Dangerous Devil – Episode 9


“You miss me Amber?” He smirked.

“Blade!” I called.

What the hell is he doing here? And how did he get here? Wait! Is he a vampire too?

“You’re surprised aren’t you?” He moved a little closer to me and whispered. “Am a vampire too”

My mouth gasped in shock. Blade is a vampire?

I scoffed. Seriously I can’t believe this.

Blade is just his nickname. I mean back then in school, no one knows his name. But he said, he would love to be called Blade.

Since then, thats what we call him. Only he and his mom lives in a house with trees surrounding it.

He’s cute but not as Damien.

He’s a vampire and I never sense him as one. Maybe he blocked his scent.

We were close on earth that people thought we were dating but no.

Funny enough, he’s twenty five but what’s he doing in grade 22-23?

“How did you get here? Like, I wasn’t expecting you. I didn’t even know you’re a vampire.” I managed to say.

“I blocked my scent. And I knew you were coming here cause I heard you and your uncle discussing.

I was sad you’re gonna leave your Bestie alone on earth. Then, I came up with an idea. I decided to follow.” He threw his hands in the air like a baby.

“Thats silly you know. Must you follow me like a loyal dog? Anyways, it good to have you here. But not in my grade. You’re twenty five.” I said, rolling my eyes at a girl staring widely at me.

“There’s this particular subject I did like to learn. I have free period now but I do come here to learn this subject.” He explained and a young woman walk in.

“That’s our telekinesis teacher.” He pointed to the woman.

I turned to the girl, she had cleaned up her face. Our eyes met, she smiled and I smiled back.

The woman greeted the class and gave me a special greeting as a queen.

She began teaching about how to control things with our mind and all that.


The lesson ended and blade went back to his class. A teacher came in again and taught us history.

According to the class, we will be having free period and was happy.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked, turning to the girl.

She stared at me for like three seconds before answering.

“Yes.” She responded.

“What’s your name?” Asking her a question again.

“Dawn. That’s my name.”

“Nice name. You were crying the other time, what’s wrong?”

“I get bullied every time cause am nobody.” She sniffed.


“Bullied? Do you know those that bullied you?” She nodded.

“The whole class.” She replied.

“Hmm. Okay. It nice meeting you. Can we be friends?” I stretched out my hand to her, for a handshake.

I could hear mutterings behind me.

*What does the queen finds in her?*

*I guess she’s lucky.*

“I…I…don’t deserve to be your friend. You’re a….” I didn’t let her finish the sentence before making her shake me forcefully.

“From now on, you’re my friend. The queen’s friend. You can come to the palace anytime and anyday. No one is gonna bully you again. And please don’t act like a slave or dummy around me. Be free with me, okay?” I smiled.

“Now laugh and rub my hair like we’ve known each other for years.”

Her eyes widened in shocked. The expression I put on made her raised her right hand up and rub my hair gently.

“Laugh” I pouted.

Her laugh made me laugh itself. Geez! Is she laughing or crying?

*She’s rubbing the queen’s hair. How dare her!*

*She’s the queen’s friend now.*

She stopped and a teacher came in. She taught us and left.

“It time for break.” Dawn said.

“Okay. Do you know grade 24-25?” I frained.


“Take me there. We are having lunch with Blade.” I told her and she nodded then stood up.

We walk down the corridor till we got to the grade 24-25. Just as I was about to open the door.

He beat me to it. He closed the door behind him and smirked at both I and dawn.

“Got a new friend huh?” He said, glancing at shy- Dawn.

“Yeah. Let’s go eat. Am f*cking hungry.” I groaned rubbing my stomach.

“Food freak. Let’s go. This way.” He gestured and moved from me to Dawn.

What’s he trying to do? Going to woo her?

“She’s beautiful. And sexy” He complimented her.

Dawn’s cheeks flushed red and looked away.

I know he’s gonna say that. Blade is just like Damien. Sleeping with girls all the time. Girls are always chasing him. Trying to get his attention.

He’d sleep with them and dump them the next day.

“Blade, don’t try to bring your playboy stuffs here. Else, I will try to burn that thing.” I warned pointing to his trouser to know what I meant.

We got to the cafeteria and just as I was about to sit. The guards came and told me Damien is waiting for me.

What? He came here?

I quickly excused myself and followed the guards. It was another route which led to a garden.

I saw him pacing like he was in trouble.

“Damien” I called.

He raised his head to see me and ran towards me. What’s wrong with him?

“Who’s that guy? Blade or what’s his name?” He asked with a reddened face.

Why’s he jealous? And how did he hear about blade?

“You don’t want me to be jealous? And how I got to know doesn’t concern you. Who’s he?” He asked again.

I sighed.

“He’s my friend on earth. I didn’t know he was also a vampire. He knew about the marriage stuff and wasn’t happy that I will be leaving him. So he decided to come here.” I explained everything to him.

“Just don’t let me kill him the day he will do something silly towards you. You know how angry I can be. I don’t share my queen with anyone.” He rolled his eyes.

“The fact that you’re calling me your queen still surprise me. Are you in love with me or have any thing similar to it?” I giggled.

“Hey! Don’t ask me that question. Am only doing my job. I don’t love you.” He retorted.

Always doing your job. He doesn’t love me?

And that made me sad a little. Just because he said, he doesn’t love me shouldn’t let me down.
I don’t love him too. Balanced.

“Good. So, can I go now? Am missing them already.”

“You’re gonna leave me here for them? Especially that Blade of a guy?” He yelled.

I kissed him immediately and roughened his hair and wanted to stand up but he held me down.

“You aren’t going anywhere.” He grinned and kissed me back.

What if someone finds us here?

Blade’s pov

I smiled at the girl in front of me. She’s really the shy kind. Her head was down since Amber left.

I stood up and went to sit beside her. She flinched at the sight of me. I bent my face towards her.

Our face was an inch apart. Her blue eyes was piercing deep into my gray eyes.

“Are you okay Dawn? You look worried.” I smirked.

She moved her head back and head followed her.

“Am fine. But…can you …I mean, your face is….close to mine. People are watching.” She stuttered and shift slightly in her seat.

Why’s is she moving back?

“Let them watch. I’m been longing to talk to you but I guess Amber made it easy for me.” I whispered.

I got close to her again. Her lips were trembling. Why’s she so afraid?

She’s looks innocent.

I wanted to touch her hair but she moved back again. Why the f*ck is she behaving like that?

Just as she moved back, she was already at the edge of the bench and wanted to fall down but I grab her hand and pull her close to me.

Her head hit my chest and she gasped. The students around were murmuring but I didn’t care.

I caress her hair and rest my jaw on her head.

Why do I feel different now?

She looks like someone who needs love and care.


So how’s our new character? Blade. Dawn’s pov is coming soon. Damien and Amber are still in the garden doing…..?????????.