Dangerous Devil – Episode 17


**Damien’s pov**

I reached for the door knob and twisted it. The door opened. I took a looked around the room to see if I could sight Amber.

And there she is, Sitting on a chair and braiding her long brown hair in front of a mirror. I watched her for some seconds before clearing my throat to gain her attention.

She stopped what she was doing and turned to me. I saw her gulp, she stood up and walked to me majestically in her blue gown.

“Damien” She called in her small voice.

“Amber……” She paused while I stared at her keenly, waiting for her to finish her words.

“She’s using a mask on the boy. I saw the boy’s real face. Dawn and Blade saw them too.” She breathed out.


“What are you saying? The boy is wearing a mask on his face? Celeste did the mask for him to look like me?” I rushed my words.

“Since when did you know about this?” I asked.

“Let’s say yesterday. I wanted to tell you but am waiting for the right time.” She replied.

Gosh! I can’t believe this right now.

How dare Celeste? How dare she?

I moved back and walked to the door. “Where are you going Damien?” Amber’s voice stopped me.

“To go meet that b!tch of a woman! Dammit!” I cursed under my breath.

“You can go tomorrow. We will call the doctor and ask if he has a hand in this.”

“I already called for him. Am sure he’s on his way here now.” I responded.

“You can tell him to go back and come back tomorrow afternoon.” She bit her lower lip.

“Why?” I asked curiously.

“Nothing. Just wanted everything to happen tomorrow.” She replied nervously.

“Okay, I will do that for you.” I smiled and approached her and my eyes turned blue.

Am beginning to understand this blue color.

I curled her hair in my hand and gaze at her lips. I placed my lips on hers and kissed her intensely.

I kissed her with all my heart.

Queen Lenora’s pov

My heels were making unnecessary sounds in the hallway as I walk. Two maids were behind me carrying a new gown I just collected from my tailor which is mine and a new shoes for Amber.

Am sure it gonna fit her well.

I passed the Celeste’s door but stopped when I heard noises and decided to stop. I signalled to the maids to leave while I placed my ear at the door.

I blocked my scent so she won’t notice my presence.

“Mom, I don’t like you. Let’s go to my father.” The little boy cried.

What’s wrong with him? Why did he tell his mother he hate her?

And am still wondering if that boy is still the son of Damien.

“You just have to shut up okay? Just shut up! I don’t know why you just have to be smart like your father. Too smart for my liking.” She yelled and I gaped.


I hurriedly left the door when I sense her coming. I hid in a safe place and saw her coming out of her room.””

She wore an angry look on her face and balled her hand into a fist.

She’s that angry?

I saw her go which was a relief. I heaved a sigh and went back to my room.

Dawn’s pov

I clutched my bag tight as I move along with Blade. We snuck back into the school just the same way we snuck out.

It a good thing we aren’t caught.

“Would you like to visit my mom?” Blade suddenly said.

I swallowed and stopped walking. His mom?

“Hmm, if that’s okay by her.” I replied.

“Of course! She’s expecting you!” He grinned.

“Expecting me? Did you tell her about me?”

“Yeah, I told her I liked a girl. She asked me to bring her today. My mom is expecting a wife from me.” He laughed.

“Huh? A wife? Do I look a wife to you?” I rolled my eyes.

I still can’t forget about that kiss we shared.

“Maybe you’re gonna be mine soon” He laughed again and walk away while I ran after him.


I gasped when I got to his house. His house was portable and wonderful. I can’t believe he lives here with his mother.

What’s his work anyway?

“Surprised? Young Blade is a young merchant. Come let’s see my mom” He ushered me in.

I entered and saw an old woman on a couch sleeping. She looks gorgeous even in her old age.

“She’s asleep” I whispered into his ear.

“Yeah. Let’s go to the kitchen to cook. Am hungry.” He rubbed his stomach and stood up.

“Come on. I think we should do hers too. She might wake up.”

He nodded and pushed me to the kitchen. We cooked enough to remain for Blade’s mother too.

Blade kept stealing glances at me as we eats.

“Can’t we just eat in peace? Stop staring at me like I stole something from you.” I mumbled.

” I was looking at something else.” He chuckled.

“Huh? Something else? Like what?” I asked and curiously looked back to see his mother at the door.

For how long has she been here? Geez! No wonder.

“Good afternoon…ma” I quickly greeted and stuck my hair behind my ear.

It took long before she answered and I was already nervous as hell.

“Dawn? Is that your name?” She asked and I nodded.

She still knows my name.

“Yes ma, nice meeting you ma.” I left the dinning room to go greet the woman.

I bowed and she touched my hair with a smile.
Oh lord!

“You look beautiful just as Blade said.” She said.

To my surprise, she pulled me into a hug. The hug I was searching for. A warm hug from a parent.

I could get this everyday but my parents left me to this cold world.

“My son really likes you. You know that?” She whispered still hugging me.

“Yes. I know. We….kissed hours ago.” I uttered and she gasped, releasing me.

“Really? How does the lips taste on yours? Sweet, sour or bitter?” She dragged me away from the dinning.

“Ma?” My eyes dilated in shock. “It tasted sweet.” I responded bashfully.

She made me sit and then she started to say all her history. From the time she met Blade’s father, how Blade was born, how his father died and all that.

“You guys kept talking about me. Anyways, mom its time for Dawn to go home. You didn’t even let her finish her food.” Blade said to his mother.

“Keep quiet! What do you know? Dear, are you coming tomorrow?” Blade mother questioned.

“Yes. Am coming to spend time with you tomorrow. See you tomorrow ma.” I pecked her on the cheek and saw her shriek.

“Your lips tickle me.” She giggled making me laugh.

“Greet your parents okay?” She added.

“They are dead.” I answered plainly.

“Oh my bad! Goodbye then. Tomorrow.” She waved before I followed Blade out of the house.

“Why your mom call you Blade?” I suddenly frain.

“She told me, I was born with a Blade on my left hand.” He raised his left palm up to show me a mark. Probably, from the Blade.

“And the Blade?”

“At home, in a safe place.” He smirked.

He suddenly faced me and cupped my cheek. Staring intensely at me, he moved his head closer making our head almost touching.

“Be mine Dawn.” He said with a pleading eyes.

“What?” Trying to process everything in my head.

“You know what I mean Dawn. I know its too early. Somehow, I couldn’t stop thinking about you, I couldn’t wait to see you by my side everyday. Have never gone crazy over a woman before but meeting you, everything changed. Be mine Dawn. Please.” He pleaded again with puppy eyes.

I do like him too. No, I have love feelings for him too. Now he’s asking me to be his.

I’d love to be his.


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