Dangerous Devil – Episode 13


Amber’s pov

I don’t know if he loves me but somehow, am trusting Damien on this.

He trailed his fingers down my arm and planted kisses on my neck and down to my chest.

He held my waist and gently pushed me down on the bed. He kissed me again and I shut eyes close as he removed my blouse.

Oh my! Am beginning to go naked in front of him.

He removed the two straps of my bra and drew my bra down. He didn’t unhook it.

He took my b*obs, one was in his mouth and the other, he was squeezing it with his hand.

I let out soft moans as I combed his hair with my fingers.

Steadily, his hand went down to my trouser and drew the zipper down. I swallowed my Saliva.
My eyes were still closed cause I don’t wanna look into his eyes.

He stood up from my body and drew my trouser away from my legs and am left with only my bra and p*nt on.

Seconds later, I didn’t feel him around my body.
Where did he go? And I don’t wanna open this my nervous eyes.

“Open your eyes, Amber” He said softly.

But I don’t want to. I shook my head vigorously.
“Don’t worry, just look at me.” He said again, his voice was pleading.

I slowly open them and they went wide. What the hell?

He was stark nak*d and his damn d*ck is straightened up. I covered my eyes with my palm immediately I saw that.

He chuckled, my body was pressed on the bed due to his body on me. He gently removed my hands away and I stared at his silver eyes filled with emotions and not lost.

Gosh! Am really gonna lose my v*rginity?

“You shouldn’t be shy, is it your first?” He asked.

Of course and he already knows that. I nodded in affirmation. He smiled and touched my lips with his thumb.

I didn’t forget, down there was hot for me. His erected d*ck was touching my v making me kind of having a tingling sensation.

The bra he unhooked made me jerk out of thought. I felt his tongue on my pointed n!pple and I gasp.

He’s f*cking driving me crazy.

His fingers touched my p*nt and rip it off.

What? Did he have to tear my p*ant off?

I felt his hand on my naked v and I trembled as he rub it gently. I bit my lips hard and held the bedsheet tight.

“You’re already wet” He cooed and dip a finger into me.

“Arrgh!” I yelped, touching his shoulder.

“Am sorry” He quickly apologized and moved his finger in and out of me twice before dipping another one.

Gosh! I feel like killing him there! It f*cking hurts!

“Damien!” I called painfully and he gave me and apologic look.

He landed his lips on me and move his two fingers in and out of me again. I was groaning.

It was bitter-sweet.

Suddenly, I felt his d*ck touch my honeypot. He didn’t shove it in but, he was just teasing me with it and he kept smiling.

My stomach clenched, my breath wasn’t normal again.

“Damien! Don’t make me burst” I groaned.

“Just wanna make you more wet” He grinned.

What kind of man is this?

He stood up properly.

In the next minute, I wasn’t myself again. I winced and gasped at the same time. He pulled his d*ck out and pushed it in again.

A tear slip down my eyes cause I was unable to bear the pain.

“Damien, let’s stop” I said to him and wanted to push him away but he was too strong.

“Am sorry, but this is gonna hurt bad” He said to me and positioned himself properly between my thighs.

Damien’s pov

I could see her painful face. I can’t believe am trying to dis-virgin a girl. I don’t do virgin.

The fact that a tear slip down her face made my body shook.

I took her legs and placed it on my shoulders and kept moving in and out. I heard her cries.

“Damien stop”

“It hurts! Just stop!”


Doing this, I feel like a normal man. I don’t know but am beginning to have connections with her.

A different feeling which I haven’t felt before. I know that feeling but am still doubting it.

Am sorry Amber for putting you through this.

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Amber’s pov

I could feel my v tearing apart, the pains were becoming unbearable and I kept holding the sheet tight.

“Come on kiss me” He suddenly said and lean down to lock my lips with him.

I was groaning in his mouth just as he kept drilling me. He wasn’t slow this time but fast and I feel my hymen breaking.

He groaned and touched my breast, squeezing it. I was enjoying the pleasure from the squeezing but down there, I felt something oozing out.

I couldn’t look down cause Damien was on top of me. My v was yet to take his full size in.

Seriously, I wanted to tear Damien apart for making me go through this but I can’t just be a v*rgin forever.

I was almost loosing it, my eyes were beginning to close but the devil didn’t look but was just doing it and release inside me.

He must be a 10 hours guy.?

Finally, he stood up from me and carried me away from the bed to the bathroom. I looked down myself and saw blood on my thighs.

Gosh! I finally did it! I lost it. My v*rginity. To him.

He dropped me in the bathtub and made a foamy water with soap. He took a sponge and scrub my body.

The water was hot enough that it touched my v and i felt relieved.

Anytime our eyes met, I looked away bashfully.

“Are you still shy about this?” He asked.

I knew what he meant.

“No.” I replied, plainly.

He nodded and washed the foam away with water. He carried me out and made me stand on my feet.

I couldn’t stand properly so, I held his shoulder for support while he cleaned me with a towel and wrap me with it.

He carried me again and moved to the bedroom then dropped me on the bed.

I saw my clothes on the bed and my ripped p*nt too. I gulped and lay down with the duvet on my body.

Damien came to me and whispered. “You mean everything to me now, Amber.” I wanted to talk but I was damn dizzy and that. I slept off.

Damien’s pov

I watch her as she sleeps. She’s beautiful when sleeping. I removed a strand of hair from her face and smiled.

Truly, she mean everything to me.

I heard a knock on the door and I stretched my hand to take my clothes and put it on.

I opened the door and saw maid with her head down. “What do you want?” I asked.

“My king, its a lady and his son. She said, she really wants to see you.” She answered.

“What’s her name?”

“Hum, Celeste sir”

My eyes widened in shock and in anger.
Why is she here? And with a son? Huh?

“Tell her am com……”

“No need, king Damien. Excuse us young lady.” I turned to see the b***h and his damn son.

“What do you want Celeste? What? You see am married and I don’t have anything to do with you okay?” I snarled and look over to see Amber still sleeping.

“No, in fact she must hear about this. You got me pregnant and here I am, with your son. The boy is asking of his father. And you are!” She yelled and I slapped her.

“What?!” I heard her say, but not only from her but from Amber too.

She was up and her eyes were dilated in shock.

“Damien is that true?” She asked and I couldn’t say anything.

“Young woman, you see……” She interrupted Celeste.

“Shut up and let me speak! Damien answer me, you slept with her right? Amd got her pregnant?” I just nodded.

“Yes, and am sorry. I didn’t me……”

“Shut up! After everything! Everything! Damien you! I trusted even if my subconscious didn’t. I did. I gave you all I have as a woman but here, a woman with your son. Thats Good!” I could see her tears strolling down her cheeks.

“And let’s do a test to prove it. He’s Damien’s son” Celeste said and grinned.