Dangerous Devil – Episode 20


**Amber’s pov**

My legs became jelly. I could feel my eyes closing and then I fell to the ground.
“Amber? Amber what’s wrong with you?” That was all I heard before blacking out.


I blinked my eyes rapidly and looked around. I was still in the room. I felt a breath on me and saw Damien smiling.

Why’s he smiling all of a sudden?

Before I could talk, Raul, Celeste’s and kieran’s child ran to meet me. Squeaking.

Celeste is actually living with Kieran now, the doctor too was released but sent Away from this kingdom.

Damien wanted to do that to Celeste but Raul will be needing her mom and Kieran seems to love her. We aren’t in good terms either.

“Aunty!! Guess what?” He beamed, revealing his white set of teeth.

“What is it? You seems happy today?” I chuckled.

“Yeah. Am getting married when I grow up. To your daughter.” That made me choke.

What’s he saying?

“You wanna know what he’s saying?” Damien chipped in.

“Yeah. You’re….pregnant!” Damien screamed and hugged me.

Wait! What? Am…pregnant?

“I’m carrying our child Damien?” Tears threatened to come out of my eyes.

“Yes, baby. Am gonna be a father, and you gonna be a mother.” We disengaged the hug.

I rubbed Raul’s hair and drew her close.
“My future wife is coming soon. I’d wait for you love.” I stared at him in wonder

He behaved like an adult. Indeed.

Damien’s parents came in and congratulate him. His friends came in too. The guy I burnt his hand, his hand is still recovering.

That night, I and Damien had s*x again. He’s so naughty.

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***Next day.***

I dressed for school even if Damien said I shouldn’t go, I insisted. I grabbed my bag and went to school.

Getting to school, Dawn and Blade was the first person I saw. My brother had gone to his grade, actually, with his new girlfriend.

Things have really changed. Yeah.

“So can you tell us what the good news is all about?” Dawn asked.

“Am pregnant!” I whispered.

“What?!” The two said in unison.

“Oh my god! Am so happy for you. I guess they will be twins. Two girls.” Dawn hugged me.

“No, it should be two boys.” Blade argued.

“No, two girls.” Dawn nudged him.

“Two boys”

“You know what guys, how about a boy and a girl? But do I even have the strength to carry twins?” I scoffed.

“Who knows” Blade shrugged, pecked Dawn on the cheek and hugged me before leaving for his grade.

Our language teacher came and taught us. I didn’t pay attention cause I felt dizzy. Finally, I slept in the class.

I got a tap on my shoulder and saw the teacher smiling.

“My queen, are you okay? You can go home” She said.

“Am okay. Continue teaching.” I muttered standing up with a yawn.

She nodded and went back teaching. For the second time, I slept again. I felt like slapping the person waking me up but I resisted.

I opened my eyes and saw Damien in class.
Jeez! How did he get here?

“Damien……..” He carried me before I could complete my sentence.

“Let’s go home. You’re causing a scene. You won’t be going to school till you deliver our child.”

“Deliver? There’s no point in going back.” I fumed

“So be it. That won’t make you uneducated you know.” He rolled his eyes.

“Hmph! I want some wild flowers for tea.” I twisted my lips.

Damien’s pov

Wild flowers for tea? That’s ridiculous!

“It not possible okay? I guess the pregnancy is making you go crazy.”

“I will cry. You’re calling me crazy!” She sniffed.


“Am sorry.” I apologized.

“Drop me! And don’t talk to me again!” She started jerking her body from my grip and I eventually dropped her down.

She walked towards the chariot which I entered too and it drove us to the palace.

Soon, we got to the palace. Amber ran into the room and began crying.

Is she crying because of wild flowers or what?

“Baby, am sorry okay?”

“You won’t allow me to dance. I want to dance please.” She made a puppy eyes.

Huh? First it was wild flowers and now she wants to dance.

“You can dance. In fact, dance round the palace.” I grinned.

“Thanks! I love you but am hungry. I want us to go over to the other kingdom and buy grilled meat.” She pouted.

“The other kingdom? Why can’t we buy grilled meat here. I will send the guards to buy it.” I replied.

She started crying again. I hate that.

“Okay fine! We are going okay?” I groaned and she nodded quickly.

Argh! Pregnancy.

Amber’s pov

Weeks later, my mother came and it was time to visit my dad’s grave. I took some flowers in the garden.

The chariot moved and we got to were many graves are. Mom sighted dad’s and we walked over to it.

I knelt down and dropped the flowers on the grass, where he was buried.

“Father, your daughter is here. I did wish you were alive though. I pray you make heaven. I pray you’re given a second chance to live again.

I, mom and Orpheus are doing well now. Rest in peace father.” I concluded.

After that, I went back to the palace. Mom stayed for a while, helping with different kinds of massage.

Damien’s pov

Weeks rolled into months, Amber’s craziness still didn’t end. It not her fault though. She’s still pretty when pregnant.

She once asked me to polish her shoes instead of the maid and cooked breakfast.

Imagine, a king.

I will soon overcome. I can’t wait for her to deliver my child. I can’t wait to carry my child. Be a father. Having a complete family.

“Damien!!!!!!!” I heard Amber’s voice from the bathroom and I rushed to meet her.

“What’s happening to you?” I asked panicking.

“The baby is coming, dummy!!” She yelled.

“What? Am coming let me go call mother and the doctor.” I ran out of the room still hearing her calling my name.

Before I could come back to Amber, she’s already in the hallway. Mother ran to her while father instructed the maids to prepare a room for delivery.

I and my mom helped her to the room. She’s left there with my mom and the doctor.

Oh lord let her deliver safely.

The doctor suddenly came out. “There’s problem. She doesn’t have the strength to push the second baby.” He rushed his words.

Huh? Second what? Twins?

“You mean,they are twins?” I beamed.

“Yes, my king. The first one is a girl.” He bowed.

“And…..” He wanted to say something but cut short by my mom’s voice from the room.

“I will be back”

Queen Lenora’s pov

She pushed again and this time another baby came out. A boy.

A boy and a girl. But…
I stared at the babies. They look different though they resembled their parents but…..

The boy has a rainbow eyes and the girl, a rainbow hair. Have never come across this children before?


???They were rainbow children.
Season 2 will be hot??