Dangerous Devil – Episode 11


Damien’s pov

Why am I so attracted to her? Am I falling for her already? Whatever I do, I think of her anything.

f**k that!

I walk to the throne room and sat down. I combed my hair with my fingers and breathed out.

“What do you want? Any thing you would like to tell me ?” I asked and they all nodded.

I sat properly and faced them, signalled them to start talking. Which they did.

“My king, someone sent this letter. We don’t know the person cause he covered is face in a veil” The oldest said.

“And you can’t remove the f****ng veil from his Face?” I snapped.

I collected the letter forcefully from his hand with my power and opened it.

It reads: “Am still coming back for you Damien.
Am surely coming. Especially, your queen. You won’t like what am going to do. You will regret for making me feel this way.

Once my power is back, I won’t spare your kingdoms.” I read and my eyes turned red that my subjects bowed down.

They dare not look. I knew it was Cassius. I knew! I f****ng knew!

Damn it! The thought of coming back for Amber made me more angrier.

I squeezed the paper till it turned ashes.

“Damien!” I heard Amber’s tiny voice and I turned.

Her voice melt my anger down and my eyes changed back to normal.

She just soften me.

“Are you okay? You look angry? Damien?” She kept asking but I just stared at her moving lips.

I gulped and touched her hand. “Am okay Amber. Am fine.” I replied.

Deep down, I wasn’t okay.

Cassius will regret living, even a werewolf. He surely will. Is he that jealous? That I rule five kingdoms.

They aren’t even werevolves here, but why is he jealous? He has two kingdom consisting of werevolves but still, he wants the vampire’s world.

He should know, he can’t succeed. Not at all.

“Any other one before I leave again?” Facing the men. They still can’t look up until I told them to do so.

“No my king.”

“Okay, you all can go now.” I dismissed them.

“Damien, you aren’t okay, when I saw you?” Amber asked with a worried face.

“It nothing. Amber, you have to be careful okay?” I shut my eyes tightly and opened them back.

“Someone is coming for you. Am sure your powers will be back soon. You just have to keep your self safe” I rushed my words.

“Why are you telling me all this? Who’s coming for me?” She inquired.

Argh! She won’t stop asking questions.

“Don’t worry, you will be fine okay? Just calm down and go back.”

“Okay then. I will be going out with the Queen Lenora.” She said.

“Okay go.” I responded and kissed her lightly on the head.

I saw her walk away and I sighed. That goddammed wizard!

I will make sure I squeeze his life out of him.

Amber’s pov

I don’t really know what happened to Damien but I could tell he was really mad at something I couldn’t point out.

What’s making him angry. So vexed up. Why is he asking me to be careful and all that?

Is someone trying to abduct me again? Is it Cassius again?

I tried to think of another thing and I succeeded. I knocked on Ma’am Lenora’s door and it was opened by a maid.

“Welcome ma.” The maid bowed.

I walked in and sat beside Damien’s mother who was busy brushing her short hair.

“Ma?” Trying to call her attention.

She turned to me and gave me a smile. “I will soon be done. Just two minutes.” She said and turned to the mirror.

Soon, she did her hair amd stood up looking beautiful. Sir Drake is really lucky.

I slip my hand into her arm and we both walk outside giggling like babies

Actually, we are going to the market. And, I have to follow her. I insisted on following her.

Cassuis’ pov

I grinned at the mirror I was holding. Watching Drake’s wife and Damien’s so called wife as they stepped down from the Chariot with a smiling face.

That smiling face is just going to turn into sorrow.

Should I take Lenora? Or Amber? Yes, maybe the two of them. Hmm. I will just take Amber.

I have many things to do with that beautiful fairy. I can say Damien is lucky to have her.

I will surely have her too. Need to taste how sweet her honeypot is.

I licked my lips lewdly. Just twenty minutes left to carry on my job. I set the alarm.

Damien will regret this, for making me so weak that am afraid, I might lose my powers.

But yes, am beginning to have a sign that my powers are coming back.

“You called me Sir.” Katherine entered walking towards me seductively in her too short skirt.


I dropped the mirror and faced her. Seeing her thighs made my d*ck twitch.

“Yes Kate. I need you and four others to capture Drake’s wife and Damien’s wife.” I told her.

“Location?” She asked and sat on my table, her legs wide and that made me see her blue colored p*nt.

She’s so b***hy! But I love f*cking her. Just a quickie will do.

I pull her legs towards me, making her v face me. I was sitting down. My hand sneak up to her p*nt and pulled it down.

I heard her giggle but I ignored that. I stood up and tease her honeypot a little before going to her blouse and removed it.

Her br*est bounced out. f**k! She didn’t wear a bra. I suck on the b*obs and pulled her skirt up to her waist.

She loosen my trouser and stroke my d*ck. I kissed her roughly and put my d*ck into her.

