Dangerous Devil – Episode 18


**Dawn’s Pov**

I do like him too. No, I have love feelings for him too. Now he’s asking me to be his.

I’d love to be his.

“Blade…..”He interrupted me.

“Please say yes” He rushed his words.

“Blade….I will be yours. I will.” I said to him.

“Really?” His eyes widened.

“Yes. I love you Blade.” I grinned.

I can’t believe am telling someone I love him.

“And I love you too” He responded and kissed me before I knew it.

I kissed him back holding his shirt tight.
“You can come inside to do the rest. I will prepare a room for you.” I heard his mother’s voice.

We stopped the kiss and faced her. A room indeed.

“Am seeing her off mom.”

“Okay, take care. Bye.” His mother waved.

Blade made sure I reached my house before going back home. I touched my lips, remembering how we kissed minutes ago.

Amber’s pov

Next Day,

I rolled to the other side of the bed and made my left leg step on the floor and stood up. Damien was still sleeping right beside.

I moved my head closer to his face. Letting his breath cover me, I watch him sleep like a baby. He’s so cute when sleeping.

I sighed and left the bed to the bathroom. I need to get ready for school. I brushed my teeth and took my bath.

I wrapped my towel around me and saw Damien still sleeping on the bed.

I wore my clothes and shoes which Damien’s mother gave to me. It really fit me well.

I did a light makeup and turned to Damien. Still sleeping. What’s wrong with him?

“Damien?” I called, worriedly.

“What? Let me sleep in peace. Am tired.” He groaned still staying in that position he is.

I thought he’s dead.

“Dead? Do you wish me death?” He immediately stood up and stared at me keenly.

“No, I can’t wish you death. You’re death itself” I rolled my eyes.

“Now you ruined my perfect sleep” He went back to the bed and closed his eyes.

“Don’t tell me you want to sleep throughout today?”

“Nope, maybe till afternoon.” He grinned with a closed eyes.

“You’re not serious. Anyway, am going.” I said holding my bag like a kindergartner.

“Bye. And don’t ride d*cks when you get there.” He answered.

“Don’t drive p*ssy before I come back too. Get that!” I mocked.

I left the room and got outside the chariot, waited for my brother and we were both on our way to school.


Just as I came down. The students around were murmuring.

“The king has a son already.”

“I pity the new queen”

“I wish Queen Amber could send that devil away.

I ignored that and told my brother to be a good boy in class.

Just then, I heard my name and I searched for the person who was calling me.

“Dawn!” I squealed.

“Guess what?” She licked her bottom lip.

“You got a kiss today.” I furrowed my brow.

“Hmm…yes. Actually, Blade and I are dating.” She rushed her words and I felt my body numb.

What? Blade is dating her? Blade is really funny. I can’t believe he’d settled down with one girl. At last.

“Since when did you started dating?” I inquired.

“Yesterday, here he comes” She smiled and I turned to the direction she was smiling to, and saw Blade coming.

He got to us, kissed Dawn on the lips and greeted us.

“Good morning Lover boy” I smirked.

“Good morning Queen and how’s your night?”

“Good and better. I just pray we get the truth this afternoon. I can’t wait for that girl to leave the palace” I growled as we started walking to our grades.

“So Damien haven’t believe the boy is two faced?” Dawn asked.

“Not really. The doctor is going to come in the afternoon and he would probably get to read his mind if he was asked a question.” I uttered.

“That’s a great idea.” Blade chuckled before going to his own grade.


We got taught, did break and soon, we closed for the day. Today was really fast and I can’t wait to get home.

I took the chariot with my brother this time. Dawn had gone with Blade to his house.

We reached the palace. It was quiet amd I felt something awkward. Walking in the hallway, I could hear the cry of the little boy.

“Didn’t I ask you not to go out huh? You this ingrate! You’re so stubborn like your father kieran.” I gasped and stared at the door.

I wish I could open it. But who’s Kieran?

“Mom, let’s go to my father.” The boy whimpered and I felt sorry for him.

“No. You belong here. Just cooperate.” Celeste snapped.

Have heard enough. I left the hallway to my room. I Changed into something casual and rested a bit before a maid came and asked me to come to the throne room.

I met Celeste too on her way, she hissed, walking like a nobody.

Getting to the throne room, I took my seat beside Damien. The doctor walked in with his head down.

The way Damien focus on him made me believe he’s starting to read his mind. Celeste’s eyes were filled with anger and hatred as he saw the doctor walking in.

“Good..morning your highness.” The doctor stammered.

“Good morning. I called you here to ask few questions from you.” Damien told him.

“My king, if it about the child. I don’t have any hand in it. Am innocent.”


Damien’s pov

Just as I was about to read his mind. A little cry distracted me.

“Mom, my face Is itching me.” I heard the boy’s voice but didn’t see him.

“Don’t come out okay? Just stay there. Am coming.” Celeste yelled.

“You should remove that thing in your face, Raul” Kieran’s voice was heard.

What’s he doing there?

“Kieran? Don’t do that to my son.” Celeste stood up but couldn’t walk. She stood there on a spot.

Amber looked at me. She knew I did that.

“You’re my daddy right? I heard what you and mom said yesterday.” Raul said and I began hearing there footsteps.

Celeste struggled to walk but couldn’t.

“Doctor you have a hand in this. Celeste bribed you right?” Amber suddenly asked.

“Me? No..yes..I mean yes …no. She can’t bribe me. Am innocent. I don’t collect bribe” The doctor threw his hand up to show innocence.

I clearly read his mind. “Mike calm down. You don’t have a hand in this right? Just calm down. What if the king finally knows? Am fvcking dead. Celeste has really land me into trouble.” That was all.

I smiled evilly. He surely has a Hand in this. They planned it all. Just reading that idiot’s mind, the truth has been revealed.

Kieran walked into the throne room with Raul behind him. He walked to Celeste and smirked then mumbled something into her ear.

“Holy moon! Damien see!” My father shrieked pointing to the boy.

I glanced at the boy. And what I saw shocked me to the bone.


I turned to Amber, she shrugged and looked away.

Did I just see another face? I mean is this the boy? There’s a striking resemblance of Kieran.

Am seriously dreaming.