Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 12


Damon’s pov

Wow! I never thought she’s gonna hug me.
And ….what the hell is she doing here?
Oh no!

“How did you get here?” I asked still hugging her.
Diamond winked before excusing us.

“Through a portal. I had to beg my sister to help me create a portal to this place.” She answered.

“Oh! So what are you doing here?” I narrowed my gaze at her.

“I came to say thank you for what you did. Freeing me from the demons that had possessed me for a long time. Not only you am i thanking but others too. I have short time and I’d be going now.” She rushed her words and stared at me.

The bright moon was reflecting in the room. We could see each other clearly.

“Did your father say anything about this? I mean after the demons were out.” I questioned.

“He was happy to have me back again. He never believe that but then Sir Gray explained everything that had happened. And all he did was nod his head.” She shrugged.

“My dad is pretty angry. That…..I kissed you.” I said.

“My dad once told me how your mother was almost raped by him. But he said, he regretted that.” She nipped her lip.

“But am sure my dad is still angry at him. He loves my mom very much.”

“Am sorry on my dad’s behalf.”
She clasped.

“It nothing.” I shook my head.

Silence took over afterwards, looking into each other’s eyes. Our head moved closer to each other while I glanced at her lips.

She saw that and slammed her lips on mine.
Oh heavenly lips.

I kissed her back and holding her neck as I pushed my tongue into her mouth. I sucked her lip and back out.

Suddenly, a portal showed up in a bright blue color. “It’s time to go Damon.” She gave me a kiss on the forehead before heading into the portal.

The portal disappeared and then, Diamond entered.

“Hmm..did you guys did a quickie or what? See how you’re sweating!” Diamond touched my face.

“Just go to bed.” I groaned.

“Really? Just tell me the truth?” She whined whined softly.

“Fine! We kissed! Now goodnight.” I stormed out of the room.

I got to my room and pulled the duvet over me as soon as I got to the bed.

I smiled at the image of me kissing Elsa. If only dad allowed me to ask her out.

Finally, my eyes became heavy and I slept off like a baby.

Elsa’s pov

Next day,

I woke up soundly from my bed. I sluggishly got down from it and yawned before entering the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth and had my bath. I dried my body with a towel and wore a wine strapless gown with blue heels.

Two maids came in and helped me dressed my hair and did a little makeup.


The maids trailed behind me as I walked towards my dad’s throne room.

“You may go” I told the maids.

I closed the door behind me as I moved towards father majestically.

“Father, good morning.” I greeted.

“Elsa! How was your night?” My father asked.

“Good dad.”

“So, when will you be going back to school now?”

“Dad! That’d be next week. Am damn tired for the rest of this week.” I rolled my eyes to no one in particular.

“Okay then. Where did you go last night?” He placed his hand on his chin and glare at me.

“Zoe told you that right?” I arched my brows at him.

“Yes, she did. You dare leave this world to that world?! What if Damon had saw you and squeezed your life out. Huh?” He was angry but his voice was still calm.

“Dad, am sorry. I just went there to say thank you to Damon.” I bit my lip hard.

“Thank you? What if Damon had smelt you? That guy is a devil. You need to stay away from his family.” Dad spoke hitting his fingers on the gold throne.

“Okay dad, but what about Damon?” I looked away.

What do I tell him? That I had fall quickly for this vampire? Am sure I dare not spill it out.
I just have too anyway.

“Yes? What about him? Is there anything wrong with him?” Father asked, resting his back on the throne.

“Father, am sorry for what am about to say, am kinda have feelings for him.” I spilled out.

My father sprang up from his seat and walked to me with a scowl on his face.

“Did I just hear something right now?”
“You kinda have feelings or you completely have feelings for him?” He added.

“Dad………” He cut me off.

“What the hell are you saying? Oh Elsa, am disappointed in you” He yelled.
“We are both different we know that! Seriously, I think I don’t have a choice. Come close.” He gestured me to come forward.

What’s he gonna do to me?
I eventually got close and he whispered something into my ear.

“Huh? Dad! Are you sure?” My eyes dilated in shock.

“Yeah, I do.” He mumbled his reply.

Damien’s pov

“Baby, you should listen to our son. We need to start accepting his choice now. Every good choices he takes.” Amber cooed as she caress my face.

“Amber, that girl is the daughter of Cassius that almost raped you and almost destroyed my kingdom.” I gritted my teeth.

“Damien, are you punishing the girl for his father’s sins?”

“If you see it like that.” I answered with a shrug.

Amber kissed me tenderly while I held her waist and pulled her closer.

“You need to forgive this man, Damien.”

“Am not!” I responded sharply.

“But his daughter isn’t the one who offended you. Damien try and forget the Past now!”

“You know what am done here okay? You can meet me in the garden. You………”

“Damien, this is un……..”

“Don’t Interrupt me!” I rasped, getting annoyed and enough of the talk.

She gasped and I was expecting her to walk away since she took a step. But instead, she stood on her toes and kissed me again.

I.made her balanced on the floor and kissed her back. I groaned when I felt her hand on my d*ck.

“What are trying to do?” I asked, amidst the kiss.

“Trying to reset your brain. You must learn how to forgive.” She broke the kiss and faced me.

“And you wanna do it this way?” Shooting her a glance.

“You don’t know women’s magic. You don’t know their power and what they can do to men.” She chuckled and began to kiss me again.

I slipped my hand under her blouse and grabbed her bra cupping those juicy b*obs.

I unhooked her bra and raised her top up which was beginning to be an obstacle. I caress the b*obs and heard her soft moan.

My lips trailed down to her neck and I turned us to the wall.

She grabbed my shirt when my fingers went under her skirt, push her p*nt aside and dipped in two fingers.

“f**k! Damien!” She grabbed my hair tight and that made me wanna do more.
She knows me. S*x can change me. My mood too.

Suddenly the door bursted open revealing Amdis. Arggh! This girl.

“Dad what are you doing with mama?” She pouted trying to peep.

“Oh baby, am trying to help momma wear her gown.” I lied while Amber chuckled.

“Okay dad. But it looks awkward though. Anyway, some people are here. Dad! Guess what? They are here! From the werewolves’ world.” She giggled and ran out.

“I think that should be Cassius” Amber grinned.

What the f**k!


?And the girl spoiled the show sha?