Dangerous Devil – Episode 16


**Amber’s pov**

I will surely reward him. He just help me solve everything so easy. He really deserve the best. I wish he won’t end up to be like his mom and I wonder where his father is.

Celeste, you will regret this.

I quickly ran to my room to see Blade and Dawn running round the room.


“In my matrimonial room?” I yelled and they stopped.

“Sorry! Actually, it was Blade who started it first.” Dawn apologized and I shifted my gaze to Blade for explanation.

Just as he is on earth, He’s too playful.
See now, he’s scratching his neck.

“Blade, what if Damien was the one who came here. What would have been your fate now?”

“Dawn was the one who started it.” He tried to defend himself.

“No you are the one.” Dawn nudged him.

“No you are” They kept arguing until I slammed the table beside me which turned to ashes.

“Geez! Are you that angry? We are sorry. Dawn, I think we should get a room. You know.” He winked.

“Just say you’re in love with her okay? Stop beating around the bush.” I snorted at him.

“Really?” He faced Dawn. “I love you, Dawn” He chuckled.

“Hey! Stop that! Let’s just go back to school. Remember our bags are still in school before coming here.” Dawn uttered.

“Am really crushing on you. Kiss me please” Blade pouted his lips towards Dawn and began whining like a baby.

“Seriously, you’re beginning to get out of hand. You can’t expect her to kiss you like that.” I laughed when Dawn slapped his pouted lips, going back to its normal position.

“Don’t mind him Amber, Blade? Let’s go now”

“Fine! Just know I would kiss those lips one day.” He answered reluctantly.

“In your dreams.” Dawn and I said in unison making us laugh.

Blade scoffed and moved closer to Dawn. Don’t tell me he’s gonna do what am thinking.

“What…. are you doing?” Dawn stammered, taking a step backwards.

My eyes dilated in shock, so as Dawn too cause it happened. Right in my room.

Blade kissed Dawn. I could see he kissed her with all his heart. My playboy Blade.

“That enough. Get a room!” I told them but Blade just snap his finger which I knew what that meant. I should shut up.

Dawn was kissing him back. I felt cheated. My friends are kissing each other and am here yelling.

But this is my fvcking room.

“Stop kissing in my room!” I ordered.

What surprises me most was when Blade pushed Dawn to the bed.

“On my matrimonial bed! Blade!!!!!” I snarled.

“Calm down Amber, I was just pulling your leg.” He chuckled when he stopped kissing Dawn.

“Get up from my bed.” I rolled my eyes.
“You should have pulled my whole body.” I hissed.

“Hmm, I need to go.” Dawn’s cheeks were red.
“Can’t believe he kissed me.Gosh!” She whispered when she got to me, not letting Blade hear.

“Expect more in the future.” I whispered back.

She blinked her eyes while I just smiled.
“How about the boy? Did you see him or something?” Blade suddenly asked.

My face became pale. “I saw his real face. Truly, he’s using a mask. I wonder who’s his father.” I shrugged.

“But….His face kinda look familiar though. I mean someone older ” I added.

The boy looked familiar. I don’t know who he resembled but I know I have seen someone who looked like him.

“This is kind of confusing. Am sure we will find the truth soon.” Dawn assured.

“Yeah. I pray so. You guys should go back before they say you’re missing.” I said to them.

I followed them to the palace gate and hugged them before leaving biding them bye.

I sighed and went back inside. Orpheus called me, his face looked so exciting.

“Sister, guess what.” He ran to me.

” I can’t really guess but am gonna try. Mom is coming?” I guessed.

“Yes! She’s coming in the next three days.” He nodded happily.


“I can’t wait to see her. Mom is really coming for sure?”

“Yes sister. She sent me a letter.”

“Yahh! Come give sister a hug.” I spread my arms wide for a hug. We hugged and later on, we talked about Celeste. I told him everything.

I can’t wait to see my mom.

Damien’s pov

I dismissed my subjects after telling them how am going to solve this child of a thing. The news is everywhere now.

Fvck Celeste for doing this. Once I get the truth. I won’t spare her.

“Guards!” I shouted. A guard came ran to me and knelt down on one knee.

“My lord.”

“Call the doctor for me.” I said. He took off.

I need to read his mind whenever am asking him question to see if he has a hand in this.

Celeste’s pov

I paced around the room after reading the damn letter in my hand. Kieran just wanted to spoil plans for me.

I don’t want to love him. And that’s all. Why’s he disturbing me? Yes, kieran is Raul’s father.

That fool. He wants me to give him his child which is not possible. I was two weeks pregnant before I slept with Damien.

Kieran knew i was pregnant for him but I told him he’s not. Secretly, he took the child and did a test. And thats how he found out.

Till now, he won’t let me rest. Now, he’s threatening me.

I stopped walking when I saw him climb the window with an angry look on his face.

“What are you doing here? He’s not your son! Don’t you get it!” I growled.

“Celeste, why are you so b!tchy? The test says am his father! Give me my son now. I need him.” He snapped and pinned me to the wall.

“The test also says Damien is the father. And between you and him, who do you think am gonna choose? Damien of course!” I retorted, rolling my eyes at him as his breath covered my face.

“You think I don’t know what you’re capable of huh? You bribed the doctor, isn’t it?” He whispered into my ears.

I gulped. “It none of your business, you know that. Just leave me! Go your way, I go mine.”

“You’re still the same Celeste. Still the same. Do you know am unhappy about what you’re doing. You know how much I care about you, most especially my son.” He tilt my head to face him.

“Yeah, he’s your son. But no more. You can’t get him away from me.”

He smirked, left me and walked to my sleeping son and caress his hair.

“Remove the damn artificial face off now!”

I ignored him.

He kissed his forehead and stood up to meet me. He held my hand and a blade came out of his finger and tore my wrist a little making me wince.

“This means…..am coming back for you, for my son. You can’t win this fight, can you? Your blood still smells nice as usual.” He sniffed my wrist which had blood gushing out.

“Just know, you’re gonna lose. Bye.” With that, he ran to the window and left.

“Mom, the man is my father? You’re wicked!” I turned to see Raul crying.

Oh no! He heard our discussion.

“Why are you making me regret having you as a mother?” His words took me off guard.

He’s just too smart for my liking. Arghhh!

“Just shut up okay? Don’t let me hit you Raul!” I warned him.

Hope this boy won’t spoil my plans?


Plans that have already spoil before?