it. Can you lend me?”

“Of course handsome! Awwn. Hmm, you two must be twins right? You both look alike.” She pointed to I and Diamond.

“Yeah, we are twins. Get that now? Guys we need to go.” Diamond said and maybe it was intentional or not, but she held Raul’s hand and dragged him along.

Alaric didn’t forget to collect the textbook from the girl.

We were showed the head of school office.
He showed us our class and gave us directions.

Every student we meet on the way will either, murmur, giggle or might drool.

I twisted the door but it didn’t open and decided to use my power. It opened.

“You need to keep your powers to yourself. No one must know we are vampires or have super powers. They’d kill us.” Alaric cautioned.

I opened the door widely and we both entered. The teacher stopped teaching and I could tell she’s drooling.

“They are so cute and gorgeous!”

“I wish I have a long blue hair”

“I love that guy’s blue eyes.”

“They must be twins. And all together, they are friends.” The students began to murmur while we find our self a seat.

My eyes beamed when I saw the red gown girl. f**k! An empty seat was beside her.

Diamond sat with a boy while Raul sat beside her. Alaric sat beside a girl who was talking to him but he wasn’t paying attention to her.

I got no choice than to sit beside the possessed girl. I saw a little red color at the corner of her two eyes.

Her face changed when I sat beside her. A Strange look.

“Hey!” I tried to be nice.

Her hard stare made me face front and concentrate on the teacher.

We were taught biology and I was glad to learn it.

After two more subjects, we went out for break.
“Would you mind if you show me the way to the restaurant?” I asked her again.

Diamond and others waited for me to follow them but I signalled to them to go away.

“Why me? You should ask others. And don’t try to be nice. I don’t like you.” She answered, sternly.

I decided to read her mind.
“He’s so handsome”

“Am taking him for myself.”

“We love you”

“So sexy.”

Am sure she’s not the one thinking this. The demons right? I touched her body and I felt sparks in my body.


“Can you please? Just once.” I pleaded with a puppy eyes.

“Leave me alone. See, I don’t talk to people. Just go your way, I will go mine.”

Her eyes were beginning to get pale and I think she noticed it cause she rushed outside with her palm on her forehead.

I decided to run after her, I didn’t want to let her know, so I kept hiding.

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Till she got to a place like an abandoned store far from the school. She entered. I had to look through the window carefully.

Her eyes became pale green and her veins become to come out green too. Her hair turned white and she fell on her knees.

“You need to f****ng leave here Damon.” She growled or should I say, it the demon?

And how did she know my name. Still, I didn’t leave.

“This place isn’t safe for you.” The voice said again.

I sighed and wanted to come out of hiding only to see 10 demons surrounding her and sprinkled something black on her which made her groaned and fell flat on the floor.

I fisted my hand cause I was angry for no reason. Seeing her in pains made my stomach twitched.

I finally came out and walked inside like a king who just got crowned.

“Leave her” I ordered.

They stopped and faced me. “Is he not the Rainbow vampire? Demis” One of the demons tried to tell the other through his mind.

“I think he is. We need to tell master they are here.”

Elsa was hardly breathing when I checked her. I took her in my hands and stared at her pale face. Eyes closed.

“You don’t have right over her. Drop her, she’s not yours but our master’s” A demon said and charged towards but my power stopped him on track.

Unable to move.

I walked two steps away when I felt a knife pierced into my skin. My back.

I turned to them angrily, holding Elsa’s gown tight also, not letting her fall and the fools melt away.

I still remember when the man said, I shouldn’t get angry that my eyes will change color. It’d changed color.

I dropped miss arrogant down. I know Diamond and others will be here soon. Diamond could feel it whenever I use my power.

I removed the knife gently and the wound close up.

Elsa’s face began to change into normal. Her body were becoming normal. Her eyes opened and she stood up immediately and stared at me.

“What are you doing here?” She checked her self.

“Trying to save you. I saw you lying here and decided to look after you.” I lied.

“Why are bleeding?”

“Can you stop asking questions? Fine I hit my myself with something. But it okay. Just a scratch” I grinned.

“A scratch can’t bring out so muc…….”

“It okay. We need to go now.” I stretched my hand towards her but she nudged it.

“Did you see anyone? Did you hear me talk to myself?” She asked again.

“Nope. I only saw you lying here.”
Few minutes, she was talking to me to leave and now she doesn’t remember a thing.

She stood up and dusted her self and staggered out of the room.

“We should go together.”
I tried to meet up with her.

“I already told you, am different. I don’t talk to people.” She pointed her finger.

“But you’re talking to me.”

“Maybe you’re just one of those special people I want to talk to.” Her eyes became calm.

“But don’t let that get into your head. Am not interested in boys.” She added and wanted to leave but I grabbed her arm and pinned her to the wall.

“Damon what the f**k are you doing?” I heard Diamond’s voice but she isn’t here.

I looked everywhere and saw her in a hidden place. Not only her but Raul and Alaric.

I faced Elsa back and smirked. “Are you a lesbian?”

“What the hell? Am not! Can you leave me please?” She struggled to get away from my grip.

I don’t know where the demons in went to cause I haven’t hear from them now.
I guess they come and go. And her mind is blank.

I trailed my fingers to her face and her lips. Soft lips she got. I felt her hot breath in my fingers and I moved close which made her gasp.

“You can’t run away from me, Elsa.” I whispered into her ear and walked away.