Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 11


Damon’s pov

“Shh! Go fall in love!” I teased.

We entered the portal and met ourselves outside the palace gate.

Huh? We are in our world already?

“Home sweet home” Alaric sniffed, dreamily.

“My prince? My princess? Oh no! They are back!” A maid squeaked and alerted the others to come.

“Have missed everyone here!” Diamond sighed softly.

“Same here, I need to go home. I guess my parents must have heard that am back.” Raul said.

He turned to Diamond and pecked her on the cheek then ran away laughing. My sister touched her cheek blushing hard.

“You like him, don’t you?” I nudged her.

“Face your business” She hushed me.

“I guess am gonna go too. See you later tomorrow at school.” Alaric grinned and got a hug from me then Diamond.

“You won’t even rest?” I arched my brow.

“According to my ……….”

“Alaric you need to rest. We are just coming from a mission that was so stressful and you wanna go to school? Come on, next week, we gonna go back to school.” Diamond stated.

“Okay, I feel like fainting right now. I gotta go bye guys.” He waved and dashed off.

“My children!” I heard mom’s voice.

“Mom!” We chorused and went to hug her.

“Oh my Damon and Diamond! You’re back and welcome to the palace” She rubbed my hair and kissed it.

“Where’s dad and grandma?” My sister asked as we withdrew from the hug.

“He’s inside. Am sure he’s on his way. Come, we can meet him halfway.” My mother dragged us in.

We met father on the way and didn’t wait for him to say anything before we went to hug him. He nearly fell cause of the way we jumped on him.

“My babies are here! How was the mission? Did any one of you get hurt?” He examined our body to see if he could sight any wound or injury.

“Diamond did he f**k someone there?” Mom asked.

Oh oh!

“Nope mom. I don’t think he even hadtime for that, but he’d kissed a girl.” Diamond glimpsed at me with that wicked smile of hers.

“That’s better though.” They sighed but they suddenly widened their eyes.

“Who did he kissed?” They asked in unison.

“Hmm….actually…….”She paused and gave me a look of should-i-tell but I shook my head.

What a sister!

“I mean a girl kissed him cause he’s so handsome!” She tittered and walked away.

“Okay, thats awkward though. Go change into something and come back to the dinning. We need to celebrate you guys return. Alaric and Raul will be joining us too.” Mom announced and left with father.

I ran my hand into hair and let out breathe.
I walked to my room. Nothing changed. Till the same room but it was neat.

I changed into a comfortable wear and ran downstairs to the dinning. I saw Diamond, mom, dad and my grandparent.

“Grandma! Grandpa! ” I ran to them and hugged them.

“See my big head.” Grandma teased.

“Grandma, I don’t have a big head” I pouted like a baby.

“You surely have a big head like your grandpa.”
Grandpa looked at her with a grin on his face.

“You fell in love with the big head too.” He replied.

“I think.” Grandma rolled her eyes.

“So, let’s eat first then you tell us all that happened.” My father said.

“Me or Diamond?” I dropped my fork.

“You, or should Diamond tell us?” Mom chipped in.

“No, I will. Diamond don’t need to tell you. She might tell you lies.” I glanced at her. She stopped eating and gave me a f**k-you finger.

“Okay then. Let’s eat.”


After eating, we all sat in the throne room. Everyone was ready to listen to what I was saying.

I should have allowed Diamond to say it but I don’t want her to say Elsa’s part. That is, I don’t want her to tell father I took kissed and took arrows for Elsa.

I explained everything to them.

“Did you save Cassius’ daughter?” Father asked.

“Yes. We’d saved her. She was possessed with demons but we eventually cast them out. The demon leader was though.” I responded.

“And he was shot with an arrow.” Diamond interrupted.

What the hell?!

“Diamond!” Giving her a signal to shut her mouth up. She stuck her tongue out.

‘Don’t worry, I won’t talk about how you saved her and also, kissed her.’ I read her mind and that was a relief.

“Did you get hurt? Does it pain? I mean……” Mom sprang up from her throne and checked my body.

“Mom am fine.”

“Don’t worry, the wound is healed up already.”

“Oh! Where’s Elsa now? Did you two get close?” My mother asked as she walked back to where dad was.

“Elsa is doing fine mom. And we got a little close.” I bit my lip.

‘Idiot!’ I heard Diamond’s voice though in her mind.

“You two kissed right?” My dad suddenly asked and my heart stopped beating for a second.

“No..no, I didn’t.” I stuttered.

“And you took arrows for her?” He asked again.
Am beginning to get scared now. Who will save me now?

“Hmm…dad, that was part of the mission.” I stammered. His eyes turned red.

“I read Diamond’s mind!” He fired.

Diamond gasped. “sh*t!” She muttered.

“Are you falling for the girl?” Grand pa spoke.

“No dad. A kiss doesn’t mean am in love with the person.” I rolled my eyes.

“You better not! I can’t allow you marry my enemy’s daughter.” He growled.

“Dad, has she offend you before?” Diamond decided to ask. Same question I was about to ask him.

“No, but his father did. I explained everything to you right. What he did to your mother! Not only that!”

“Well that’s his father and not his daughter.”

“His blood runs in her veins. Don’t try to fall in love with her! We are different from each other. You’re a vampire and she’s a werewolf! Do not!” He snarled.

“But dad……” He cut me off and stormed out of the room.

I won’t deny the fact that am in love with Elsa.

“Damon my son, tell me the truth. Are you in love with her?” Mother came to me.

“If he’s in love with her, I guess it’s his choice. Just talk to your husband Amber.” Grandpa said and left with grandma.

I sighed softly. “Mom, truthfully, am in love with her.”

“Huh? Damon!” My mom frowned.

“Mom! Am sorry. But I do.” I replied.

“Am gonna talk to your dad okay?Am not really happy about this but I got no choice. I guess it fate.” She shrugged while Diamond nudged me.

“Thanks mom.” I hugged her.

“You’re the best!”

“You’re happy now.” My sister winked.

“Hey! Don’t try me.” I walked away.

At night, I rolled to the edge of my bed then roll back again. Have been doing that repeatedly.

Then I suddenly heard my name. From the door.
“Damon! Come out now.” It was Diamond’s voice.

Why’s she still awake? I got down from the bed and opened the door. She quickly dragged me avoiding the suspicious looks by the guards.

I got to her room saw a long blonde girl backing us.

“Who’s she?” I whispered to Diamond.

Instead of Diamond to answer the question, the blonde girl did.

“Elsa?” My eyes widened in shock.

“Damon!” She ran to hug me.

Wow! I never thought she’s gonna hug me.
And ….what the hell is she doing here?
Oh no!


Hmm? something wants to shele???