Dangerous Devil – Episode 21 Final


Amber’s pov

I stared at my twins in shock. The girl has a rainbow hair and the boy a rainbow eyes.


Just then, I could see the cloud changed color through the window and thunder strike continuously.

Damien and his father walked in as the babies cried so hard. I stretched my hand to take the boy.

I tried removing his grip from his sister’ little hand but all to no avail. I sighed.

My babies are really special.

The doctor left the room after he did his job.

The thunder still continue striking.

“What’s wrong with his eyes and her hair?” Damien pointed to the babies also in shock.

“I guess that’s how they are created. I think they are special.” I said lowly.

He touched the babies and smiled. “They are lovely even with that weird color”

“Am seeing my grandchildren. Aren’t they cute darling?” Sir Drake’s wife squeaked and touched the babies.

But….she got shocked. When I say shock, I mean like electric shock that sent her hand back immediately.

The more they cry, the more the thunder strike harder. In a frightened way.

“Omg! I almost got electrocuted.”

“That’s not possible. See, their hands are turning red. This children are something else.”
Damien’s father tried to remove their hands from each other but got electrified and Damien grabbed him before he fall.

I was beginning to get scared. Weakly, I stood and carried the twins together from their cradle.

I did touched them, Damien did but we didn’t get shocked. The thunder stopped and it began raining heavily.

The twins loosen their grip and stopped crying.
“We’d take care of this children. No one will hurt them. Thanks for making me a father, Amber.” Damien said and kissed me then pecked our babies.

I glance at my kids and saw them sleeping already. Damien left with his parents.

“I hope you won’t give me any trouble in the future especially you, my boy. I nearly died while giving birth to you.” I said quietly.

The boy raised his small hand up, clenching his fist and hit my breast with his eyes closed.

Am sure this boy will be so stubborn and…..maybe devilish.
“Little devils”

Damien came back again. “So what name should we give them?” He began.

“How about Damon and Diamond?” I suggested.

” Sounds good!. Dad’s name starts from D, mine D and our children D. Definitely our next babyis going to start from D.” He grinned.

“Our next baby is going to start from A.” I rolled my eyes.

“I miss that thing. You know. I think, I and my children will be sharing that oranges now.” He pointed to breast.

I laughed. He wanted to touch my b*obs but my baby girl, Diamond jerk his fingers away.

You know what, am starting to not understand this children. I can’t say they are doing this on purpose.

“I guess it theirs now. They are denying me of my right.” Damien struggled.

We talked that night, lay my babies back to their cradle and Damien slept beside me.


*Five years later*

I got my children ready for school in their royal dress. This two are really something else.

They are rude, arrogant, spoilt- by their father.
Diamond can be gentle sometimes but do not step on her toes.

The kids are the Rainbow devils.

“Mom, what’s the meaning of f*ck?” Damon asked turning to me as I do the buttons in his cloth.

“Where did you hear that from, son?” I arched my brows.

“I heard dad saying it to you. ‘Am gonna f*ck you tonight’ ” He mimicked his dad’s voice perfectly.

One thing special about this kids is, they have multi- powers.

“Hmm. You don’t have to say it okay? Do not say that okay?” I bit my lips.

“Mom, we are gonna be late. Let’s go.” Diamond interrupted.

“Witch! I knew you’re gonna talk! I know you can’t wait to see Raul right?” He winked.

“Don’t talk about Raul okay? I don’t like him and that’s final!” Diamond snapped.

“In fact, you’re too young to know about love. What do you know?” She added and took her school bag angrily.

“Oops! I got her angry. We are both young okay? Mom tell her what age we should fall in love?” Damon faced me.

“Hmm…any age. You can crush on anyone at any age too. I’d say, when you are eighteen, you have rights. Many rights. You can have a girlfriend too! And you Diamond, you can bring a boyfriend home.” I answered.

“I guess my twin will get herself a boyfriend before she’s eighteen. Oops! She got one already. Raul” My son giggled.

“You idiot!” Diamond yelled and Damon became dumb. Damon clenched his fist, without touching Diamond, the hot tea on the table moved and poured on her.


“You kids stop now!” I shouted and they did.

Damien rushed in. “What the hell is going on?”

“She started it first”

“No dad, he did first.” They argued.

“You two will clean the garden today when back from school as your punishment. No one is helping you” Damien commanded.


“Shut up! Dad is still talking” Damon again.

“I will make sure I remove two of your teeth in school.” Diamond threatened.

“You dare not! Now to the chariot!” I yelled again and they obeyed, glancing wickedly at each other.

“I will be right back.” I kissed Damien.

“Okay, come back so we can make another baby.” He smirked.

“Baby? I wanna know how they make babies. Will you teach me?”

“Argh! Damon! Am gonna hit you on the head now! Keep quiet” I squeezed his mouth.


And that’s how my twins’ story began.
My two devils. My rainbow babies.
I called them Rainbow Devils.

End of season one.

Get ready for Season two. It gonna be hot. Really hot!

Thanks for reading. Love y’all

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