Dangerous Devil – Episode 14


Amber’s pov **

“And let’s do a test to prove it. He’s Damien’s son” The lady said and grinned.

Really? He must be Damien’s son.

I heave a sigh, got down from the bed and took my clothes. I rushed to the bathroom and wore the clothes.

F*ck! Tell me am gonna be a second wife.

To crown it all, the boy really looked like Damien. Everything, his dark hair, resemblance but the little boy doesn’t have his silver eyes.

I walked out and saw the lady sitting on a couch, crossed legged and his son was surveying the room.

Damien was staring at me but I ignored his stares. Suddenly, he grabbed the lady out of the room to God knows.

Her son, I mean Damien’s son is with me. Mere looking at the boy, he was cute and looks innocent.

Difficultly, I reached the bed and grabbed the bedsheet and duvet which had my blood stain and put them in the laundry basket.

I couldn’t go to the wardrobe cause of the pain am still feeling under me. I stretched my hand to the wardrobe direction and made use of my power to open the wardrobe.

I took a red colored bedsheet and a white duvet.

“Wow! You got a great power, I wish to be like you” The boy said in his tiny voice.

“I pray so.” I told him and spread the bedsheet on the bed before the duvet.

“Why are you so angry and also crying when mom said that man is my father?” He asked with a shrug.

“You can’t understand dear. I don’t wanna talk much okay? Am a bit stressed. Am…..” I didn’t finish my word before the woman came and drag his son.

“Stay away from that woman okay? She’s a bad woman. Let’s go. And……” She turned to me. “We are going for the test. Coming?” She asked with a simper.

I didn’t want to, but I really wanna see the result. If it comes out positive, I don’t know what to do again.

I nodded and wore my flipflops, I limped behind them as they go.

I saw Damien’s parents, their eyes were on me. Probably, the way I was walking. Damien put me into this.

“Amber, are you okay? You’re limping” Queen Lenora said, worriedly.

“Am fine, I hit my leg on a table. That’s why” I lied.

And thank God they believed it. I glance at Damien, he was smiling at me but I threw him a glare.

*Devil* I scoffed.

He gave me an apologetic look. I knew he read my mind.

Damien’s pov

I tried reading Celeste’s mind but it seems to have blocked me from reading. I can’t believe am having a son.

But still, I don’t believe Celeste. Celeste isn’t someone you can trust.

Five years back, I slept with her, just once. Have known her as a slut and she sleeps with many men.

No strings attached. I can’t say am not the owner of the child but he f*cking looks like me.

Have really hurt Amber and am sure she doesn’t want me close to her. I just pray she understands me and let me explain everything.

The doctor came, he greeted everyone respectively and he sat down. Without wasting time, I told him what we called him for.

He gave me a suspicious look before standing up. He took my blood and the boy’s blood then asked us to go home. He’s going to bring the result tomorrow and left.

I tightened my fists together. What’s gonna happen tomorrow? What if it came out positive?

Am gonna lose Amber.

“Son, did you really slept with her?” Mother asked and I nodded. Oops! I nodded shamefully.

“Yes mom.”

“Gosh! Damien, when I told you to stop f*cking ladies anyhow! You won’t listen!” Dad snapped.

“I slept with her five years ago!” I retorted.

“So? Mere looking at the boy, he’s five years!” Mom chipped in.

I wasn’t ready for this. I faced Amber who was watching the drama. I went to her and touched her chin and tilt her head to face me.

“Amber, am sorry. But am sure that boy isn’t my child.” I said softly.

“Really? What if the result comes out positive? Why didn’t you guys just use something protective? Huh?” She slapped my hand away.

“Don’t touch me again.” She warned and left.

I sighed.

“Son, it okay. Let’s wait for the result tomorrow.” My mother patted me.

Blade’s pov

I pushed my hair back and peeked my mom before going out of the house to the market.

I held the basket, swinging it sideways. I whistled as I walk on the lonely path.

I wonder how Dawn and Amber is doing now.
And talking of Dawn, I wish I could still see her again. I really wish.

“Blade?” I heard and stopped walking.

“Dawn??” I recognized the voice immediately and turned back.

“Wow! My wish came true” I chuckled.

“Wish? You’ve wished to see me?”

“Yes. So, where are you going?” I asked.

“To the market and I can see you’re going there too” She glanced at my basket and smiled.

“Yeah, correct. Can we go together?” Looking into her green eyes.

“Of course, let’s go.” She answered and stood beside me.

I moved my arm across her shoulder and held her close to me. Our eyes met but she looked away shyly.

I grinned as we walk towards the market.

