Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 13


Damien’s pov

“I think that should be Cassius” Amber grinned.

What the f**k!

I rubbed my forehead and straightened my cloth while Amber did hers. Just when am in the mood, Amdis entered.
Amber held my hand as we both walk to the throne room. I raised my head up just to see Cassius and a Blondie. That must be his daughter.

Cassius stepped forward, smiling.
“Damien” He called while I gave him a scornful look.

“Yes? What the hell are you doing here?” I tried to sound cool but I don’t think it helping.

“Damien, I know you’re still angry with me. Well, I’d regretted what I did and now am here to say sorry. And, my daughter here, Elsa, seems to be in love with your son.” He spoke with his hands behind him.

He moved back amd sat down like the king he is while Elsa was still standing. For it not to look like am that wicked, I told her to sit.

“Seriously, this is getting out of hand cause this mission didn’t even take two weeks. And you already fell in love with each other?” I turned to Elsa.

“Sir, I guess that’s how fate want it to be.” She replied, shrugging.

“Fate indeed.” I mumbled.

“Elsa, are you sure you’re in love with my son? Or you just want to use him against us and the kingdom?” Amber chipped in.

“No ma’am. Am not.” Elsa shook her head.


“Elsa? Wow! What are you doing here?” I heard Damon’s voice.

“I guess she missed you” Diamond’s voice followed.

They were holding little Amdis who was between them.

“Damon! Well, we actually came to look for forgiveness from your Dad. My father is actually sorry.” Elsa answered.

Damon glanced at me before looking away. Perfect!

*I hope dad forgives him.* I read his mind.

I sighed and they all turned to me.
“I don’t think you still deserve my forgiveness” I said and stood up from the throne.

“Dad!!” Damon half yelled. His fists were tightened like his bones were gonna be out soon.

“What’s there not to forgive darling” Amber cooed, coming down from her throne to meet me.

“Dad! I promise to be a good child.” Damon grinned while I laughed.


“Oh indeed! You’re gonna be. Diamond, you?”

“Dad! Forgive him. He came all the way here to ask for this.” She responded.

“Taddy, momma told me it’s good to togive .” My little girl spoke in her tiny voice.

“It forgive not togive.” Amber rolled her eyes.

Cassius was staring with a pleading and serious look on his face.

“I forgive you.” I breathed out.

“Huh?” Amber and Cassius said in unison
While Damon and Elsa, “What?!”Said in chorus.

“Yeah, I forgive him.” I spread my arms wide for me to give him brotherly hug.

“Thanks Damien, I really appreciate.” He came to hug me.

“Dad! Can l? I mean, I and Elsa” Damon did a nervous smirk.

“Meaning?” I questioned, confusedly.

“Can I take her? I love her dad!” He pouted, glimpsing at Elsa.

I narrowed my gaze at him. “As long as you don’t get her pregnant before you clock 20.” I chuckled.

“Come on dad! Am not. Good boy mode activated” Damon ran to meet Elsa who had been smiling all along.

*I love you so much Damon* I read her thought
Now, I guess I should start trusting her.
Damon gave her a hug amd pecked her on her cheek.

“I love you Elsa” He looked into his eyes.

This made me remember I and Amber.


Soon I called them to eat lunch and they did. Cassius went back to his kingdom, Now we are Friends. It really good to forgive.

Diamond’s pov

Elsa promised to come through his sister’s magic portal. Maybe till then, my big head twin can propose.

Dad signalled to one of the guards to come.
“Go to Alaric’s and Raul’s house, we are having dinner with them.” He said Into his ear.

“Yes, my lord.” The guard bowed and left.

Raul is coming.


Raul and his parents were the first to come before Alaric’s parents came in.

They were ushered to the dinning hall and they took their seats. The maids served them and they began eating.

Raul was staring at me and I couldn’t help but smile too. I suddenly choked on my food and grabbed a serviette, then drank water before cleaning my mouth.

“Are you okay, Diamond?” Mom asked.

“Am fine, I need to use the toilet.” I quickly said and left.

I ran to my room and closed the door immediately, resting my back on it. I bent down hugging my legs as different thoughts ran through my head.

I need to be happy just like my brother. He found love. I guess mine is just to have patience.

I heard a knock on the door, and there my heart skipped a beat. Am sure that’s dad. Or Damon.

I adjusted my dress when I got up and opened the door to reveal Raul. I gulped, opening the door wide for him to come in. He stepped inside while I closed the door.

“I was worried about you.” He cooed with a glint of worry in his eyes.

“I was about to come downstairs. You don’t have to be worried.” I replied back.

“I have to, cause I love you. Diamond you’ve been rejecting me and that hurts me almost everyday.

I tried to behave like everything is okay, but it not. Just give me the chance to love you. Just once.” He licked his lips and moved closer to me till my back touched the door.

He caged me with both hands and his breath were all over my face. I looked at his sapphire blue eyes, those eyes are enough to make me fall deeply for him.

I kept mute. He’s asking me to give him a chance. Am sure if I didn’t accept him, he might be taken.

His mother still hold grudges against my mother. His fingers were on my lips which jolted me out of my thought.

I swallowed as his Forehead touched mine. Our lips, just an inch apart.

“Let me love you. I won’t give up until you accept me. I won’t.” He smiled.

Mom told me, he has been all over me the day I came Into this world. Should I call this destiny or what?

Before I knew it, he kissed me. He did? Yes, he did.

His lips can’t be described. I ran out of compliments. I opened my mouth to kiss him back. He pushed his tongue in and it met mine.

I didn’t know when a moan escaped from my mouth. Oh! Am in heaven already.

I held his neck to enjoy the kiss the more.
The kiss ended and breathlessly, we stared at each other.

“I love you Diamond.” He said in a whisper-like.

I just nodded, grabbed his shirt and pulled him Into a kiss. I feel so loved.


?Someone should tell them there’s dinner downstairs oo?