Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 17 Final


Written by Uche Lawrence.

Season 2 Episode 17: The End.

Damon’s pov

“Yes, Damon. Am gonna marry you.” She squealed and hugged me.

Argh! That was a relief.

We disengaged and I kissed her.
“You’re mine. You’d be mine forever.”

“I’m yours. And I’m yours forever.” She said.

We laughed and I held her hand for a long time before going inside.

“Hmm….I guess I should be the one to get a bracelet next.” Diamond folded her arms as she winked at me.

“And I don’t know hiw he stole my idea.” Raul said behind her.

She turned and saw Raul, he brought out a silver and said,
“Will you be my love forever?” He smiled walkong closer to her.

While I and Elsa just watch the sweet scene.

“Oh my! I guess Damon really stole your idea.” Diamond grinned and ran to Raul.

“I will be your love forever. Even in my next life. I will be yours”

Raul laughed and wore the bracelet on her wrist.

“No kissing?” Elsa gave them a questioning face.

“Oops!” Raul quickly kissed Diamond but it seems she didn’t buy that.

She dragged him to herself and kissed him like she depends on it.

“I think we should get married before they do.” Raul said to my sister while she giggled.

“Let’s see about that.” She patted his cheek.


Elsa went back to her world. Diamond showed mom and dad her bracelet then I told them I proposed to Elsa.

“My two children will be getting married few years to come”Mother chuckled.

“My wedding first” Diamond batted her lashes.

“No, it should be me cause I proposed first.” I chipped in.

“Wait! Children!” Dad tried calming us down.

“We aren’t children dad.” We chorused.

“Okay, big adults.You can put it this way. Diamond’s wedding first then the next day, it gonna be Damon’s.”
“How about that?” My dad said, adjusting the crown on his head.

I pouted amd faced Diamond. She stuck out her tongue and blinked her eyes.

“I’m just gonna accept this cause you’re my sister and I love you.”

“Oh! Stop teasing me” Diamond rolled her eyes.

“Case settled right?” Mom chipped in.

“Yeah. I think.” I answered with a nod.


Few months later, Alaric proposed to Kira too.


Many years later, I, Diamond and Alaric graduated from school.
Raul graduated before us. While Kira is still in school. Final grade.


We both planned Diamond’s wedding few months later and that day was awesome that I had wished for the next day to come.
Everyone came.

The day came, it was fantastic. I was really happy that am gonna be with my Elsa forever.
Am married to whom I love.


Few months after mine, Kira graduated and Alaric didn’t hesitate to get her married. He said, he doesn’t want to let anyone take her from him.

On his wedding day, like I thought before, he’s gonna distribute books on his wedding. I was right.

He’d distributed different books that day. The one he gave me was “Lovely Night”
A poem.

Am not really a fan of poems but Diamond do.




Two years later, Diamond gave birth to a boy.
Elsa gave birth to two girls.
While kira had a boy too.

Finally, Damien and Amber did their wedding anniversary.
Little Amdis couldn’t stop crushing on Evans?
Damien’s parents also did their diamond wedding. It was really great. For the old couples.