Amber’s pov

Damien entered the room and I felt his body behind me.

“Amber, can you listen me to me?” He said but I snubbed him.

“Amber, I never knew she’s gonna come back, and she never told me she’s pregnant. She never did. She’s suddenly here and starts to tell everyone that the boy is my son.” He explained.

“But you really slept with her right? Five years ago. And she’s back. The boy has a striking resemblance of you. Thats one of the evidences.” I replied.

“I know the boy resembles me but….what if it was a set up?”

I thought of that. Setup? How?

“I need to take a nap Damien. Can I? Please” I pleaded. I heard him sigh and pulled the duvet over me.

Celeste’s pov

I made Raul sleep and stroke his hair smiling. My son would soon be a prince and I, the King’s wife.

That b!tch is gonna be out of this place soon. I don’t share my Damien with anyone.

Damien can never read my mind cause I blocked him from reading. I don’t want him to know if the child is his or not.


My son has always ask of his father but I keep giving him flimsy excuses. Tomorrow is gonna be the best ever.

Damien haven’t seen anything yet.

Amber’s pov

Next morning,

I woke up and stretched out my body. Gosh! I feel so weak.

I sluggishly stood up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take my bath. Damien isn’t in the room and I was happy.

I hurriedly wore my clothes and pack my hair in a messy bun and applied a red lip stick on my lips. Am not used to makeup.

A maid came in and asked me to come downstairs for breakfast. What?

Really? I scoffed and asked her to wait.

I thought we can never eat together. What happened?

I wore my sandals and followed the maid. The dinning room was big with a large table and about ten chairs.

The little boy stood up from where he was sitting and asked me to sit there. Beside Damien while he sat opposite his mom who was giving him a dead glare.


“Good morning everyone. I guess we are waiting for the result. I just pray its negative.” Damien Father muttered the last part.

“Its posi…….”

“Don’t talk again woman!” Damien snapped at Celeste.

“Sorry baby” She giggled.

I scoffed and took my fork. “Can we eat please? Am hungry” I said, trying to make them stop the discussion.

“Okay” They said

We ate our breakfast and we all sat in the throne room waiting for the doctor. My heart was beating really fast.

Finally, he came. Oh God! Let it be negative!

“Good morning, my king” He bowed.

He opened his bag and brought out a paper which I immediately knew it was the result.

“This’s the result. And it came out…….” He paused and watched everyone carefully.

“It positive” He finally said.

I found my self staggering but Damien’s mother held me so I won’t fall.

“It what? Po..positive?” Damien stuttered and slowly looked at me with disappointment.

“Okay, you can go now doctor. Give me the paper” Sir Drake stretched his hand and collected the paper in his hand.

The doctor left. ” I told you he’s Damien’s son.” Celeste smirked.

I don’t know what to do. Seriously don’t know.

“Raul, go meet your papa. You’re a prince now.”The b***h giggled and ushered his son to meet Damien.

The little boy smiled and hugged Damien innocently. I left the scene helplessly.

“Sister, are you okay?” Orpheus asked. My brother.

“Am fine. Is there anything you need?” Trying to stop tears from leaving my eyes.

I hugged my brother tight and the tears finally stroll down.

“Damien is having a son. He slept with someone five years ago and she’s back with a boy.” I sniffed.

“What?! It okay. I don’t wanna see you cry and don’t think too much. It gonna be fine sister.” He patted my back.

“Thanks Orpheus”

At night, I keep avoiding Damien. I don’t wanna see him or want him to come close. Am not angry with him but I need space.

I got to the garden and saw Raul. The boy. I watched him play with a sun flower. Where’s his mother?

“Hey! Aunty come and sit” He called me and touched the space on the bench he was sitting on.

I came to him and sat down.

“You look pale aunty. Please don’t fall sick, am beginning to like you.” He pouted his lips.


Its better you don’t.

“Thanks. Where’s your mother?” I asked looking around the garden.

“She’s coming. She went to take something inside.” He answered and leaned towards me.

“I wanna tell you something. It a secret and don’t tell mama I told you this” He said silently.

I wonder why.

“I got two faces.” He said.

Wait! I don’t understand. Two face? How?

I arched my brow in confusion.

“And mom told me the king is my father, is it true?” He inquired.

“No dear, your father is a farmer.” I replied softly.


I giggled and rubbed his hair.

“What are you doing with my son? Raul come here now!” Celeste came out from nowhere and took her son away.

I wasn’t concerned about that. But two faces?

I gasped. What if Celeste………Ah yes! That might be true. I will find out myself.

The boy has given me a clue.


???Who’s thinking what Amber is thinking?