Dangerous Devil – Episode 8


Damien’s pov

Then the devil came and whispered. “I think it 100-100 now. Don’t think of it at all. Not ready for s*x yet. Oops! His rod is standing straight. Ready to f*ck! Too bad, my p*ssy isn’t ready yet. Sorry kingie.” She giggled and ran out of the room.

Am Dead!?? That she devil!

I don’t know what to feel again. Should I be angry at her for what she did or…… Am so stupid right now.

Like a woman could do this to me? This is the most embarrassing moment of my life.

She really want to kill me. I looked down and saw my erected d*ck and breath out. She just said 100-100.

I finally stood up and walk to the bathroom. Feeling so angry and calm at the same time. She won’t like what am gonna do next.

Maybe am gonna pay her back too.

She shouldn’t come back to this room cause am gonna kill her right there. I shook my head vigorously and turn on the shower to take a cold bath.

At least that will wash down the arousal in me. I don’t know why I feel this way but am kinda attracted to her.

Scratch that! We aren’t meant for each other.

I took my cold bath and tied my towel around my waist. I fanned my self twice and letting in air and out of my mouth.

I still feel like f*cking. But I can’t bring myself to f*ck another girl. I can’t. Somehow, I want to have s*x with Amber only. Only her alone.

I just need to let this slide. I pray she won’t kill me with this one day. I almost died. She’s a devil.

I held my hardened d*ck and sighed again. Amber, you won’t go scot free for this.

I lay down on the bed after wearing my cloth and slept off.

Amber’s pov

I adjusted my dress properly when I reached the garden not far from our room. I giggled when I saw the look on Damien’s face.

It 100-100 now. But, what I did, I that right? Leaving him like that? No.

Am not ready for s*x yet. The thought of the pains am gonna go through kept singing in my brain.

On earth, I heard first time s*x is painful and uncomfortable. And I don’t want to feel it now.

I know am married but am not ready. Moreover, we are forced into this marriage.

I sat gently on a chair and took a rose flower beside me and stuck it into my hair.

What will he be thinking now?

Is he angry with me?

If I go there, will he yell at me? Will he punish me ?

Different thoughts ran through my mind.

Thats non of my business anyway. He can’t die because of that.

I shrugged.

Am still gonna do this to him again but not now. I don’t want to die young.

Hours later, I felt a tap on my body. I rubbed my sleepy eyes to look at who’s tapping me.

What the f**k?!

How on earth did I fall asleep and how did I get into this room?

“How…how did I ended up here?” I stuttered, shivering at the sight of a smirking devil. Damien.

His eyes were pure silver. Thank God.

“Do you wanna know?” He asked and I nodded.

My heart was beating fast than usual. What’s he gonna do to me?

“You offended me hours ago? That’s the worst punishment a woman could give me” He said and I laughed within me.

Amber, what’s funny?

“Sorry. You didn’t die after all. Did you?” I replied perfunctorily.

I did like I didn’t care or show interest in what he’s saying but deep down I was worried.

What’s he gonna do to me?

“I see. But just one thing, when I get full access to your body. Just know that one day will surely come. Am gonna pay you back.” He grinned.

A devilish grin.

What a devil!

I don’t know why we keep playing this payback games. Or should I call it prank?

I know Damien wants to keep leading.

“Do you have to do that? Let’s just stop this game once and for all. Its 100-100 now. Same score. Let’s drop it.” I said with a puppy eyes.

I don’t want any pay back from him.

“Really? Fine! Okay, okay but when are we going to start making love? Amber we are married and you keep denying me of s*x.

How will you feel when you see me out there sleeping with other ladies cause my wife refuses to have s*x with me.” His voice came out in a whisper. His eyes turned purple.

He’s sad again. I think am doing the wrong thing now. But I don’t want to have s*x yet.

*What if he’s sleeping with other ladies? Behind me.* I thought.

I don’t know why he wants to sleep with me since he said we aren’t meant for each other.

“Am not sleeping with any lady since you saw me with the last one. I can’t bring my self to sleep with other girls. I don’t know why” He looked away.

“Am..Am not ready yet. I will think about it.” I answered.

“It okay if you aren’t ready yet. Am sorry, if I keep pushing you too much.” He pushed his hair backwards.

Did he say sorry? Like S.O.R.R.Y?

“What’s wrong with the sorry I said? Am still waiting for my Sorry and thank you.”

I scoffed. Sorry and thank you indeed.

Back to our normal conversation.

“Am not gonna say that to you. So, are you going to the beast today?”

“No. Not today. I need a lot of rest.” He responded and jumped on the bed I was sitting on.

He closed his eyes like he was really sleeping. I used that opportunity to admire his face.

He’s so handsome. So cute. So Sexy and hot. I can’t believe I owned this king here. My husband.

My husband? That sounds weird to me. I found my self chuckling.

“I know you’re staring at me. Come, let’s take a nap.” He dragged me to him and made me rest my head on his chest.

This chest looks like a wall made with rock.


Days passed and it was time for school. Yeah, Vampire’s Institute.

I put everything I need into my bag and saw Damien walking in with his royal garment sweeping the floor.

“The Queen is ready to go. I pray she didn’t look for trouble there.” He muttered.

“I won’t look for trouble, I want trouble to look for me. And don’t worry, I won’t burn the school. I will try and be nice.” I licked my lips.

“Whatever. The guards are waiting for you.” He said and sat down on the window.

I left him and went outside. I saw my brother waiting too. I actually told Damien everything his father told me.

He made my brother not to work as a guard anymore. He’s schooling now and stays in one of the royal rooms.

We both entered the chariot. We got to school and came down. Some student came out and watch us as I head to the so called head of school.

I wondering where’s the head of school?

I knocked on his door and I heard his husky voice. I told my brother to go back to his class. He did.

“My queen. You’re welcome. The king…….”

Long story.

“Just tell me my class. Enough of the talk.” I said, pissed.

“Okay, you will be in grade 22-23. Only age 22 to 23 are in that class.” He responded.

Huh? Weird.

“Okay. Thank you.” I stood up and left the office.

The guards followed me and I don’t like it. Am not a baby.

“Can you guys stop following me? Just stay far from me. Am not running away okay? When I need something, I will call you.” I told them but they insisted on following me.

I need to tell Damien about this.

I opened the door and saw about 20 people in the room. Wow!

They all turned to me and bow. That’s awkward.

“The queen is here! She’s so beautiful!”

“Come sit here! You look stunning!” They kept talking but I wasn’t interested in that.

I saw a pretty girl at the corner of the room. She’s probably crying or what? I got to her and sat right beside her.

Students gasped and I was wondering why.

“Hey!” Trying to be nice though.

She looked up and bowed then looked away.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

*She’s sitting with that nerd!*

*Are we still going to bully her again?*

*That witch!*

Why did they hate her so much like this?

I looked up to see a boy staring at me. He’s beside me.

Wait Amber!

No. No. No.

“Blood of Christ!” I shrieked.

Too shock to see him. Really surprised.

“You miss me Amber?” He smirked.

“Blade!” I called.


Who’s blade??? Hmm.

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