Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 14


Diamond’s pov

I just nodded, grabbed his shirt and pulled him Into a kiss. I feel so loved.

The last kiss lasted for some minutes. I bit my lip as I stared down. Am f****ng shy right now.

He touched my cheek and made me face him. He tilted his head to the left, and whispered, “You’re beautiful, Diamond. Your name fits you.
Such a gem.” He spoke while I blushed so hard.

“Thanks.” I answered, bashfully.

He held my hand and we walked downstairs to the dining hall. Damon was the first to see us. His eyes went to our hands and he grinned immediately.

I gave him a glare and stuck my tongue out.
“Hmm…is there something we all need to know?” Grandpa asked while I beamed.

“I think, my sister has finally fall in love.” Amdis squeaked, clasping her hands together.

“Huh? Diamond? Tell me you’ve agreed.” Damon whispered.

I grinned shyly and nodded. Damon took a fork and a spoon on the tabe then began drumming.

“Finally! Finally!” He sang.
Mother glared at him and he stopped right away.
“I guess Alaric is the next in line.” He drawled and ruffled his hair.

“Argh! It took me hours to get this hair done in a sexy way.” Alaric groaned.

“Sexy way?” Alaric’s mother, Dawn, gasped.
“Are you seeing a girl? Is she pretty?” She asked.

“Hey! Mom! Am trying to look sexy for my book according to Lucien’s law. Always look good for your books. It makes you more intelligent.” He grinned and pushed his hair back.

We laughed while his father said,”Damn the law Alaric!” He made his son flinch.

“Dad! Don’t worry, am gonna get a girlfriend soon. Just calm down.” He licked his lips.

Raul and I walked to our seat and sat down.
I felt Raul’s mother’s eyes on me. I hope she won’t say anything against this.

I heard her sigh. “Amber!” She called mom’s name. Mom looked up to see her and gave her a-yes?-look.

“Am sorry for what I did to you in the past. I just did it out of ignorance, greedy and all that.” My mouth hung opened as I watched her talk.

Seriously? Raul was smiling, Mom was shocked too, same goes to dad.

“Hum….it’s okay Celeste. Have forgiven you a long time ago.”Mother replied.

“Really? Thank you. Damien? What of you? Sir drake and Ma Lenora?” She turned to each of them.

“I forgive you.” Dad grunted in a deep voice.
Hmm…not sure of that forgiveness.

“That voice still sounds like you still hate me.” She said sadly while Keiran patted her back.

“Fine! Have forgiven you already.” Now that sounds like a real forgiveness.

Am just so happy today. Being friends with people who hates you and also people you hate.

“Now, can we just eat now? So I can go sleep, wake up the next day, go to school, see my crush and learn!” Amdis snapped.

“Crush?” We said in unison. My eyes widely opened.

“How can you have a crush?” Mom dropped her spoon and faced her.

“Mom!” She whined softly. “It just a crush. Nothing else. We aren’t dating.” She shrugged.

“I love him but he doesn’t love me back but then, I stole a……..” She paused covering her mouth.

“A kiss?” Damon said.

“You stole a kiss!” Father spoke too.

“Stop reading my mind!” She slapped her forehead.

“I stole it when he was sleeping. His lips is soooo soft.” She giggled.

“How old are you?” Dad snarled.
“You’re too small to even know what a kiss is!” He added.

“Am just five! I will be six in the next two months.” Amdis shrugged.

If children like Amdis are in this world, the vampire world would have been upside down now.

“You still don’t have the right to kiss him for goodness sake. What are you turning to?” Mom scoffed.

A knock was heard and a guard entered.
“A little boy named Evans is here. He wants to see the princess. Amdis.” He bowed.

“Oh my goodness! Oh my! He’s here. Daddy!” Amdis squeaked, jumping down From her chair and began dancing.

A boy walked in with books, pencils and some drawing materials in his bag.

“Good evening to everyone.” He greeted with a cute tiny voice. His eyes met my sister and smiled.

Today is really a special day.

Amdis ran to meet him and giggled. “Dad, mom, everyone. Meet Evans.” She pointed to the boy.

“So cute!” Grandma clasped her hands while everyone turned to her.

“Nice meeting you Evans.” Mom finally said.

“I came here, so we can both do our assignment together. Can we?” The boy said.

“Yes we can. Come let’s go to my room.” Amdis squealed, holding his hand.

“Are you gonna kiss me again?” The boy suddenly said.

“Huh? Kiss you? Did….. I kiss you? When?”
Oh my Amdis. I bit my lip to avoid laughing.

“You kissed me yesterday. You thought I was really asleep.” He chuckled and left with shocked-Amdis. But…not without giving her a peck on the cheek which made her blushed hard.

“Children of nowadays!” Father whined.

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We left the dining and we called it a day or maybe a night. We bid Alaric and his parents bye, so did Raul and his parents.

Evans went home leaving Amdis squealing around the palace of how cute he is when talking and doing their assignment.

Later, I went to bed amd slept peacefully.

Damon’s pov

Next day,

I woke up so happy as I stretched my body out and got down from the bed.

I took my bathe and wore my clothes, then went downstairs to take breakfast with just I, Amdis and my twin, Diamond.

I waited till afternoon and got ready for the walk I and my friends discussed including Diamond.


We met at the school gate and began walking along. People saw us, greeted us and we responded.

A girl riding her bicycle with her bag filled with books not to have noticed Alaric. Maybe though. She had a big hat on

She raised her head up high and was about to dodge him while Alaric stepped back to avoid the accident but the steering handle hit him on the arm which caused her to stop immediately.

She came down from the bicycle and gasped at Alaric’s red arm. A scratch with little blood.

“Am sorry! I didn’t mean to. I didnt see you….I mean…am sorry.” She stammered, holding his hand.

The way Alaric looked at her was different. Forget about the scratch.

“It’s okay. One of your books is there…….” He pointed to the book covered with sand.

“Oh f*ck! You shouldn’t be there.” The girl pouted and ran to the place, dusted the book and put it in her bag.

“You love books?” Alaric questioned.

“So much! I love reading.” She replied grinning.

“Whoa same here! What’s your name?”
I looked at Alaric, dumbfounded.

“Am Kira. Hmm….I need to go now. Mom must be waiting for me.” She rushed her words and climbed her bicycle then went off.

“Are you thinking what am thinking?” Raul whispered to both I and Diamond’s ear.

“Nope.” My sister answered.

“No too.” I signed.

“A matchmaking will do. So a matchmaking?” Raul grinned.

Seriously? Book lovers date each other? How will the relationship be like? Going to the library to read as their date? I better not think low of them. It might be sweet.


???Alaric?They want to do matchmaking for him.