Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 1


*Authoress’ pov**

*13 years later*

The twins had grown to be a handsome and beautiful teenager(s). They are rude, troublesome, hot, sexy and all that.

No one dare them. I mean No-One.

Their powers are beyond what the vampires can explain. Just then, a seer from no where. No one knows his background, where he came from.

He did came and spoke a prophecy about what’s gonna happen and why the twins are born in that weird appearance.

On their eighteenth birthday, the twins will make a wish. A wish that will shock everyone a little. Yeah, a little.

Damien and Amber looked forward to it. They can’t wait for their children to make that wish.
Five years ago, Amber gave birth to another child. A beautiful and lovely girl. Amdis.

Once the twins are holding their hands, no one can remove their hands. If you try it, you’d get electrified.

And now, the twins are about to be eighteen. Ready and looking forward for their birthday wish.

Their story begins here.

😇 Amber’s pov😇

“Damon! Who did this?” I thundered when I saw blood on my clothes.

I know it him. He’s just too stubborn. He’s the one who always give me problem. Always shouting.

And Diamond? That one is gentle but you don’t tell on her toes, she won’t take it lightly with you. She’s damn crazy too.

This twins are such a pain in the ass.

“Mom, I didn’t do that! I think Amdis did that.” He shrugged as he combed his black hair.

I walked to him and stared at his rainbow eyes. This eyes do scare me sometimes. Just looking at it. With that, He’s still fvcking handsome.

“Mom, you’re crushing on me. Am I that handsome?” He winked while I hit him hard on the head.

“I told you to stop reading my mind. Who did this? Am sure your dad won’t take it lightly with you. You know he will read your mind, if I see you’re the one, I’d kill you.” I threatened and walked out of the room.

“You have ten minutes to dress.” I shouted to his hearing.

“Good morning ma.” I saw Raul greeting me.

I know he’s heading to Damon’s room. These two are best friends. So close.

“How are your parents?” I asked.

“Doing good. Is Diamond inside her room?”

Till now, I can’t believe he still has something for my daughter.

“She is. Probably, still sleeping.” I chuckled.

“Gosh! Sleeping head. Anyways, I’d be going now. See you later ma.” He waved and walked away.


I got to my room and saw Damien jumping on the bed with Amdis.


“I just did that you know. You scattered it again.” I shouted.

“Sorry, baby. Let’s play a little. You can come join us you know.” He was painting as he jumping like the bed was trampoline.

“Mommy, yome and join us.” Amdis grinned her set of teeth out.

“Mommy isn’t coming to join you. You just scattered the bed for goodness sake.” I heaved a sigh.

“Mommy, are we going to school today?” She stopped jumping when he saw Damien stop.

“Yes baby, come on lets get you ready for school.” I went ahead and grabbed her while Damien quickly planted a kiss on my lips.

“Hmph.” I squeezed my face.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.” I replied.

I took Amdis away so she could get ready for school.

😎Damon’s pov😎

Diamond came to my room saying, she needs my shoes.

“Don’t you have yours?” I scoffed.

“Yeah, I do but I wanna wear yours. Just for today.”

“Fine! Just use that to attract Raul”

“Devil! I won’t warn you again. Am not attracted to Raul. I don’t like him and that’s final. Get that?!” She fired.

“Wow! That hurts though but there’s nothing I can do.” Raul said from the door he was resting on.

“It good it hurts.” Diamond took my shoes and walked away without looking back.

Raul’s face expression was noticeable. He’s sad.

“Hey bro, am sure Alaric will be waiting for us in school.” Raul spoke, changing his sad face to a cheerful one.


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Alaric is Blade and Dawn’s child.
Me, diamond, Raul and Alaric, we are the best of friends. I still laugh when I remember that only Diamond, is the only girl among us.

“I will be done in few minutes.”

Soon, I was done and ready for school. I took my bag, met Diamond waiting for me outside and we took the chariot. The three of us.

Raul don’t take the chariot with us every time. Maybe when he wants to get close to Diamond, he will come to the palace and we all go together.

We got to school, the whole students gathered up to come see the Rainbow Devils. Yeah, that’s what they call I and Diamond.

I love my eyes so much. It makes me feel unique.

“He’s so hot today”

“I love Diamond’s hair”

“I wish I could have a rainbow eyes and hair. I will be fvcking sexy”

I snickered. Indeed.

Diamond staggered, she was pushed by someone. She turned with her hair glittering. She didn’t hit the girl who bumped into her but a light skinned girl with red.

She took her hair and it burned just immediately. She punched her so hard that the girl fell to the ground.

“You don’t step on my toes.” My sister growled.

“I didn’t push you” The red haired girl said.

“Oh yes, but you pushed the girl. Didn’t you?”
“Last warning” Diamond warned and left the scene to our grade.

I met Alaric in the class reading. Oops! Bookworm.

“Hey Ric.” I shortened his name.

“Good morning. Get a seat and come read. We are having our test soon.” He gestured me to sit which I did.

“My birthday is tomorrow, are you coming?” I inquired.

“Of course! Am coming.” He answered

“Expecting you.”

A teacher came in and taught us mathematics. That stupid subject.

I could see the girls drooling and not concentrating on the teachers. I laughed as I saw saliva dropping out from their mouth.

You don’t drool too much.

Amber’s pov

I started making the preparations for my twins’ birthday. It gonna be their eighteenth birthday.

A day everyone is waiting for.
“Ma, you should rest. Your back must be aching.” I said to Queen Lenora.

She’s a grandma now. Sir Drake too is still here. The twins are fond of their grandparents.

“No! It my grand children’s birthday. I should make the best for them.” She pouted like a baby.

She behaves like a baby now.

“You should sit and rest. I will do the rest please” I made a puppy eyes.

“Okay. But give me the ribbons while I sit and decorate the gifts.” She responded.

“Mom! I’m going to school.” Amdis giggled and waved her small hand as a guard took her away.

Ah! Peace now!

Hours later,

“Mom! Guess what Damon did. He’s fvcking telling me he has rights.” Diamond shouted.

“Calm down Baby.” I cooed.

“Mom, I did nothing wrong. I f*cked a girl that’s all.” Damon shrugged.

“You did what? What’s f*ck?” I arched my brow.
I knew what it meant though.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know f*ck mom. This (👉👌) mom.” He demonstrated.

Oh my Lord!

“Stop pretending!” He rolled his eyes.

“Since when did you start sleeping with girls Damon?”

“Today? I don’t know.”

“You’re getting corrupt! You won’t kill me Damon.” I charged towards him but he ran away.

“Mom I have rights. Am gonna be eighteen tomorrow” He yelled as he kept running.

“Really? You have right to f*ck?” Damien’s voice made us stop. Diamond was smiling.

“Oh oh! I didn’t say… anything. I was…. just saying, f*ck isn’t a good word.” My son stuttered.

“I see. Come with me. Am cutting that thing under you.” Damien drew him closer with his power.

“Mom, help me beg dad. Am not gonna f*ck again.”

“Serves you right.” Diamond stick out her tongue as Damien took him away.


So, how’s it?😂

Who’s waiting for their birthday wish?