She gasped and began moaning as I thrust in and out of her.

Her moans were like music to my ears. I kept drilling her till I heard the alarm ring.

It time! I will make sure I do this to Amber. f**k her till she begs for mercy or even death.

I came out of Kate, I could see in her eyes that she wants more but I can’t lose this mission.

I wore my trouser back and she did hers too and came down.

“Get ready to go. Make sure you bring her here in the next thirty minutes” I said to her and sat down.

She nodded and walked away, trying to adjust her skirt.

I can’t wait to get hold of her. You. Yes you, Amber.

Damien’s pov

I groaned as the beast hit me again. I hate the fact that this beast is still living.

“You should have died a long time again but you’re still alive after so many hits amd cuts on your body. Still, you are alive. f**k you!!!!!” I screamed and cuts its head but it grew another one.

Tiredly, I sent it back to the cage. I was sweating profusely. Mother and Amber aren’t back yet.

I can’t wait for mother to kiss me on my two cheeks and hold Amber’s waist and kissed her so roughly.

I got to my room and took a cold shower and wore another cloth and lay down on my bed Waiting for Amber.

I suddenly heard someone wailing and I quickly stood up and ran out.

Seeing my mom with bruises all of her. Who the hell did this?

I ran to her and hugged her. Wait! Where’s Amber?

“Who did this to you mom? And where’s Amber?” I asked and dad ran to us.

He took mom from me and gave her a kiss on lips and asked if she was okay too.

She held my hand and told me the shocking and most angry news ever.

“Cassius did this. He sent his people to us. They..took Amber away” She sniffed.

I removed her hand quickly and I noticed have been squeezing her hand all along.

Father took my mother immediately and my eyes turned black instantly. The building shook and everyone ran helter skelter.

No one must come near or he/she will die. Can’t Escape it.

I clenched my fist and gritted. Looking like an angry lion.

I marched out of the corridor and met my self outside.

Cassius! This is the fourth time he’s threatening me. I will make sure I kill him.

If I see a little scratch on Amber’s body, he won’t like what am gonna do. The building stopped shaking immediately I left the palace.

I took the Chariot and drove it. Am going to the werewolves’ world.

?Amber’s pov?

“Leave me alone, you son of a b***h!” I yelled and spat on his face.

He cleaned his face in disgust and slapped me hard on the cheek. If only I can use my power.

I would have burn him to ashes. But he was the one that made me weak.

“You have no right to talk back at me. How do you feel now? You’re tied to my bed now. No where to go.

Before your prince charming come, I’d like to have a taste of you.” He whispered, lewdly.


“Do you know that you’re fool? A big fool?” I scoffed and I received another slap again.

I licked the blood coming out of my lips. This guy f****ng tied me to his bed.

Is he gonna rape me? I don’t want to have s*x with him. I want Damien to.

Damien where are you? Is he coming for me?

I don’t want to lose my v*rginity to this hopeless idiot here.

He can’t do that to me. No, not me.

His hand held my shirt and I gasped.
How on earth am I going to stop him?

He lose the first button of my cloth and grinned.
That grin on his made me angry. So angry.


I held the rope tight. He lose the second again and I almost felt crying. He’s gonna rape me.

“Leave me! Cassius!” I yelled trying to stop him with my body.

The third slap he gave me made me so angry that I felt something rushed through my body.

My body began to vibrate. I was surprised. I saw my hands becoming red. So red.

My powers are back. I smiled at shocked Cassius and held the rope tight again. It burned right in front of him.

I slapped his face with my hot hand and he held it. His face was red.

I burned the rope in my legs too and jumped down.

“You don’t dare Damien’s queen” I smirked and touched his hand.

It burned so badly. It burnt just like a grilled meat, I pushed him to the floor and ran out limping.

They had made me so weak by beating me before bringing me to his room.

I heard noises outside and I say when I saw someone afar.

I gasped for breath and moved again. Everywhere was silent. I got to a field and saw…. I mean thats Damien fighting the soldiers.

“Damien!” I shouted, though I was weak.

He turned and saw me. His eyes widened as he saw me. A guard was about to use his sword ato hit him.


“Damien your back!” I said and he just snap his finger and the man fell down. Don’t know if he’s Dead cause he stopped moving.

Wait! Just like that? A snap of finger?

He ran to me and I hugged him tight. I didn’t know when a tear came down.

Was I crying cause he came or saved me from the bas***d?

“He almost raped me!” I sniffed.

“He almost did what?” He snarled, I just nodded.

“Let’s go home. Am coming back to deal with him. How did you escape?”

“My powers came back” I replied.

We disengaged and he touched my bursted lip and kissed it with the blood. He held my waist and drew me closer to him.

My breasts were touching his chest. We are at kissing our enemy’s kingdom?

What the hell?

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