Dangerous Devil – Episode 15


**Amber’s pov**

I gasped. What if Celeste………Ah yes! That might be true. I will find out myself.

The boy has given me a clue.

I jerk up and went back to my room. Geez!
Is Celeste using a mask for the boy or might probably used her power to make his face be like Damien’s.

But he doesn’t have his silver eyes. His eyes are green and his mother’s isn’t.

Something is definitely wrong. I need to see the doctor and Damien too.

“Amber? Please come” Queen Lenora called and i answered.

“You called me ma.” I turned to her.

“Yes, I just wanna tell you something. I know you’re seriously angry with Damien. And I think he’s sorry. He never thought that b!tch is gonna come back with a child” She said with a calm face.

“Ma, am not angry with Damien. Seriously it wasn’t his fault. There’s something fishy about that boy and his mother. He told me he got two faces.”

“Huh? Tw….Two faces?” She stammered, her eyes dilated in shock.

“Yes. I need to get close to the boy”

“Yeah, that’s true. Could she be using her power or something?” She mumbled.

“I think so.”

“Okay. Let’s get close to the boy. I need to go now. Later.” She left.

I sighed and got to my room, sat on the couch to think. The shower in the bathroom was on and I guess Damien is in there.

I guessed right cause he came out with a towel on his waist and one on his neck. He was dripping wet.

The drops of water coming down from his hair touched his lips amd made it more pinkish.

Stop drooling Amber.

He met my eyes and smiled while I looked away. I got a lot of things in mind now.

I closed my eyes immediately I saw him coming towards me.

What does he want?

“Amber look at me” He cooed and removed a strand of hair from my face. My eyes still closed.

“Are you still angry with me? Am sorry.”He apologized but I ignored him.

“Can you stop giving me this silent treatment?” His voice was husky.

“No am not. Am just thinking of something. Let’s get close to the boy.” I finally spoke and opened my eyes to see his face an inch to mine.

“Really? Why did you say that?” He questioned.

The boy got two faces and….have never heard of someone with two faces. God!

“Two faces?” He furrowed his brows.

I forgot he reads minds. Yes…but why can’t he read Celeste’s thought?

“Yes. The boy told me himself. Don’t you think we should get closer to the boy so we can find out Celeste’s secret”

“That will be a good idea.” He smacked his lips. I missed those lips. But not now.

“Why can’t you read her mind?” I found myself asking.

“She blocked those damn thoughts of hers.” He replied.

“About the child only. I can read her other thoughts but about the child, no.”

“How about the child’s mind?”

“I get to read his thoughts but they are meaningless.” He huffed.

“Okay. Let’s just get close to the boy.”

He touched my lips and stared lustfully, I knew what he’s up to. I removed his hand away and stood up but he drew me back and pinned me to the wardrobe.

His hands caged me to the wardrobe and moved his face close to mine. I could feel his breath on my face.

“Can I go?” I whispered.

The kiss he gave me made me know the answer. No. He kissed me, bit my lower lip gently and suck it. I responded.

His hand left the wardrobe and cupped my cheek. He moved his fingers to b*ob and pressed it, I winced in pleasure.

We suddenly heard a knock and both came back to our senses. Who the hell is that?

Damien groaned and went to open the door only to see the witch come in.

What’s she doing here?

“Hey Damien, Raul feels like playing with his father, could you please do that for him? At least……” She glanced over at me.

“At least, let him know you love him. He’s the prince you know. The heir to the throne.” She concluded.

I wish I could just slam her head on a hard object.

“Am busy with my wife as you can see.” Damien replied.

“I see. Busy with that stuff huh? How about we do threesome.” She touched his towel.

I watched in shock.
“Get your filthy hand off my towel!” Damien snarled and yanked her hand away.

“Don’t you have respect? You aren’t even ashamed of what you just did. You have a son for him doesn’t mean you take all the rights that was supposed to belong to me. Are you that mad?” I shouted at her and moved my hand towards.

She flew up and landed on the floor hard that she yelped and rubbed both her back and buttocks.

Was I really angry?

“Get out of this room this minute!” I snapped.

I ran to her and pushed her out of the room. I locked the door properly and saw Damien smiling.

“I need rest.” I told him and he nodded.

Am supposed to be in school but I got many problems at hand right now. Maybe tomorrow, I might try and go.

Celeste’s pov

I dusted my dress and walked angrily away from the door.

Damn that b!tch!

I will make sure she leaves this palace for good. I own Damien. Forever and ever.

A guy passed me with a suspicious look on his face.

“What are you looking at?” I growled.

“Nothing actually, am Orpheus and you?” He stretched his hand for a handshake.

