Dangerous Devil – Episode 12


Amber’s pov

My breasts were touching his chest. We are kissing in our enemy’s kingdom?

What the hell?

We broke the kiss and stared at each other for a while. Silence took over but Damien broke it again.

“Am taking you home Amber.” He said and dragged my hand.

I followed him, leaping behind him. Just then, I sighted his white horse from afar.

He took me in and ordered the guard to take me. Huh? He is not going with me?

“You’re not coming?” I asked, arching my brow at him for an answer.

“Am coming, let the guard take you home.” He groaned and kiss me on the head.

Am sure he’s still angry about what Cassius did.

Before I could talk again, he signalled to the guard to move and he left.

Damien, is he going to be alright?

Damien’s pov

I gritted my teeth as I move closer to Cassuis’ palace.

How dare he touch her?

He almost raped her. Damn him for trying that!

Another set of guards came out and with a snap of my finger. They went down. Not dead, cause I don’t really kill people just like that.

I got inside and the first person I saw was Cassuis. Right on time.

I smirked and held his neck. Punching him in the face.

“How dare you!” I growled.
“How dare you touch her?! You wanna rape her right? You wanna do that! Do you know she’s mine?” I kept hitting him on the face.

I was so angry and I was avoiding my black eyes. I might kill him. Which I don’t want to.

He scoffed with blood gushing out of his nose.

“You really love her huh? Nice job Damien! Have never see you so over protective of a girl before” He laughed.

“She changed you right? The Damien I know would have killed me right now. In fact, this place would have been on fire. Gosh! That sexy lady is really wonderful” He chuckled.

I kicked him in the stomach and he groaned like an idiot.

“Don’t you ever touch her again or even think of stepping your foot in any of my kingdoms. I won’t spare you. I swear, I won’t.” I warned and left the damn palace in annoyance.


?Cassuis’ pov ?

Immediately he left the palace, I managed to stand up on my feet. He almost killed me.

That dammed bas***d!

Really? He came all the way from his world to come take his queen and fight me.


I touched my bloody face. It was so bloody that I hardly see as a result of the blood dripping from my head.

“Oh son! I heard Damien came here? Wait! He did this to you? What the hell!” My father snarled as he touched my face.

I leap over to the chair and sat on one buttock.
“Call the healer father. Am dying.” I winced.

He nodded and went out.


Damien’s pov

The portal disappeared and I was back to my room. I saw Amber on the bed with the duvet on her body.

I smiled as I walk closer to the bed and stroke her hair. She’s fast asleep.

The thoughts came again. Why am I so attracted to her? So, so attracted.

I care now. I can do anything to make her safe. I get jealous when I see her with another guy.

I hate it when another guy touch her. I f*cking care for her.

How did I ended up doing all this? She’s changing me even with her devilish attitudes.

I stared at her for a while before I came down on the bed.

“Where are you going?” Her soft voice made me stop and I turned.

“Going to see my mother” I answered.

Her eyes were still closed.
“Are you coming back?” She asked again.

“Yes, you don’t want me to go?”

“Go and see your mother first.” She responded and buried her face into the pillow.

I smirked and left the room. I got to my parents’ door and knocked. It took some seconds before it was opened.

“Hey son. You came to check on your mother?” I walked in as my Dad opened the door widely for me to come in.

I saw my mom laying down. She turned her neck and saw me. I greeted her with a pleasant smile on my lips.

“Are you okay now? Mom?”

“Am feeling better. Thanks son. Where’s Amber?” She asked weakly.

“She’s inside.” I answered.

“You went over to the werewolves world to take Amber?” My dad said with his eyes widened.

“Seriously? I thought you said, you don’t want her and you dislike her. You should let cassuis take her” My mom chipped in.

“That’s my duty dad. And she’s my queen” I retorted.

“There he goes again, He’s even claiming the girl as his queen. Darling, tell me our son is in love” My dad winked at mom which made her blush.

“Am not in love okay? I came to check on mom and not talk about love” I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever! You just don’t wanna admit it. Anyways, as you can see your mom is fine”

“I know. I have to go.” I uttered.

“He’s in love” I heard mom whispered and I tried to ignore it.

I went back to my room and met Amber sitting, her back resting on the wooden bed and the duvet still covered her legs.

“Amber?” Calling for her attention.

“Yes?” She raised her head up to see me and placed her head on my shoulder.


Unknown’s pov

“Mom, you aren’t going to show me my dad anymore” I said fixed his hair.

My five year old boy, Mike.

“You look hot’ i complimented.

“Thanks Mom. I can’t wait to see my father!” My son squealed.

I smiled. You can wait son. You will get to see your father soon. Soon and soon.

“He can never run away from you. Never” I told him.

“Get the bags ready” I added before leaving the room.


Amber’s pov

Damein raised my chin up and kissed me so tenderly. He brought his hand down to my waist.

We kissed till we were out of breath. His eyes were filled with emotions and I could tell, I know what he needs right now.

But he can’t say it out. I will surely decline.

” I…will go now.” He stuttered and blinked his eyes rapidly.

I bit my inner cheeks and gulped down my saliva. I was nervous about what I wanted to say.

So nervous. Amber, you’ve never been so nervous like this.

I build up every courage in me.
“Damien…….” I paused to watch his expression.
“Damien, am ready” I finally said.

His eyes beamed and stared at me in shock.
“Wait! Ready for what?” He asked.

And that I could answer cause it sounds awkward to do that.

Oh moon, save Amber please.

“Am ready…for…”

“S*x?” He completed and i forced my self to nod.

I saw him smile and made me face him.
“You don’t have to be shy about it” He said calmly.

He kissed me and whispered. “Are you sure about this?”

“Am ready Damien.” I replied with a nod and shut my eyes tight when I answered that.

Am truly ready. So ready, to give him everything. Amber I pray you don’t regret this later.

*Did he even love you? And you want to sleep with him* My subconscious told me.

I don’t know if he loves me but somehow, am trusting Damien on this.