Dangerous Devil – Episode 19


**Damien’s pov**

Did I just see another face? I mean is this the boy? There’s a striking resemblance of Kieran.

Am seriously dreaming.

“Is he the boy?” I asked.

“Yes, Damien. I guess the truth need to be revealed now. The boy here isn’t yours. As you can see he’s wearing a mask on his face.” Kieran raises the mask up for everyone to see.

“What about the doctor, he’d have a hand in this?” Mom chipped in.

“I think that question should go to Celeste. She must have bribed him.” Kieran replied.

“Celeste, you’re really the worst b***h I ever met. We all know the truth now. Did you bribe the doctor or not?” I made her fall on her knees.

“I…I….” She stuttered.
“Fine! I did a mask for Raul just to look like you.
I bribed the doctor to say positive about the test. Am not greedy okay?” She rolled her eyes and glared at the smirking Kieran.

I stood up angrily with a red eyes. I grabbed her hair and pulled it hard that she yelped in pain.

“You dare lie to the king. How could you? You didn’t even have common fear that you’d be caught one day.” I raised my hand up to slap her but I felt two hands holding me.

“Don’t hurt her, she’s my woman Damien.” Kieran said, almost in a whisper.

“Don’t raise your hand on a woman. Lets leave her to her fate.” Amber also said, holding my hand too.

I tried not to hit Celeste again. How dare she?

“Guards!!!” I yelled and three guards immediately came in and stood beside Amber.

They knelt on one knee and bowed their head.
“Your majesty” They chorused.

“Take this Lady to the darkest dungeon. She’s staying there for three weeks and make sure she’s given one of the hard jobs as a prisoner. And make sure you come back.” He commanded with so much anger.

I wish I could kill her right there. But Kieran seems to be attracted to her. That slut!

“Yes, My lord” They bowed again and took Celeste away.

“Where are you taking my mommy to?” Raul spoke in his tiny voice.

“She’s going on a holiday for three weeks dear. You gonna be with daddy okay?” Kieran cooed the child.

“But dungeon means prison. Mom is going to prison right? Mom did a bad thing? Will she come back?” The boy pouted and held the hem of his cloth playfully.

“She’s coming back okay?” Raul nodded to Kieran’s words.

I turned to the doctor who was obviously shaking with the bag in his hand. Funnily, it dropped and the papers in the bag scattered.

I glanced down at the papers. My eyes caught something and I bent down to look at the paper. It was about the test conducted the other day.

It shows negative. Raul isn’t my son. He really isn’t.

Amber collected it from me and glanced through. She squeezed it to ashes.

Father moved towards to the doctor, held his collar and gave him three hot slaps which made us gasps.

“In your next life, you will learn not to collect bribe. Strip!” My father yelled.

My eyes dilated in shock. Not only me but everyone.

“Dad, am going to see the doctor’s toto if he strip?” The small boy giggled.

Toto? What’s he calling toto?

“What’s Toto dear?” I curiously asked.

“That thing in-between my legs. I call it to-to.”

Seriously. I didn’t know when I started laughing.

The guards came back and asked if there’s anything they would like to do again.

“You still haven’t strip, young man.” My father reminded him.

“Sir, please don’t let me strip. I didn’t wear anything inside.” Mike answered shakily.

“Father, he doesn’t need to strip. Guards take him to the dungeon too. The darkest one too.” I told the guards and they dragged him forcefully as he begged but I turned deaf ears.

“Am gonna marry your daughter when I grow up.”
Aishh! This kid again!

“Shh! Let’s go home son.” Kieran hushed.

Amber’s pov

I smiled at the boy when I pecked his cheeks. He waved his small hand before leaving the room with Kieran.

Wow! So everything is settled. Damien’s parents left us in the throne room and it just the two of us.

“You’re happy now right?” Damien held my waist and pulled me close. Giving me a kiss on the lips.

“My mom is coming next week. I’d like you to see her. Will you?” I Frained.

“Why not. I will like to see her. The mother of my queen. I love you so much Amber.” His eyes turned blue.

I don’t know if he already understands this color but to me, I really do. It shows love, care, affection and all that. I haven’t seen him with a purple eyes.

This time I was the one who kissed him. So roughly. I felt my butt on a table, I opened my eyes and saw that we are in our room.

Crazy Damien.

He made me sit on the dressing table and made me strip. Soon, I was naked just in front of him.

He squeezed my b*ob. I bit my lip in pleasure.

My shaky hands went to his trouser and lossen his belt. The trouser fell down, i could see his bulgy d*ck from there.

He drew close and touched my thigh. He let his d!ck out and thrust it into my honeypot.

I gasped, biting my lips again. It was painful at first but with three to four thrusts, my v could take in his full size.

I held his shoulder for support as he kept banging me on the table. My moans filled the room.

“Oh my God! Damien.” I bemoaned.

“Yes…yes. Argh! Yes!”

After so many thrusts, we both climax and he finally pulled out, releasing inside me.

I panted heavily and fell tiredly on him. I could mentally see him smiling. He wrapped his hand around me.

“I think we should go take a shower now.” He whispered into my ear.

*A week later*

I couldn’t wait to see my mom. I kept glancing at the gate every seconds. I just wanna see my mom.

I heard the horse neighs and I quickly stood up and ran to where it is.

My heart skipped when I saw a woman backing me as she came down from the chariot.

She turned and our eyes met. I had her face. We resembled her. Except her hair, which was black while I have brown hair.

No one told me what to do next, I ran to hugged her. Her hug was so warm. This’s the time I have been waiting for.

To see my mom amd hug her, say many things to her. And here she is.

“Mom” I called in happiness, excitement and joyfully.

“My daughter!” I heard her cracked voice.
She bursted out crying. Her cries made me cried too.

We cried for minutes before we disengaged.
“How have you been mother?” I asked, cleaning the tears coming out of her eyes before it gets dry.

“Have been doing fine. Come on let’s go inside. I can’t believe am seeing my daughter now. So grown up and beautiful.” My mom beamed as we walk inside.

“Mom!!!!” Orpheus squeaked as he saw us coming.

“Oh my dear son. How have you been doing?”

“Good. The king is waiting for you.”

Orpheus has mom eyes and hair.


Damien bowed when he saw my mom. He bowed?
“She’s my in-law. I have to show her respect.”

*Good boy*. I grinned as he glared at me.

Mom joined us for lunch. Later, the two of us decided to take a walk in the garden.

“Mom, do you know where dad was buried?” I questioned.

“Yes, He’s buried in one of the tombs here.”
“You can go see him one day.” She added.

“It’d be good if I pay him a visit. So, you’re not leaving in this kingdom but another kingdom?”

“Yes, not really far from here. Your husband rule five kingdoms. Am a president in the vampire women affairs there.”

“Really? You must be occupied.”

“Not really, but I always have time to visit Orpheus and am including you. My children.” She chuckled.

Fast forward…

Mom went back and promised to come another day. And so we can visit dad’s grave.

*Two months later*

Everything went fine. Mom keep sending letters saying she can’t come with one reason or the other.

I still go to school but this morning, I don’t really feel like. Am very weak. I still feel sleepy but I forced my eyes open.

I gently stood up to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I came out and saw Damien walking in with a lopsided smile on his face.

“Good morning Damien.” I forced my self to speak.

“Good morning, you look weak. Are you okay?” He came close and touched my neck.

“You’re burning!” He jerked.

My legs began jelly. I could feel my eyes closing and then I fell to the ground.

“Amber? Amber what’s wrong with you?” That was all I heard before blacking out.


??Hmm, they have enter. Someone should tell Damien to calm down. They are on the way.????