“Am Celeste, are you related to anyone here?” I asked, ignoring his handshake which he later kept his hand into his pocket.

“Yea. To Amber and Sir Drake. In fact, all of them. Wait! You must be the lady people are talking about.” He pointed to me.

“Yes? Any problem with that? I guess rumors spread fast. I need to be going now.” I left him.

Who’s he to them? He can’t just be related to them like that.

I got to my room, locked the door well and saw Raul playing around. He had removed the damn mask I did with my power from his face.

“Raul!” I distracted him, shooting dead glares at him.

“Why the fvck did you remove the mask. What if someone comes in and saw your real face. You should know I won’t take it slightly with you.

This is your chance to be a prince. To rule this kingdom. Don’t you get it?!” I whispered with anger.

“Mom, am feeling heat and that’s why I removed the mask. Must I put on the mask to become the prince? Is he really my father?” He asked and I smacked him.

“Idiot! Must you be that smart? Raul, if you spoil this plans for me, you will regret having me as a mother. Now put it on.” I ordered.

“Mom, please let me have some fresh air to my face then I can put it on. Please.” He pleaded but I wasn’t buying it.

What if Damien suddenly come here through a portal and finally find out the truth. Am dead.
Cause I know Damien won’t spare me.

“You know what? I give you twenty minutes for that fresh air of yours. I gotta sleep and don’t destroy this place with your power.” I cautioned before climbing the bed and slept off.

Dawn’s pov

I climbed down from the window after hearing her conversation with her two faced son. I had actually come here with Blade.

We snuck out of the school. I don’t have the courage to do that but Blade encouraged me.

We missed Amber today and wanted to find what’s going on especially when we heard that another lady is here with Damien’s son.

We just can’t wait to see Amber. I landed on the ground and saw Blade coming close to where I was.

“Did you see anything?” He asked.

“The mother did a mask for the boy to look like Damien.” I replied.

“What?! Come on let’s enter the palace and tell Amber about this.” He dragged me to the gate and it got opened by a guard who interviewed us and then we entered.

The palace was big, really big. Blade squeezed my hand and I winced.

“What the fvck are you doing?”

“Sorry, your hand is soft. I love it.” He smiled which made me blush.

“Do you know Amber’s room?” I frained.

“No, but I can track her. Watch me” He closed his eyes for like three seconds and opened them back.

“Here, let’s go. I can sense her.” He sniffed and I followed him as he makes directions.

“I think this is the King’s room too. Let’s knock.” I knocked on the door, no answer.

The third time I was about to knock, it got opened by King Damien.

Oh god of moon! We bowed immediately, he watched us for sometime before asking us what we want in his cold voice.

“We are Amber’s friends from school” Blade grinned.

“Friends? She has a male friend? Wait! Are you not the one who followed her here to this world?” He asked Blade.

“Yes, I am.”

After few talks between them. Harsh questions from the king and cool answers from Blade. He finally let us in.

Amber’s pov

I was shocked and surprised to see Dawn and Blade here. They told me how they missed me, snuck out and …….what happened in Celeste’s room.

I knew it! The boy probably has a mask fixed on his face. That b!tch. I need to confirm this myself.

“Where are you going Amber?”Blade Frained when I stood up.

“To confirm what you just said. I won’t take it slightly with her if I get to see her secret.” I answered and left the room.

I tiptoed to Celeste’s door. Am not sure if she’s sleeping or still awake. How do I get in?

Suddenly, the door creak opened and to my surprise, I saw the boy with a different face.

Oh my God! It true.

The boy eyes were glued to the ground and didn’t notice me until he hit me and stumbled back.

“Aunty, don’t come in. This is my real face. Am cute right?” He pouted his pink lips.

Truthfully, the boy was cute.

“Yes dear. Did mommy know you’re sneaking out?”

“No, mom will kill me if she sees me outside without my second face.” He responded sadly.

Poor boy.

“Raul! What are you doing there? Come here this minute you fool.” I heard Celeste barking.

“Am coming. Just trying to lock the door properly.” Raul shouted to her hearing and asked me to leave immediately, which i did.

He closed the door gently. I placed my hand on my chest and left there immediately.

I just saw that. The real truth. No, one of the evidences that he’s not Damien’s son.

Damien and his parents must hear this. They need to kick that lady out. I don’t know what to do about that boy, but I must say thank you.

I will surely reward him. He just help me solve everything so easy. He really deserve the best. I wish he won’t end up to be like his mom and I wonder where his father is.

Celeste, you will regret this.


?? Should I say few more episodes to go? Lemme mind my business and oops! There will be season two of this story

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