Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 16


Authoress’ pov

“Yesterday? I guess we call that love at first sight!” Alaric stated.

“Indeed” The twin sister scoffed.


The next day was really a blessed day for Alaric. He couldn’t just wait for noon to come.


Alaric got down from the rocking chair and ran to his room. He took his bath and changed into something lovely. A blue shirt and white trouser.

He combed his hair and jelled it. He stared at the mirror and smiled triumphantly.

“Am really handsome” He giggled and dropped the comb.

He stopped giggling and stood straight.
“A date in the library do look awkward though”
He shrugged and said again, “I’d make sure it’s fun”


Soon, it was time to leave. He slipped his legs into his shoes and went out with a book in his hand.

Shortly, he got to the library. As silent as grave. No one was in there but he’d expect Kira to be here.

He entered and looked around the whole place. So beautiful.

The beautiful decorated lanterns were hung on the shelves. LOVE was drawn on the floor with books.

He was happy. His friends had done more than what he expected.

“Alaric? Wow! You look handsome” He heard from the other side of the room.

He walked to the direction of where the voice had come from and met Kira sitting on a chair and a table filled with foods, drinks and fruits.

Not to forget, there were some books too on the table.

“Come sit.” Kira tapped the empty seat beside her, urging Alaric to sit.

He’d sat down and took his time to admire Kira.
She was wearing blue gown. Her hair was done in braids.

“So, what should we start with?” Alaric questioned. No offense if he doesn’t know about dates.

“How about we have lunch first?” Kira answered.

“Okay. So, how’s your mom?”He asked as Kira stood up to serve the meals.

“She’s doing so well.” The girl grinned.

“What about your dad?” Alaric asked again, collecting the meal from her.

“He’s dead.” Her face was blank.

“Oh! Am sorry, if I asked”

“It’s nothing. Let’s eat.” Kira sat down and they began eating.


They took a book on the table which Alaric had brought. Kira opened the book and read the words.

‘I like you.’

“Hmm….” Kira rolled her eyes.

“Thats for you. These words.”Alaric blurted out as he moved closer to her.

Kira opened the second page and saw, ‘you’re beautiful.’

“For me too?” She asked.

“Yes.” Alaric said simply.

She kept opening from page to page. Seeing beautiful compliments that made her blush.

She got to the last page and gasped.?

Damon’s pov

Finally, our maternal grandma, uncle Luther, Orpheus, mom’s brother and his new pregnant wife and six years old daughter.

They had come from the other kingdom.
Dad ruled five kingdoms all alone.

“Mama!” Amdis squealed as she rushed to greet my grandma.

“Oh my little kitty” Grandma rubbed her hair which made her frown.

“Grandma!” She whined.

“Oh baby, am sorry” She tried fixing the hair back.

I walked to my uncle, Orpheus and hugged him.
“You’ve grown so big Damon” He teased while I tilted my Head.

“Yeah, am a big boy. You should know yourself.” I laughed.

Diamond was carrying his child, Mike and also talking to his wife while mom was speaking with her uncle.

Mom told us our grandpa died in a war. But still, I have questions to ask her.

Then a portal appeared and without thinking twice, I knew it was Elsa. But this time, she didn’t come alone.

“Good afternoon everyone. My king and queen.” She held her gown up and bowed.

“Who’s she? She’s beautiful!” Maternal grandma said.

“She’s cassuis’ daughter.” Mom replied her.

“Wait! What’s she doing here?”

“She’s Damon’s girl now.” Dad explained.

“Really? I can’t believe this! But I think I need to be happy for you.” Grandma grinned.

“So, what of Diamond’s?” She asked.

“Oh! You should know that little Raul back then. I guess he took what he wanted.” Dad shrugged.

“Haha! I guess so! No wonder my granddaughter is glowing.” Shr laughed.

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We had lunch together and they were given a room to stay since they’d be going tomorrow.

I sat in the garden with Elsa. Her sister Elena has gone to take a walk around the palace.

“So, how’s Alaric’s date?” Elsa said after minutes of silence.

“Probably enjoying his date now.” I answered.


Kira gasped at the words written in the book. She’d blinked her eyes to check if it was really her name. But of course, it is.

‘I love you Kira’

“Are you referring to the same Kira with you here right now?” She managed to say.

Alaric’s head was on her laps reading a small book. “Yeah. I love you. I guess it’s love at first sight. Okay, I guess this is sudden.” He bit his lip.

“Nope, it’s not.”Kira bent down and whispered,
“Mine is love at second sight” Before Alaric could talk, she kissed him.

Alaric dropped the book in his hand back on the table and kissed Kira back.

‘So this is what I have been missing. This sweet kiss’ He chuckled inwardly.

Oh! He’s the only one left out.

His hands went to her neck and held her tight.
He deepened the kiss.

Minutes later, they stopped kissing and stared at each other’s eyes.

“I guess i found a partner now” Alaric gave her a quick hug.


Diamond’s pov

I was kissing Raul when Alaric entered with Kira.
“Wow! I guess you guys are having a nice time.” Alaric grinned hard as he held the girl tight.

“Okay, should I say you two are together now?”Raul scoffed, folding his arms.

“Yeah. Obviously, too fast.” Kira responded.

“No one is left. Expect little Amdis”
Raul chuckled.

“Hey! You don’t expect my sister to get a boy so soon. She’s still a kid.” I cut in.

“Well, when I was little. I had a girl then. And that was you.”

“That’s then, not now. The girl is getting spoilt already, can’t believe she kissed her classmate.” I rolled my eyes at Raul and I saw Damon and Elsa coming.



We had dinner together. Just the six of us though.
Elise, Elsa’s sister didn’t want to go cause she said, she wants to stay a little but Elsa Insisted she should follow her.

Damon’s pov

Two weeks later,

Everything has been going smoothly. The Alaric I know isn’t the same Alaric again. When it comes to relationship.

At noon, Elsa had come to visit me agaiike before.
We were in the garden. I took a rose flower and stuck it in her hair.

“You look pretty like this.”
“Elsa, when I get to 24-25grade, am going to get married to you. But now, am proposing to you now.” I brought out a golden bracelet and tied it around her wrist.

“Marry me Elsa.”

“Yes, Damon. Am gonna marry you.” She squealed and hugged me.

Argh! That was a relief.


Love you all…