Befriending A Ghost – Prologue


Written by Princess Juliet

Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you ever met one? I am sure you will say no but as for Sasha Alfredo, her answer would be a yes…

Hmm, but who is Sasha Alfredo? Let us meet her first…

She is a normal teenager who was not pleased with the idea of moving to a new town…
She hated the idea of living in a new house, going to a new school, and making new friends …and to make the matter worse, she would be living with her family in an”archaic building”

Oh my god! What will Sasha do? she mumbled and whined but all to no avail as her parent mind were already made up…..

Looking around her new room, she found a necklace, a mystery necklace that gave her a new friend “A ghost ”

Her first day at school was memorable as she came across the hottest dude in the school “Declan Davies”…. but wait a minute! Who is Declan Davies?


Meet Declan Davies an 18 years old high school student

He is as cold as ice and also known for his snobbish attitude…

I guess his good looks cover everything as girls always flock around him …..

But What will happen when Sasha agrees to help ghostie finds about her true identity? What secrets does she have to unfold? Find out by reading

Befriending a Ghost