Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 15


Damon’s pov

Seriously? Book lovers date each other? How will the relationship be like? Going to the library to read as their date? I better not think low of them. It might be sweet.

“Will that work?” I finally asked.

“What’s gonna work?” Alaric chipped in.

He took a quick suspicious glance before smiling.
“She’s beautiful.” He beamed.

“Whoa! You seems to like her a lot. She loves reading you know, like you. Bookworms.” I teased.

“You’re gonna be a perfect couple.” Raul spoke behind me.

“Yeah. We have an idea for you.” Diamond began.
“You like her right? Would you like to meet her again?” She asked.

Alaric thought about that for a while and answered, “Yes. I’d like to meet her again.” He bit his lip.

“I guess we are finding Alaric a partner soon. How will the date be like? Reading dates?” I chuckled.

“Hey! Don’t underestimate me okay? Am gonna set a perfect date for us. Probably in the libary. But….it will be the best.” Alaric laughed.

“Wait! Are you falling in love already? I guess am gonna call this love at first sight then.” Diamond spoke as he pecked Raul on the cheek.

Now, I think am missing my Elsa now. I wish she comes today.

“I guess after my parents, my books, you guys, I think she’s next.” He stuck his hands into his pocket and walked ahead of us.

“He should just f****ng admit it that he’s in love.” Diamond groaned.

“Baby, you don’t have to react that way. Let’s go.” Raul pushed diamond forward.

I think am jealous right now.

“Thinking of me?” I heard a familiar voice. Elsa’s voice.

I turned and saw her smiling. “Elsa! I f*cking missed you!” I ran to hug her.

“Just yesterday that I left, you’re already missing me? Come on, let’s catch up with them.” She held my hand and we walked closer.

“Wow! Princess Elsa is here. As your lordship pleases” Alaric teased.

“Alaric! Good afternoon. Diamond, Raul Good evening. I thought you guys are friends only but am sensing another relationship between you two.” Elsa smiled at Diamond and Raul when she saw them holding hands.

“Well, your sensing is right. We are a young couple now.” Raul pecked my sister.

“Whoa! So it remains our Darling Alaric. Can’t wait to see the lucky girl of Alaric.”

“Oh yeah, I think we just saw one. A bookworm too. We are trying to match make them and it seems our Alaric is in love. Yet to admit” I said.

“You all should stop this now. Am off.”

“To find her?” Elsa grinned while Alaric glared at her as he continue walking.

Raul and Diamond left too. While me and Elsa are walking slowly.

“So?I guess next time I should be the one to come to your world. How’s everyone?” I asked.

“They are doing well. My sister sent her regards.” She answered.

“Oh! Tell her I said hello.”

“So? What are we gonna do? I mean should we go somewhere fun or something?” I asked.

“That will be good. Let’s go to a lake!” She squealed.

“Okay, my queen.” I teased.

“Oh! Am still a princess.” She giggled and held my hand, as we walked towards the lake.

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We got to the lake, sat on a rock as the water wash our feet.

We had fun, talking about so many things.
“I love you” Elsa suddenly said. I smiled and faced her, taking a quick glance at her blue eyes before answering, “I love you too” and kissed her.

“You mean a lot to me. And this relationship is really funny. A vampire in love with a werewolf.
But I love it cause I love you.” I stated.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong in that. Since there’s love. It getting cold” Elsa wrapped her arms to her body.

“I think we should get going. It’s getting dark now. I don’t want your father to think am stealing you away.” I got up and helped her stand too.

She rested her head on my shoulder as we walk away from the lake.

She closed her eyes and waved her hand up to the sky then called Elise. I think thats her sister’s name.

A portal appeared.
“See you tomorrow. My regards to the other royal family” She smiled, giving me a quick kiss.

“Am gonna dream of you tonight.” I bid her bye and she was gone immediately the portal disappeared.

I finally returned home, and met mom with some maids around her. They were braiding her hair. Diamond was with her too.

“I thought you were missing with Elsa.” My mother teased.

I know Diamond would have told her.

“Mom, she sent her regards. Am hungry too.” I rubbed my stomach in demonstration.

“You just have to wait for your father to come back from his trip to the other kingdom. Then, we can eat. Except if he gave us a go ahead to eat without him.” Mom stated.

“What about Grandma and Grandpa?”

“They’ve eaten. And, they are sleeping peacefully.” Diamond answered.

“That’s unbelievable!” I muttered.

“Whatever! Guess what Damon?” My sister squealed.

“What? Am not good in guessing.” I groaned.

“Oh! okay. Our maternity grandma, mom’s younger brother and uncle…uncle…” She tried to think of the name.

“Luther? You mean all of them are coming? Yahh!” I squeaked like a baby. The maids chuckled and went back to their work.

“Easy dummy! They are coming tomorrow. Just behave well and don’t choke them when you’re hugging them.” Diamond chuckled too.

“Just watch your tongue. You won’t like what am gonna do next.” I rolled my eyes.

“Are you two gonna fight in front of me? Now get inside!” Mom yelled.

“Sorry mom!” We apologized.

✍️ Authoress’ pov✍️

The next day,

Alaric got to the library, paid some coins and entered. He took two books from the shelf and sat down. He began reading when someone suddenly dropped a book in front of him and the familiar scent sat down.

He looked up and saw the bicycle girl grinning.
“See who’s here? Hmm, Kira right?”
” Can we have a date?” He blurted out.

“Okay, that was a little bit sudden. But it’s okay, where can we have the date?” She asked, smiling.

“How about we have it right here, tomorrow. This library.”

“In the library? Won’t that look awkward? This is a library you know.” She rolled her eyes and sighed.

“I know. Don’t worry, it gonna be perfect! ” Alaric replied as he opened the first page of the book he had took from the shelf. “What do you have to say?”

“Okay. I accept.” The girl responded.


Alaric got home and rushed to where his parents.
“Dad, mom, I going on a date tomorrow!” He sang happily.

“Really? Wow! ……….”

“It going to take place at the library!”

“What?!” His parents gasped.

“Why the library? No other place?” His mom asked.

“Patient mom. She agreed but am not only Taking her to the library. But library first.” He said in one breath.

“Okay okay. Go inside and go rest! You look tomato!” His mom smiled.


Alaric had gone to the palace and was lucky to find Damon, Diamond and Raul. They’d be discussing about the date.

“Okay, you all need to just set the books in a love shape. No one will be coming in that library, that day.” Alaric Explained.

“I still can’t believe you chose a library. ” Raul groaned.

“Whatever! Am gonna make sure the books are in order. I don’t want it to fall on us.”

“Wow! You’re taking thia date serious. Do you like her or something?” Damon asked.

“Maybe.” Alaric shrugged.

“But you just met her yesterday” Diamond spoke.

“Yesterday? I guess we call that love at first sight!” Alaric stated.

“Indeed” The twin sister scoffed.

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