Dangerous Devil – Episode 10


Dawn’s pov

I could hear his heart beat right from his chest. I closed my eyes tight as he caress my hair. I thought I was always unlucky.

My parents were dead. I live alone and am trying my best to be an educated vampire. I have dreams but everything was shattered just the day my parents died.

Yeah, everyone bully me cause am a nobody. I work here and there to make money for myself.

Am still surprised am friends with Queen Amber and even this so called Blade of a guy.

The way he caress my hair, if care is not taken, I might fall asleep.

Amber’s pov

“Are you two going to cuddle each other till tomorrow?” I said and they turned to me.

Dawn wanted to withdraw from Blade but he held her back again.

Awwwn. Don’t tell me this two have something in common already.

“If possible, we might cuddle each other till the next full moon.” He grinned and I hit him on the head.

“Dawn? Are you okay?” Ignoring Blade’s joke.

“Am okay Queen Amber” She replied.

“Don’t call me Queen Amber. It sounds weird, coming out from you” I told her. Pretending to be disgusted.

“Um..okay. Blade can I sit well now? Am quite feeling uncomfortable.” She cooed.

“Ah yes! Sorry about that. When next you feel bad. My chest is ready. You gonna rest on it till you’re uncomfortable again.” He cackled as Dawn looked away bashfully.

“Seriously Blade? Let’s eat before we go back to class.” I interrupt them.


Immediately we finished our lunch, the bell rang and we all stood up and went back to our grade.

I sat down and a teacher came in and taught us geography about the earth and moon.

We had two more teachers before we closed for the day and I was very happy am going back to the palace.

I don’t want to say am missing Damien already. Maybe. Just maybe.

My brother won’t be able to go with me for some reasons.

I walk towards the guards and the chariot. Just before I could enter, I heard my name.

From Dawn.

“Que….I mean Amber. Can I…” She gulped and continued. “Can you take me home? It not far from the Palace.” She pouted and gaze down.

“Sure! No problem. Come in.” I smiled, making a way for her to enter then I did.

“Where’s Blade?” I asked Dawn.

“I don’t know. Maybe he’s still there in his grade.” Dawn shrugged and I nodded.

The chariot starts to move and we kept talking about some stuffs. Girlish stuffs.

Finally, we got to her house. Truly, it wasn’t far from the palace. I bid her bye and the chariot moved again to the palace.

The chariot came to a halt and I came down. I lifted my gown up to avoid stepping on it or I might end up staggering.

I twisted the door knob and opened the door widely. The maid who had helped me carry my bag dropped it on the couch.

I told her to bring my food. She bowed and left.

I didn’t meet Damien in the room. He must have been busy. I don’t wanna go to that throne room cause I know he’s there and won’t like me to disturb him.

I removed my heels and threw it at the other side of the room and lay down for a minute before standing up again.

I removed my clothes took another p*nt and put on a towel and head to the bathroom to take a bath.

Almost an hour in the bathtub, I finally came out. Drying my body with the towel, wore the p*nt and bra then, came out.

I flinched when I saw Damien smirking in the room. I held my towel well so it won’t fall. The towel was even short.

I can say this’s actually the first time he’s seeing me in a towel. I do expect him to take his bath first, go out then, I will take mine.

But that didn’t work today. I bit my lips as he stare at me up and down.

My clothes! They are on the bed! I should have taken it along with me.

“You look sexy and wettish.” He licked his lips and I swallowed my saliva.

Wettish? Funny!

Still holding my towel, I moved forward to the bed, took the clothes I wore and put them in the laundry basket.

I walked to my wardrobe and took another top and trouser. I turned to the bathroom direction and wanted to move but I Can’t.

Damn it! Damien is using his power to hold me down.

He sat there smiling and finally stood up, walking close to me. I became nervous.

Why am I so nervous? I asked myself.

“You don’t have to. Just a little teasing will do.” He said.

I was still struggling to move but still on that same spot.

What the heck?

“Damien, let’s me go” I said to him and groaned when I felt him close to me. Behind me.

“Shh queen!” He hushed me.

His cold hand touched my bare back and I gasped. The only thing I was concerned about is my towel. I don’t want it to fall.?

“You look irresistible! Why?” He asked, whispering softly into ear.

My heart almost stop pumping when I felt kisses on my bare back. God!

What’s he doing? Is he trying to make me have s”x with him?

“Sometimes, mere looking at you makes me crazy. Who are you to make me feel like this?” He asked again and grasp my waist tightly to himself.

I breathed out when I found out I was holding it for long.

“Damien!” I called when he turned me to face him.

I stared at his eyes. Why does he look so innocent today? His eyes were probably pleading to me.

“What?” He stared at me back.

I couldn’t say anything again. Just staring.

He bent his head and kissed me slowly on the lips and I kissed him back.

I can say just his kiss can make me wet. So kissable. I can’t believe am saying all this. Geez!

Amber what’s wrong with you? Don’t tell you’re falling for him?

I can’t say yes and I can’t say no.

He trailed his lips down to my neck and I moaned softly. Geez!

My eyes widened when I felt his hand on my bo*bs! What the f*ck is he trying to do?

*Amber what if he’s playing a prank?” My subconscious told me but I shook it away.

No. He said he’s never going to do that. I believed him.

He squeezed my breast making me bit my lips harder so I won’t moan out but I groaned instead.

His lips left my neck and gave me a kiss on the forehead, my nose and came back to my lips.

Still teasing my breast, his other hand touched my thigh and rubbed it up and down. I could feel myself trembling in his touch.

My body is on fire. Why’s he doing this? He’s making me want this. Should I say he’s succeeding?

The thought of losing my V*rginity in a painful way makes me want to push him away. But I can’t, his wonders in my body right now is igniting fire all over my body.

I held his cloth tight when his fingers touched my p*nt and rubbed my v with it.

“Hmm….” I said moaningly and threw my head back with my eyes shut.

Damien! He’s taking control over me.

He said just a little teasing. Just little teasing for goodness sake and he’s making me moan from his touch.

He’s driving me crazy!

“You love it huh?” He suddenly said but I couldn’t talk cause he rubbed my v again and that made me gasp.

He’s fingering me. Who the hell is this guy? Who is he to make me feel this way too?

He made me sit on the table not far from us and raised my leg to torso.

His hand had left my b*ob.
“f**k!” I muttered as he kept teasing me softly, gently, faster, slow, backwards and forwards.?

I continuing moaning holding his cloth tight and drawing him closer to my self. His touch.

He stopped and whispered into my ear. “You have to eat now.” He said and moved back with a warm smile on his face.

He kissed my cheek and left the room. Immediately the maid came in with a mouth watering food.

I just got fingered by a guy. Thanks to Damien. He did it all. And thank God my towel didn’t fall.

Am grateful to my towel. ?

I giggled when I remembered what he did seconds ago. Am becoming crazy now.

*Amber just got fingered by Damien!!!!*

I sighed and began to eat my food.

Damien’s pov

I smirked when I remembered fingering Amber. I really wanna f*ck her so badly but I restrain myself.

I want her to say it by herself, that she’s ready.
Am gonna wait for her. I won’t have s*” with any lady only her. Just only her.

Why am I so attracted to her? Am I falling for her already? Whatever I do, I think of her anything.

f**k that!