Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 10


Damon’s pov

Alaric ran out as Raul also followed him too. It was just I and Diamond.

“Are you okay? Can you still do this? Can you?” She asked examining my body.

I groaned when her hand touched my wound. I can remember I had took arrows for Elsa. I bit my lip at the thought of me kissing her.

Her lips were unexplainable. So lush.

That bas***d has taken over her body now. I need to take him out. I need to end him and his missions.

For at least, I can go back to my world. Am really gonna miss Elsa.

‘Damon shut up! Don’t tell me you’re falling for this girl.’ I thought.

“Damon? You’re so deep in thought. What are you thinking of? Huh? We need to go now! See Sir Gray is still unconscious.” Diamond spoke pointing to Sir Gray.

“Yeah, let’s go.” I mumbled and held her hand for support.

Am going out on a dangerous mission like this.l Am badly wounded and still wants to do this.
Is it for Elsa? The earth?

This is our mission and we must fulfill it. We got outside and saw the demon in Elsa’s body fighting with Alaric and Raul.

I held Diamond’s hands tightly while we move closer to Elsa.

“Do you really wanna die?” The demon chuckled, raising his hands up and it thundered.

From nowhere, ugly creatures came, surrounding the compound.

“I will destroy you first before destroying this earth.” He flickered his finger, giving the creatures a sign to go ahead.

My main target was the demon leader.
“Diamond fight the creatures with Raul and Alaric, I will face the leader.” I uttered.

She looked at me with a widened eyes. “Are you out of your mind? We need to fight this together.” She rasped.

“I know. See Raul and Alaric can’t fight this thousands of creatures all alone. You need to help them with your special skills. When I need your help am gonna call you.

Or should we do it like this, Help them till the creatures are scanty then we can use the lightening powers.” I stated.

“Fine! Be careful! I don’t wanna lose you. I don’t know but it feels like you’re doing this for Elsa………”

“And the earth” I completed the statement for her.

“Whatever!” She rolled her eyes and went to join Raul and Alaric.

I walked closer to Elsa. “Why don’t you come out of her body and let’s fight. Just leave her body! I wanna see you face to face.” I said to the demon.

I limped to where she was.

“You wanna see me? Fine!” Elsa’s body fell down like a log of wood.

A shadow came out of her body turned into a human. A man, which am sure will be in his early thirties.

“You’ve seen me now! Let’s take this serious!” His hands were behind him with his arrows and bow.

Devil archer.

He fixed the arrow on the string and released it but I dodged it and had to meet one of the creatures.

He frowned and set another one but I repeated the same action.

“You’re really skilled. Huh?……….”

“Take that into your pocket! Diamond!!!” I yelled my twin sister’s name and she turned.

She ran to me. “My help is needed right?” She eyed the devil.

Raul and Alaric had come too. The creatures were dead and it did disappeared into thin air.

“Hm…do you remember what Sir Gray told you guys? Join your hands together, close your eyes and opened them back at the count of 20! Raul we need to leave here with Sir Gray now!” Alaric said.

Oops! I guess I forgot that! That would bring lightening, fire and we all will be surrounded by a rainbow. Knowing that, demons hate rainbows.

Alaric have to leave with Sir Gray amd Raul cause it will be dangerous for people with lesser power.

We obeyed Alaric and it lightened, thundered, the cloud was dark and we were surrounded by a rainbow and in the middle of fire!

Authoress’s✍️ pov

Damon’s eyes and Diamond’s hair shone brightly to the demon leader and he fell down on his knees.

He hates rainbow. Rainbow color lessen his powers. They weaken him. Even if a normal human with no powers has anything rainbow on him/her, it weakens him.

“Stop please! It gonna kill me!” The demon’s voice was hoarse.

A lightening from no where had stuck him which made him shut up.
But he begged for his life.
He had crossed the boundary by trying to shoot his arrow on Elsa who was recovering.

Damon had saw that and he kicked him hard on the mouth. Damon stretched his hand towards him and hit him with his hot hand.

Diamond muttered some curses as she grab his hair and he shook vigorously from the electric he got from her.

His body was shaking on the ground, fire had surrounded him and the building was shaking too.

The building is about to collapse. Only Diamond, Damon, Elsa and the devil were in there.

Funny enough, all that had been happening all this while, the humans never know. The sky was normal to them, no lightening, or fire or even thunder.

But the building shaking was visible to them. They had gathered outside the gate and had been shouting to whosoever that is in here should come out.

The demon leader groaned just as the fire touched him. That wasn’t just an ordinary fire. A fire from a Rainbow (person) is different from the normal fire people know.

The fire and lightening were doing their job on him. The twins were still holding hands. Elsa had woken up and gasped at the incident happening.

She fainted.?

At last, the demon turned into ashes and disappeared into thin air. No traces.

The twins loosen their grip and everything was back to normal. The building could crush and it surprises the people outside.

Damon rushed to Elsa who had fainted. He’d prayed she wasn’t possessed anymore. He might not see her again.

“Damon! Sir Gray has woken up!” Raul called over the small fence.

We rushed there and saw him coughing.
“It time to go home now! Your parents are waiting. Elsa has been released. She’s free. Go home. The portal is waiting right there.” A portal showed up.

“Elsa will be going back to her kingdom too. I’d be accompanying her there. Damon am sure your wound must have healed up.” He said while I checked my body and found nothing.

Not even a mark.

“Go home now. I really thank you for completing this mission…so fast.” He laughed.

I looked back at Elsa and ran to her.

“I might come back for you. I think am in love with you. Am gonna look for you. Taking all the risk to make you mine.” With that, I kissed her lushly lips and followed Diamond and others to the portal.

“Let father catch you going to the were wolves’ world. You’d be squeezed like an orange.” Diamond eyed me.

“Shh! Go fall in love!” I teased.


Hmm……my mind is telling me something??